Meeting the Demands of the Future Workforce

Video, meetings, and messaging are converging. Pioneering solutions are delivering value, disrupting conventional thinking, and modernizing the video market to provide enterprises with the confidence to scale their collaboration aspirations in line with business growth. There are many trends impacting work practices in recent times. Workforce dynamics are dramatically changing, and more people operate remotely to be efficient with their schedules and resources. A survey by Wainhouse Research found that the average employee participates in 27 meetings a week on average with almost half of those meetings being video conferences. The key to cracking complex communications and meeting the demands of the exponentially growing workforce is to simplify it.

The culture of NOW

Innovation has transformed the way we converse, connect, and communicate. The culmination of entrepreneurial spirit, foresight, and problem solving have revolutionized video conferencing and, in turn, has made “Meet in an Instant” possible. Today, enterprises are experiencing increasing expectations from their employees to interact and engage quickly to improve customer relationships. Collaboration tools are recognized as an ideal way to connect the modern and future workforce. Intuitive intelligent solutions help to communicate seamlessly through superior video conferencing, secure app-based messaging, and integrated cloud-based meeting room systems.

Enterprise customers no longer need to view technology as a barrier to communications. Sophisticated integrated solutions provide an inclusive range of capabilities: scalability, compatibility, flexibility, controllability, visibility, and reliability. It’s all about the New Optimized Workforce (NOW). The sentiment of many people nowadays reflects “work is something I do and not where I go”. Deloitte in their Global Human Capital Trends Report 2018 said, “The hyper-connected nature of the workplace means that interactions between and among workers and the outside world can be a tremendous source for analysis if managed appropriately.” In addition, “70% of respondents believe workers will spend more time on collaboration platforms in the future, 67% see growth in ‘work-based social media’ and 62% predict an increase in instant messaging.”

This ‘always-on economy’ has dramatically transformed work patterns and never before have collaborative tools been so pivotal to helping enterprises seize the opportunity to interact more effectively. This phenomenon has spurred industries to expand into new markets and drive competition.

Intertwined networks

However, many leaders struggle to keep up with progressive work practices and digital transformation initiatives due to legacy systems and outdated architecture. Leading engineering experts have developed solutions to support homogenous and hybrid environments. Those vendors that offer unique interoperability allow organizations to avoid vendor lock-in and connect smoothly in real-time high definition with any third-party standards-based meeting systems and with optimal control – efficiency and affordability accessed anywhere in the world and from any device. As a result, there is no need to ‘rip and replace’ endpoints – enterprises have greater freedom to utilize existing equipment while enjoying the full benefits of compatible solutions to achieve a secure and sustainable collaboration strategy.

Safe and sound

Cloud-based video conferencing is one of the fastest growing services to satisfy both evolving employee workstyles and IT requirements. However, these are often prime targets for malicious hackers and enterprises are embattled with the exponential growth in cybercrime. The pressures to be data compliant are increasing. Intelligent and secure solutions provide a tightly integrated set of rich and engaging multimedia capabilities that can combat cybercriminals and protect operations from the threat landscape. Data sovereignty is the key to customer confidence, especially in light of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Organizations also want tangible benefits from video conferencing and meeting room systems. Being secure significantly helps to gain trust. Vendors with in-house coding capabilities and unique technology architecture have a huge advantage over those who outsource their software or do not manage their services, such as cloud platforms or infrastructure. Controlling data with a strong security posture is an essential discipline when dealing with video transmission. Encrypted data traffic strengthens the authorization process and a vendor that has a fully managed cloud architecture can enable enterprise customers to communicate securely through robust data “tunnels”.

Think differently

The relentless pursuit for engineering perfection continues to focus on giving enterprise customers an enhanced quality experience while future-proofing their communications investments. Organizations around the world from multiple sectors choose pioneering solutions to allow meeting participants to seamlessly communicate, share, and present within the virtual room. This empowers employees to collaborate efficiently and remain securely at the forefront of work.

It’s time to embrace change. The future is the culture of NOW and the value is to Meet in an Instant.

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