10 Things You Didn’t Know About Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 now has a cloud version of Office and it’s available by subscription with options for paying annually or monthly. The new 365 can be installed on your home or office computer and there are so many useful new features that if offers that it’s difficult to know where to start. If you’re new to Microsoft 365, like many, you could probably use a few suggestions about maximizing its full potential, so here are ten things you didn’t know about Microsoft 365 to get you started.

1. You’ll keep getting new features

As you continue with your subscription you’ll notice that notices will be sent to your email inbox about new cool features. This is because Microsoft continually adds new features to 365. That’s why it’s a good idea to start learning about the existing ones right now or you won’t be able to keep up with what 365 can do for you.

2. Several users can edit a document together

The new 365 has a feature that is called Co-authoring. This great new innovation actually allows several users to access a document at the same time. While one is making edits on a certain page, another can work on a totally different section of the document. It’s really a great way to get work done in record speed. One of the best parts of this new feature is that when a user is making edits, everyone else in the group sees the edits as they occur in real time. There is no need to refresh the page. Everyone in the group will also see who is making the edits.

3. You can Skype and edit

The new Microsoft 365 also gives you the option of chatting via Skype with co-workers at the same time that you are editing or composing a document. You get the visual and audio along with shared access to the document. The feature is also really easy to use because all you need to do to get connected with co-workers is to click on the “chat” icon. Multiple users can access this feature at the same time and it’s a great way for teams from around the country, or even the world to connect for important projects they’re working on together.

4. You can link files instead of attaching them

There’s also a feature in the Office 365 business edition that lets you share files with others without the need to attach them. All you need to do is upload your file on your cloud and it links so you don’t have to go through the process of attaching it. You can share all your document files via link. You can also grant permission through Outlook for an automatic edit permission when someone you are emailing needs to have these privileges. If you don’t want them to have editing power, you can change the permissions which makes it a truly versatile program.

5. There’s an associated app for Android

You can use up to two Microsoft cloud storage accounts when you access them on your Android phone. Microsoft has created the OneDrive app, especially for Android. You can access your personal cold storage and your business account from this single app.

6. It lets you add your personal signature

Microsoft 365 comes with an electronic signature app that originates from DocuSign. You can get the app for free and it’s intended for use with Outlook programs. You can add your signature to documents prior to scanning them or faxing them and you can also add it to an email. It also allows others to sign on the same document if multiple signatures are needed and it’s all in an electronic format.

7. 365 lets you convert your mouse into a laser pointer

This is a great feature when you’re making a presentation. How many times have people either misplaced their laser pointers or had them go on the fritz at the last moment? This innovative feature does away with the need for the old traditional types. The feature is accessible through PowerPoint and all you need to do to change your mouse icon into a laser pointer is to tell it to do so. The mouse icon will become a little red dot that can be used to highlight important points during your talk or lecture. Even if you don’t have a mouse you can use the feature with a stylus or with your finger.

8. Scribble conversion

Microsoft 365 can take handwritten notes that are scribbled down into a OneNote page and convert it into text that is readable. It also works for drawings as well. The program intuitively guesses what was written and if it doesn’t get it right, you have options available through the Lasso tool for making edits and corrections.

9. The Excel offers Power Map

The Power Map is a new cool feature on Excel in Microsoft 365 that has the ability to take rows of data and convert them into images. It’s ideal for creating 3D maps. It’s a beefed up version of chartmaker.

10. Excel can reformat your data

The new Excel in 365 has the capability to view what you’re working on and complete the task for you. It’s called Flash Fill. If you’re entering information into a database that needs to be reformatted, after you’ve done a small portion, Flash Fill can intuitively sense what you’re doing and offer to complete the task, saving you a lot of time and effort.

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