A Mercedes-AMG GT C Coupe Will Arrive in Late 2017


Mercedes buffs are thrilled with the announcement that the new 2018 Mercedes AMG GT C Coupe is set to be released in late 2017. There has been a mad buzz since rumors of the prototype for this model began circulating. Good news spilled forth at the Los Angeles Auto Show as Tobias Moers, Mercedes-AMG boss confirmed the rumors. He offered with a bit of pride showing, some of the details about the mechanics of his new AMG GT variants which include the E63 sedan and the AMC GT C roadster. We feel privileged for the preview and are pleased to report on the new information.

Mercedes AMG GT C Coupe

We know that the 2018 AMG GT C Coupe is in process and will happen. There is no more speculation about the validity of the rumors. It’s been tough to get much in the way of concrete information about the specifications of this 2018 C coupe but it is believed that the following specs will be present.

Similar to the GT R, it will feature a four wheel steering system. We’re also expecting to see a shared adaptive dampening with a limited slip rear differential that is electronically controlled. A major difference will be the size of the front brake rotors expected to be 15.4 inches. It will also feature a race drive mode which has quite a few enthusiasts excited form absolute confirmation of this addition.

What will we find under the hood? The best we can do at this point is to take a look at the logic that this carmaker has followed thus far. We know that all of the AMG GT vehicles hit the road with a 4.0 liter V-8 engine that is twin turbocharged. The internal code name is M178. We’re making the assumption that this is the powerhorse that will e found in the C coupe. To add further speculation we look at the GTC roadster with 550 hp and the GT R with 577 HP and wonder where the design engineers plan to land with the new variant coming out. The safer bet is to go with the 550 until we get indication that it will be otherwise.

We’re also looking for the same chassis as the roadster perhaps with a few enhancements for increased stability at high speeds and for agility enhancement. In addition, the belief is that the C coupe will be wider taking this inspiration from the AMG GT C roadster for supreme corner handling.


Where they are in the process

The prototype of the AMG GT C coupe is currently undergoing testing for the integration and the functions and how well all of the components mesh together. We should be hearing more in the spring about when we’ll get to drive production models. Although they’re running out of time, there are still a few tweaks that will be made, but from what we’re told, they are nearly where they want to be with regards to perfection of all aspects of the vehicle.

Some issues revealed

One of the problems that designers had was with the trunk lid. This was a major issue that had to be addressed. Moers also disclosed that the steering has not yet been calibrated and is not ready to go for series production. He also threw in that there are a few more issues that he refused to discuss. There is confidence, however that they will be dealt with before the AMG GT C coupes start rolling off of the line. There is nothing particularly unique about these types of issues as they are a normal part of the perfection process.


Looking forward

The GT C coupe is a year away, or at least that is the projected delivery date for the Unites States. At this point all that we can do is speculate but they are fairly reasonable expectations based on past performance. There are currently discussions taking place that suggest there will also be more variants hitting production lines in the near future. Although the manufacturer is being tight lipped about what these will look like or what they will be, there is speculation that we may possibly see a new GT R roadster. We’ll leave it at that and hope for a press release that lets us know what’s coming down the road. There is also the possibility of a GT R convertible. They haven’t even begun the process of assessing the market potential yet but it is certainly an idea that is being talked about. We’re not certain about what they’re going to do next, but they are definitely on the move and considering the best options for the company.


Final thoughts

We’d like to be able to deliver a definitive report on the precise specs that you will see when the new 2018 AMG GT C coupe rolls off of its production lines and into the United States for retail sale. Although we can’t confirm much, we can use logic to speculate about what we may be seeing. The best that we could get as for an estimate on the price tag is simply that it is yet to be determined. Much may depend on the adjustments that have yet to be made. We’re all hoping that they stay on track with their estimated delivery time. We believe that it won’t be long until we’re given a more satisfying sneak peak.

While it would be nice to have a little more information, we do have enough to stir tremendous excitement about the AMG GT C coupe that will become available near the end of the 2017 year. As we move closer to this time, more information is bound to surface about the new C coupe and we all anxiously await and leaks or merciful press releases that will either win or lose a series of bets that are being cast regarding the engine, chassis and other components. There is high anticipation for the release of the C coupe and this is a good thing for the manufacturers, but it is a little frustrating for those of us who truly want to get all of the information that we can about this pending delicacy.

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