An In-Depth Look at the New Mercedes Benz Golf Cart

Mercedes Golf Cart

Mercedes-Benz is at it again, flexing its muscles, showing who is the boss in the automotive industry with the new Mercedes-Benz Golf Cart. Its designs have long stood out on land, air and water and now they will also be seen on the golf course. As a “real sports car”, the golf cart has not disappointed in its design and outlook that emancipate sheer class.

The technical basis of the golf cart was contributed by Garia, a large golf cart manufacturer. The formal basis of the design of the cart was the work of Mercedes Benz. The first conceptual phase involved taking into account the need for golf carts to have certain characteristics due to the limited space available on golf courses. This resulted to unusual proportions, but the designers at Mercedes applied their expertise to harmonize them. They also blend the interior and exterior into one unit.

Notable aspects that set the golf cart apart from the rest are its specs rather than its manufacturer. Starting with its outward appearance, the cart features a large, curved windscreen through which the driver and passenger can see in front. Its roof is made of carbon fiber and has a different color to that of the base of the vehicle. At the back, it has a spoiler that not only enhances its sporty look but also acts as a bag holder. The area behind the spoiler can accommodate a maximum of two golf bags. The bags have to be loaded slanted rearwards. The slanting position makes it easy to take out and replace clubs. In a bid to cement its reference as a real sports car, it has a carbon fiber diffuser at the lower rear end.

The Mercedes-Benz Golf Cart comes with a refrigerator. The refrigerator is located under the bench seat. It is big enough to store drinks for your use at the golf course. The cart also has bottle holders and space for bottles and glasses on the instrument panel support and the passenger side respectively.

The pedals of the cart are unique. The right pedal has a plus sign whereas the left pedal has a minus sign. The signs on the pedal indicate their functions. The plus sign means to accelerate whereas the minus sign means to brake.

The golf cart integrates the latest technology as evidenced by a 10.1 inches touchpad on the dashboard. A small part of the screen of the touch pad displays vehicle information whereas the rest of the screen displays the entire golf course. You can tell your exact position on the golf course by looking at the screen. The screen can also be used as an electronic scorecard if you wish it to do so. Other than the screen, regarding technology, the golf cart’s majority of functions are controlled by the touch of a finger. Some of those functions include the windscreen heater, wipers and the headlamps.

Golf Cart

The Mercedes-Benz Golf Cart comes with an electric motor that has an output of up to 11 kilowatts dependent on the period of use of the cart each single time. This means that the golf cart can cover a distance of up to 80 kilometers and move a top speed of 30km/h. It runs on a lithium-ion battery which takes six hours to be fully charged.

The color concept and materials used on parts of the golf cart stand out. For example, the instrumental panel support is leather lined on the lower section and painted on the upper section. Its steering wheel features a metals clasp in its lowers section whereas the rest of its parts are lined with white leather. The floor of the cart features a wood décor.

The Mercedes Golf Cart is designed to give its users utmost comfort with its heated and ventilated seats and air conditioning. The heated seat feature will come in handy during the cold seasons. Golfers will be amazed by the fact that the Mercedes Golf Cart can be driven on public roads. This can be attributed to its LED head lights and tail lights and its indicators.

The golf cart weighs about four hundred and forty kilograms and measures 92.5×47.2×67.7 inches. To top it off, the Golf cart has a speaker system and a Bluetooth connection. These features enable passengers to listen to music from their smartphones.

It is amazing to see an idea that sprung from Facebook come to life. Mercedes made an appeal to golf and auto fans on its Facebook page to give it ideas for a golf cart for the future three years ago. Ander Lynge, co-founder at Garia, came across it made her pitch and got the gig. Three years later, the dream is a reality.

Mercedes is marketing the golf cart heavily; using terms like sensual and pure despite the Golf cart not being on the market yet. The company hopes to get feedback from the community on how it can improve the golf cart before it unleashes it to the market. With the hope of getting as much feedback as possible, the companies have showcased the cart at the British open and later at events in Germany, Monaco and Denmark.

Mercedes promises to add more features to the Golf Cart. One feature that it is planning to add is smartphone integration. The price tag on the cart is yet to be unveiled but it will probably be greater than $23,000. This is a valuation based on a four-passenger version of the Mercedes Golf Cart advertised by Garia that has fewer luxury features and will cost approximately $23,000. It is expected that the Mercedes Golf Cart will cost more.

The public has been amazed by the Golf cart and others are of the opinion that the simplified, refined shape brings out the impression of a “sculpture on wheels”. They feel that it was about time that a golf cart of high quality was created. Others are not of the idea that the golf cart will not carry the Mercedes emblem. However, despite the many opinions, it is clear that the Mercedes Golf Cart is a vehicle that marks the beginning of a revolution in golf carts.

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