A Mercedes Maybach SUV On The Horizon For 2019

Mercedes designs and manufactures some of the most high-end automobiles globally. They are recognized most, for their luxury automobiles, but they also produce other vehicles as well, which many people may not be familiar with; buses, trucks and coaches are also among their lineup. Since 1886, Mercedes has played a major role in trend-setting when it comes to advancing and implementing innovative ideas and safety technology measures into their auto designs and productions, so much so that other leading automakers look up to Mercedes Benz and often follow suit.

Mercedes has developed an enormous customer base across the globe. Auto enthusiasts closely follow Mercedes lineup and new releases, and auto collectors continue to scout-out some of the most desirable and sought after Mercedes Benz collectibles. Mercedes is a name that has always been trusted in this ever forward moving industry, and they continue to master what they so; manufacture luxury for the road.

Mercedes-Maybach GLS

SUV’s are one of the most popular vehicles on the road today. Even the wealthy love to drive them which is why both Bentley and Rolls-Royce have already been working on developing their version of a SUV, which will be large, and as luxurious as it will be pricey. Mercedes has also announced that it will be producing a luxury SUV as well, the Mercedes-Maybach GLS which has already promised to basically be a “rolling palace,” according to Road and Track. Not a lot of information has been released on the Maybach GLS, as of yet, since it isn’t due to release until 2019, but we do know that it will be a stretch version of the regular GLS, with many unique and luxurious features added to it, making it an exclusive by Mercedes.

Maybach Exterior

Mercedes plans to make some unique changes to the exterior of the GLS to give the Maybach a look all its own. There will be a different design for many of the exterior features; including; a new front grille, newly designed headlights and taillights. The body will be getting new chrome trim and you’ll see a new set of wheels on the Maybach as well, and it is not inconceivable to assume that you can expect to see a loner wheelbase on the Maybach as well. Presumably a little competition with the Bentayaga and the Range Rover SVA.


We already know that Mercedes uses only high quality, top-of-the-line materials and parts in and on its automobiles. Everything you’d expect in a Mercedes will be inside the Maybach, only for this SUV, Mercedes plans to take it a step further yet. With the Maybach, Mercedes wants this SUV to be as plush and luxurious as you can imagine so it will be given the royal treatment, as will each owner, with the lavish environment you’ll find inside the Maybach. There hasn’t been exact details given yet, on the layout of the interior, only that it promises to be indulging.


What kind of power is expected for the Maybach GLS? It is expected that this SUV will be sporting Mercedes’ global 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 engine that Mercedes’ owners are already familiar with and appreciate about their brand, however, it’s also been said that there has been talk about the potential for Mercedes to trump the V-8 and go for the 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-12 engine. This idea is being looked at and is a real possibility.


A price hasn’t been set yet for the Maybach GLS but there is no doubt that it will be considerably higher than the base SUV price of $67,000, (starting price). Knowing that the Bentley’s Bentayga has a base price of $231,000, it would only be fair to say that the Maybach will more than likely be competitively priced in the same range. Another clue in regards to pricing is that the Mercedes-AMG G65 is already priced at $220,000, so it makes sense to auto reviewers and enthusiasts that Mercedes will price the Maybach higher.

Bottom line

For anyone who follows Mercedes concept cars and proposed production models, this one will be a very anticipated new make for Mercedes. An SUV this large and luxurious will be exciting to see come together. Even following the details as they emerge are going to be worth waiting for and it won’t be long before these details start leaking out to the public.

About Mercedes

Karl Benz came onto the auto scene in 1886 when he designed his very first car, a petrol-powered automobile called the Motorwagen. Since then, Mercedes has gone through many challenges, changes, even mergers to become the company it is today. It has produced some of the most classic and memorable automobiles in automobile history. In 1902, Mercedes trademark was created and later, down the road in 1926, Mercedes went through two mergers and shortly after, the company learned they were about to turn their focus onto a new need in auto-making.

The 1930’s brought about the Mercedes 770 model that later became the most popular car during the German Nazi years, especially for Hitler, who was always seen in this model car that was upgraded for him with bulletproof glass windshields. During the war, Mercedes turned its factories over for war efforts, producing automobiles using forced laborers to meet their demands, but were later made to pay reparations to these families involved during those years. Many years later, subsidiaries were born, one is Mercedes-AMG, which developed in 1999 and went on to become Mercedes-Benz AMG a few months later. Today, if you ask Mercedes owners if they’d buy another, most will tell you this. Mercedes develops long term relationships with their customers and the majority are very loyal to the brand.

Mercedes continually works toward designing newer, more innovative automobiles every year. They put the latest technology and their design expertise to work and develop models that continue to draw attention by other auto makers and customers around the world. Their newest idea is set to be in production in 2019 and it is the Mercedes Maybach SUV. Mercedes says it is the next generation of the GLS Platform.

About Mercedes GLS Platform

Mercedes produced a line of full-sized luxury SUV’s known as the GLS series and the system for categorizing them has been revised. The GL is for the base name, and the last letter stands for the placement of the model in the Mercedes-Benz hierarchy chain. Using this format, the GLS platform series breaks down as: The “G” is for geländewagen, which is German for “off-road vehicle”. The “L” is a linking letter that links the “G” to the last letter, or, the class of vehicle, which in this case is the “S” class of Mercedes-Benz’s

The little details that are known about the 2019 Maybach GLS are generalized, but they are enough to get an idea of how the Maybach will differ from the standard GLS.

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