10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mike DeWine

Mike DeWine

Mike DeWine is the 70th Governor of the state of Ohio. He is a member of the Republican Party. He is working hard along with federal, state and local agencies to do his part to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus that is ravaging the United States of America. If you’re not familiar with Mike, here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about him to give you a better idea of who he is and how he is qualified for the job.

1. Mike DeWine is a native of Ohio

Who better to serve in a leadership position that a native of the region. Mike was born in Yellow Springs, Ohio in January of 1947. His parents were Richard Lee DeWine and Jean Ruth Liddle DeWine. He grew up in a Roman Catholic family of Irish descent. He currently lives in Cedarville, Ohio after spending much of his life living in the state.

2. He attended schools in his home state

DeWine didn’t leave home to attend college. He graduated from high school then attended Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He studied in the education program and earned his bachelor of science degree from the institution in 1969. He continued his education at Ohio Northern University College of Law where he earned his Juris Doctor degree in 1972. Since he’s spent so much time living in Ohio, he more fully understands some of the challenges and social issues faced by residents and leaders in government.

3. He is a family man

Mike DeWine married his wife Francis in June of 1967. The couple has been together for more than 50 years. They brought eight children into the world, but sadly, experienced the pain of losing one of them in an automobile accident in 1993. DeWine has remained a committed husband and father throughout the duration of his successful political career, which shows that he is good at time management and able to multitask.

4. There are a lot of politicians in his family

Mike DeWine isn’t the only member of his family to serve in a governmental position. His son is currently serving as the Ohio Supreme Court Justice. His name is R. Patrick DeWine. Mike also has a second cousin in the office. Kevin Dewine is a former Ohio Republican Party Chairman. The DeWine family are also owners of the Asheville Tourists, a Minor League Baseball team.

5. His political career started at an early age

Mike spent his early years working towards his academic degrees, but when he turned just 25 years old, he secured a position as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for Greene County, Ohio. He did an excellent job and the people of the region voted him in as the County Prosecutor in 1976. He maintained the post until 1980. Upon vacating the post as County Prosecutor, Mr. DeWine was elected for a two-year term to the Ohio State Senate.

6. Mike has a lot of experience in government

After Congressman Bud Brown retired, DeWine was nominated for his seat on Ohio’s 7th congressional district. He won the election and then continued to be re-elected for an additional three terms. He stayed at the post until 1990 when he ran for Lieutenant Governor of Ohio and easily won. His unsuccessful bid for the US Senate happened in 1002 when he ran against former astronaut John Glenn. He also served as a US Representative for four terms. He has also held seats on the Senate Select Intelligence and Judiciary committees.

7. Mike is passionate about the future of the state of Ohio

Being a lifelong resident of the state of Ohio, Mike DeWine has a strong passion for ensuring that the future will be bright for every resident. He believes in supporting education for strong schools that give people the education that will help them to qualify for good-paying jobs. This, in turn, will boost the economy of the state and help to ensure that the people of Ohio may enjoy an excellent quality of life. This is a part of his vision for the future of the state.

8. He met his wife in the first grade

Mike DeWine and his wife Fran have a touching love story. The two met when they were still young children in the first grade of primary school. It’s a fair assessment to say that they’ve known each other for most of their lives. They married when they were both attending college at Miami University. In addition to having a family of 8 children with 7 still living, the DeWines are the grandparents of 24 grandchildren. They both understand the importance of strong families and of building communities through these units.

9. DeWine is credited with being the Governor who saw the pandemic coming early

There has been a striking difference between the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak in New York City and in Ohio. This is because Mike DeWine took immediate action prior to the state had even reported its first case. He took sweeping measures several days prior to curb the spread. Ohio was not spared, but they have not had the devastation and infection rates of many other states.

10. He is gracious and thankful

When you see Mike DeWine address the public through the media, you see a man who is careful to give credit where it is due. He has continued to encourage social distancing and give people reminders, but he also uses the phrase “thank you” often. He has seen a lot in his decades in office and he takes nothing for granted. This includes being proactive and remembering his manners, which are impeccable. He doesn’t use flowery speeches nor does he attempt to draw attention to himself or his efforts. He uses words sparingly but precisely. Mike DeWine shows a great deal of class adn respect for his fellow leaders who are all fighting towards the same outcome during this time of crisis.

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