AL Rookie of the year Michael Fulmer is Also a Plumber


Michael Fulmer has made his mark earning the distinction of Rookie of the Year for the 2016 MLB season. He has an impressive record in his career with the Tigers and has amassed a decent following of fans. These are the people who have an interest in knowing what this star athlete does in his spare time. It would be interesting to take a random poll just to find out how many people actually know. Most would never guess that he spends the off season dedicating his time as a plumber. That’s right, although he didn’t spend years learning the trade, he received high reviews from his occasional employer as a hard worker who catches on quickly.

Impressive on all fronts

Fulmer was a first round draft pick and he didn’t disappoint those who believed in his abilities. He has become a highly skilled pitcher and has succeeded where many others have failed. He hasn’t been playing pro for very long at all and this is part of the reason why his fans are so enamored of his talent and drive. He came in a stranger and is continuing on as an integral part of the Tigers team. Instead of hearing that he was asked to represent a famous brand name of athletic wear or promote sports equipment, we discover that he maintains a low profile just being himself as he was before he gained the tremendous notoriety that comes with success in the MLB. Perhaps what is the most impressive thing about Michael is how he begins something new and quickly gains mastery. Whether it’s pro ball or plumbing, he figured it out within a year and made great strides in perfecting his work.

Yes, he was and is an impressive figure in the game, but when he’s not playing, we see him returning to his former profession and fixing pipes instead of travelling the world. He lives in the Oklahoma City area and you can find him doing a variety of different things. He is apt to surface from a ditch that he has just dug and preparing to repair a sewer line. You may also find him under a kitchen sink repairing a leaky faucet. You might even find hi in a basement replacing a water heater or fixing some body’s leaky toilet. He is through and through a plumber.

What this says about Michael

This young man is full of raw talent that he is honing fairly rapidly. He’s a great pitcher and when he’s not throwing the ball, he’s busy at work fixing pipes. He got his start in the plumbing business in 2015. A friend’s uncle needed some assistance and he was happy to help. It was from this point forward that he realized that plumbing is something thathe is good at and enjoys. Even though he grossed more than five hundred thousand dollars as a pitcher for the Tigers last year, he returned to his job as a plumber when he had the time. It’s a no-brainer that he doesn’t need the extra money, so it must be for love of the work. Fulmer claims that doing this kind of work helps to keep him physically fit when he’s not in training for the game. Ditch digging really is hard physical labor, particularly when the trenches are being dug by hand with a shovel. He claims that it really helps him to stay in shape and ready for the next season of ball.

This tells us that Michael Fulmer is a humble young man who is not only dedicated to his commitments, but also that he is a hard worker. Crawling under sinks and digging ditches is not glamorous work and it doesn’t really land a guy in the spotlight, unless he’s recently been named AL Rookie of the Year. We know that Michael is keeping himself grounded and very much in touch with reality.

The benefits of his approach to life

Fulmer’s choices are those of a very wise and humble young man. He has attained a measure of fame and notoriety and he has come by it by hard work and commitment. Does he have a future in the MLB? From all indications we believe that he does. Barring injury or an off season, he is on fire and it looks like he has a bright future as pitcher at least. If he continues on his currrent trajectory, he could very well rise to the status of star athlete, which is our hope for him. There are no certainties associated with professional sports careers because there is too much that can go wrong. We can see that whatever he puts his hand to, is learned quickly. He hasn’t placed all of his eggs into one basket so Fulmer will always have something to fall back on. If one thing doesn’t work out, another surely will.

Final thoughts

Michael Fulmer is a bright and talented young man who is easy to like. We’re expecting great things from him as he continues on with his profession baseball career. His fan base is growing and it’s only a matter of time before he will be approached by major brand names for endorsement. His financial future is looking good but he doesn’t seem to be the type who is going after the dollar. He diligently earns what he receives and with a few lucky breaks has been allowed to use and further develop his raw talent. It’s a bit surprising but extremely refreshing to learn that he’s not too busy with his new fame to return to his old job and help out in the off season. He doesn’t seem to be one for fanfare and we see a young man who has his feet firmly planted on solid ground. Fans are looking forward to the next season to watch him in action and see where he takes his game from here. Michael Fulmer is making news by laying low and assuming his life as the humble and reliable person that he is.

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