10 Things You Didn’t Know about Moller Watches

If you are active on social media, then there is a probability that you have come across the free watches ads. From these advertisements, you go to the respective site stocking the product, and you pick your most preferred watch. Once done shopping, you do not pay for the watches as they are free; you only cater to the shipping charges. Among the many online vendors who employ such a method of selling their products is Moller Watches. It has an online site where you can make your order after selecting your preferred item. To know more about this vendor, we present you with ten things you probably did not know about it.

1. Founding Year

A look at the website and you get the idea that the vendor has not been in the industry for long. While it looks to be a high-quality site, when you visit, there is something that feels amiss. For example, it has no about page dedicated to the company. Instead, the present about page talks about its free watch promotion. It would be prudent if the vendor offered much details about itself to its potential clients as it will give them the confidence to shop.

2. The Legitimacy Of The Business

The rise of online shopping has an evil twin in the form of online fraud. In such a situation, you might pay for your goods and the online store won’t make the delivery. Moller Watches tries to keep away from the bandwagon of frauds and promises to deliver and even indicates its delivery dates.

There are several review sites such as 10ways, which believes that most of the free watches promotions are scams. However, on its website, you find several positive reviews from its clients.

3. Its Catalog Of Watches

As earlier indicated, Moller Watches is a vendor and not a watchmaker. Characterizing its inventory is a variety of watches from established brands. Some of the brands that you can get from the online store include Venice, Renaissance, and Paris. There are both men’s and women’s watches. A quick perusal on the online platform, and you might come across a suitable timepiece. While the catalogue is not that big, it features a variety such as classic watches, skeleton watches and even casual ones.

4. One-Stop For Bracelets

Aside from watches, you can also get bracelets from the online store. Bracelets are excellent wrist accessories and can accentuate any style that you don; casual or formal. Presently, there are only two types on this vendor’s website, the crown bracelet and the Moller bracelet. The former has a central crown bead, with the rest looking like lava rocks. The latter has a metallic appearance and looks polished with some metallic beads along its horizon. Both are free, and just like the watches, you only pay for the shipping fee.

5. The Free Watch Promotion

One of the main attractions to Moller Watches is its free watch promotion. According to its website, it is a move in advertising and creating awareness for its products. Instead of paying the traditional advertising fees, it uses the budget to offer the watches for free. It is a running campaign with a set timeline, and once it ends, the products this online store stocks will return to their standard prices.

6. Social Media Presence

Social media is an excellent tool, and every business should have a presence in such platforms to keep up with the competition. Moller Watches is present on both Instagram, and Facebook, with 1395 and 396 followers, respectively. Both its handles have not picked up as it only has a handful of posts on Facebook and no uploads on Instagram.

7. Supported Payment Modes

The shopping experience on Moller’s site is very straightforward. You select the watch of your choice and proceed to buy it. If you are not signed to the site, you will need to do so by providing your email and password. When paying for the goods, there are several payment methods that you may opt for. They include PayPal, American Express, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Visa, MasterCard and many more. The variety of modes of pay shows you how versatile this website is. Among the supported currencies include the United States dollar, the euro, the British sterling pound, and both the Canadian and Australian dollar.

8. The Refund Policy

Moller has a friendly returns’ policy, which is probably a move to enhance its client’s experience. It only applies to damaged goods, and you need to alert the vendor immediately upon receipt. The policy lasts for 30 days, after which they are null and void. On receiving the returned product, you will get an email notification alerting you of the receipt after its inspection. If approved, you will have your refund processed and credited to you via the mode you use to pay for the goods.

9. Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of the site is clear, and it indicates what it collects from you when you sign up to its website and also when using it. Its cookies collect your information, and the website does not share such details to unauthorized third parties without your consent. However, in case compelled by the law, it will share the info to pave way for justice.

10. Customer Care

In case of an issue while on the site or with the goods from this vendor, then you can reach the customer care center for help. You can get help via its email or from its social media pages. The response time is not precise, though, from Facebook, you may see a complaint or two when it comes to responding to queries.


Moller Watches is one of the many online stores that offer free watches and all you need to do is to pay for shipping costs. Above are ten things to know about this online store if you want to make purchases from its platform.

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