Check Out the Mercedes-Benz Weekender Camper Van

Mercedes-Benz Weekender Camper Van

Mercedes Benz is the epitome of greatness when it comes to automobile engineering. It has held this distinction for long, ever since motor vehicles became a way of life. It takes the spot for executive sedans that many desire as it is a marker for opulence. Its engineering also receives praise when it comes to truck and heavy cars.

A Mercedes Benz camper van?

The utter of Mercedes and van in the same sentence seems quite off as the company has not made its presence felt in this manufacture of such cars yet. However, you will be in for a surprise if you are to underrate its efforts when it comes to vans. There is the Mercedes-Benz weekend camper van comes to compete with other manufacturers in this category.

Background Of The 2020 Mercedes Benz Weekender Camper Van

2020 Mercedes Benz Weekender Camper Van

The weekender is not the first van that Mercedes is producing as it has tons of units that it continues to build. The standout thing is that it is more of a recreation vehicle and suitable for camping expeditions. It targets the American market, where the love of the outdoors is making many invest in recreation buses and camper vans. They are versatile vehicles that can be used in various settings and also have room for you to rest or cook; basically, it is like a house on wheels. One thing about the weekend camper van is its variety of features that will make it a worthy choice for many campers. Let us have a look at some of the features and specifications to see how good this camping utility is.

The Exterior

When you come across its exterior, you may be forgiven for thinking that it is a Mercedes Metris utility van. The two are related and share a similar body configuration. The difference is that the weekender has a lift-up roof. The elevating roof consists of a robust spring system, and is the definitive feature for this camping van. It also possesses the slick look associated with Benzes and is sure eye-catchy when you hit the camping roads – with its simplicity speaking for itself. It features powerful headlights that, aside from adding to its unique look, are also a good night companion should you decide to spend the night in a wilderness. Sticking to the camping tag, it has a roof rack where you can put some of your camping utilities. It also features towing apparatus to its rear should you decide to pull along a trailer when out exploring nature. It also comes with solar panels for electricity needs.


2020 Mercedes Benz Weekender Camper Van interior

The interior of the Mercedes Benz weekender camper van screams comfort and convenience. According to Mercedes Benz vans’ official site, the front seats swivel at 180 degrees. As a driver, you can turn the chair to face the back, which is very convenient. The van is also very spacious, with a seating capacity of five, and one less person when it comes to it’s sleeping capacity. The sleeping area has two-inch padding that acts as a mattress and can accommodate two people. The area is installed with USB ports for charging purposes. Additionally, the two rear benches can be folded to create additional space for two more people. It also features table space and an optional pullout kitchen should you decide to cook.

Towing Capacity

When you hit the road for an adventure-filled moment, you may want to bring your trailer with you. It helps accommodate other essentials that may come in handy during the trip as well as provide extra sleeping space. The camper van has a towing apparatus as earlier hinted, with a towing capacity of almost 5000 pounds. This is a decent value and can tow other lightweight cars should they stall during your expedition.


2020 Mercedes Benz Weekender Camper Van side

Benz spares no effort when it comes to the performance aspect of its vehicles, and the weekender does not disappoint at all. It sports a 2- liter turbocharged gasoline engine that is capable of a 208 horsepower. With the addition of a seven-speed automatic transmission, you have the assurance of an impressive performance when you hit the road using this van. If you might be driving in areas with rough terrain, a characteristic of the wilderness, handling capability is an area to look at. It has an excellent handling feat courtesy of its wheels and robust engine. The 1.5’’ suspension lift additionally hands it some off-road capabilities.

Missing Features

The many features of the weekender put it more on the recreation vehicle class than the typical camper van. However, there are some features that it lacks which make it short of entering the RV class. These include a toilet and a bathroom. An air conditioner is optional, though you can purchase the ones designed specifically for RVs.

The Price

2020 Mercedes Benz Weekender Camper Van 1

One crucial aspect to consider when getting any vehicle is its price. According to CNN, the Mercedes Benz camper van will come at a price within the $70000 range. This is according to the Mercedes Benz’s spokesperson. If you want one, you will be able to pre-order it from the spring of 2020.

Straight out of the design chambers of Mercedes Benz, we have the weekender camper van, which debuted at the Chicago Auto Show. It is a test of excellence for the automobile manufacturer, which is well known for its standout luxury executive cars.

The van is an adventurer’s dream car – looking at its various specifications. The exterior does justice to its camper tag with a retractable roof which provides ample sleeping space. There is also more space at the back pad of the van, created by folding the rear benches. Put into account the 180-degree swiveling seats, and you have a perfect companion to explore the countryside during the weekend. It is also great when it comes to performance with a 5000-pound tow capability. By spring, they will be hitting the showroom, but you can pre-order yours from Mercedes Benz in time.

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