The MeisterSinger Salthora Meta Transparent


For those watch enthusiasts who are always on the lookout for the newest, innovative and classic new watch, MeisterSinger has always held the bar high with designing watches that give men the look and functionality they want in a timepiece. MeisterSinger creates unique timepieces that feel good to wear and reflect your character and taste. The company name is in reference to Wagner’s music and famous opera. They describe their watches as a combination of the harmony that’s reflected in a balanced composition along with the subtle drama of a good piece, and for the ability of music to set time, are all the qualities that are characteristic of a MeisterSinger watch. This is where the pause symbol in musical notation logo, the fermata, comes from and is seen on the watches.

About MeisterSinger

MeisterSinger is hard at work in the harbor of Münster, which has been dubbed, the “creative mile” of the city. Everything about the company happens here; the classic designs are born and processed here, the sales and marketing as well as the administration of the company is based in the city. Although the watches are designed in Germany, they bear a “Swiss made” label. This is because they are produced by a Swiss watch manufacturer, but according to the MeisterSinger designs. The MeisterSinger watch company supports local retailers and their watches are only available through MeisterSinger authorized dealers.

The MeisterSinger dream has only become a reality in recent years, 2011, exactly, but this should not hinder the fact that these watches are timeless, classic and modern timepieces that are sure to leave a long trail of character and tradition as time passes.

MeisterSinger Salthora Meta Transparent watch

One of the most unique pieces they have designed is the MeisterSinger Salthora Meta Transparent watch. This is a new, effective model of the Salthora Meta that converts the precise jumping hour into a delightful visual experience. Everything about the watch is aesthetically pleasing to look at, from the face to the case. This is a simple, yet elegant time piece that makes keeping an eye on the time easy and pleasurable.


The Case

The case is 43mm in width and for the average sized wrist, this is an excellent sized face that will neither dominate the wrist nor look out of place being undersized, but a perfect scale. The case is a cylindrical stainless steel case and is waterproof up to 5 atm. It is also fitted with a six-screwed exhibition back.

This is a smooth case with a relatively flat case-back. The polished and satin brushed surfaces leave no hint of sharp areas or roughness to touch and resemble that of any high quality, well-known Swiss brand watch. The back of the case reveals the self-winding movement gracefully keeping time, which in-and-of-itself is an intriguing and upscale feature.

The Face

The face is eloquently designed with one hand rather than two, to read the time. The minutes are easily displayed around the face in bold numbers that are easy to read, while the hour is presented in a circular aperture that was thoughtfully positioned at the top of the face in the noon position. The design feature of only using one hand was brilliant and makes it easy to glance at the watch and quickly read the time. You’ll easily see the hour at the top of the face of the watch, and with a quick glance at the minute hand, you can read the time without having to decipher the minute hand from the hour. This design will keep the wearer of the watch on top of the time in a simple and concise act.

The hour, in its round aperture at the top of the face was made to jump from hour-to-hour precisely on the hour and without hesitation. The quick, flawless movement of the hour is smooth. There is no wobble or shakiness and it does not impede the smoothness of the movement of the watch. The watch and its mechanics remain well balanced with every hour change for punctuality to always give you the exact and accurate time. The face is sophisticated and svelte and is not overburdened with dials and details.


The Movement

For the jumping movement of the hour, MeisterSinger used the ETA-2824-2 with the Sellita SW 200-1 module. On this watch, however, unlike many other chronograph watches, the date display was thoughtfully placed at the top of the face and near the dial’s surface where it is legible.

Usually when there is a jumping mechanism used in a watch, this may complicate the watch’s mechanism and use too much energy. This will typically reduce the power reserve of the watch. However, the MeisterSinger Meta Transparent Watch has a 38-hour power reserve, which is considered to be notable for this type of watch. This is because power is not taken from the mainspring barrel during the hour jumps, which helps reduce the power used for the watch’s inner workings, to a minimal degree.

The Band

You can choose from different band options to fit your taste and look. There is a Leather Band on Pin Buckle which is the standard band, a Folding Clasp for Leather Band, the Thin Steel Milanaise bracelet, and the Massive Milanaise Bracelet Band.



Because this watch exhibits pure luxury and is a name that is desired by the wealthy just the same as the high end, extraordinary brands you know, this watch is being sold exclusively at Harrods, where the prosperous shop for extravagant timepieces you won’t find elsewhere. This watch is listed at £2375, or $2962.81, which only reinforces the perception of its value.

Final Words

If you like a simple yet eloquent watch, this one has everything you want and nothing you don’t need for keeping accurate time with a sophisticated, masculine timepiece. It is set to be available in four versions which will give you options to choose from according to your taste and preference. This watch is a masterpiece in design, and is sure to be a conversation starter. There is a great future for the MeisterSinger line of watches and the MeisterSinger Meta Transparent Watch is already proving to quickly become a popular timepiece among the wealthy.

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