10 Monthly Dividend Stocks to Consider in 2019

If you’re considering investing in dividend stocks with the goal of bringing in a monthly income, then it’s important to note that the majority of dividend stocks pay quarterly. It’s a special category of this kind of stock that pays out dividends on a monthly basis. One of the advantages of monthly dividend stocks is that there is no need to sell to receive an income. There aren’t many that pay out monthly but out of the list of 100 of this type of stock, we’ve chosen the top ten for your consideration.

1. Reality Income Corp (NYSE: O)

Reality Income Corp is one of the most highly recommended monthly dividend stocks of its reliability over the past 559 months with consistent payments and raises in dividends. O is a stock that comes with a risk as with any stock investment. It is a Commercial Retail Investment Trust type and the corporation owns a large collection of pharmacies and convenience stores. It’s one of the safer stocks that shows positive activity on the market with a dividend yield of 3.72 percent.

2. STAG Industrial (STAG)

Stag Industrial stock, like Reality Income Corp stock is also an REIT, which currently provides a 5 percent yield and the dividend payouts occur on a monthly basis. It’s a highly recommended monthly dividend stock in a company that engages in single tenant properties. Although this is considered to be risky, Stag Industrial is different as the company consistently ads to their portfolio of valuations which is a strategy that the company follows that makes them different from their competition and this stock has a record of good performance, lowering the risk.

3. Stellus Capital Investment (SCM)

Stellus is another company that has a different market approach. They direct their energies to the middle markets and they have a diversified range including food distributor GoodSource Solutions as well as Valued Relationships Inc, a software company, Compass Health, a home health products company and others. The dividend yield is 9.36 percent which pays out monthly (https://finance.yahoo.com/news/10-high-yield-monthly-dividend-160923372.html).

4. Pembina Pipeline (NYSE:PBA)

Pemba Pipeline is a company that is involved with oil and gas. PBA is a Canadian based company that manages an oil and gas pipeline network, and it has made several investments recently showing improvements in the year to year analysis with a rise of 45% in the last year. The stock pays out monthly dividends and is one of the more highly recommended bets for investment.

5. Apple Hospitality (APLE)

Apple Hospitality is an REIT class stock. The company invests in Marriott hotels and Hilton, owning a total of 241 hotels within the United States. The focus of the business enters in the business traveler sector of the markets including the largest cities such as Los Angeles, Dallas, Nashville, and San Diego. The current market value is at $4 billion and the dividend yield is 6.9 percent. The business travel focus is what sets this hospitality company apart from the others because of the consistency in the traffic and usage within the premium hotels that it’s associated with. We believe that APLE is a good bet for inclusion in a monthly dividend stock portfolio.

6. LML Payment Systems, Inc. (LML)

LML Payment Systems is a payment processing service provider which also includes authentication services, risk management and electronic payment processing for businesses and organizations which us an online format for sending and receiving payments. The company also provides intellectual property licensing services, check processing operations and check collection services. The stock pays out dividends monthly. The current price of the LML stock is $14.85 per share and the yield is 11.88 percent (www.dividendchannel.com/monthly-dividend/).

7. Global Net Lease (GNL)

Global Net Lease is a diversified company with a basis in real estate investment trust with a total of 21 single tenant properties under its management throughout the United States, and other countries throughout the world. The properties are diversified and also include aerospace properties, healthcare, utilities and financial services. The dividend yield is 12.6 percent.

8. Shaw Communications (SJR)

Shaw Communications is a company based in Canada which provides a diverse range of communication services including internet, telephone, Wi-Fi, satellite television, and television content. The business also is involved with managed information technology solutions, a data center and cloud technology. The stock dividends are paid monthly with a 4.6 percent yield ).

9. Vermillion Energy (VET)

Vermillion Energy is a company that is based in Canada. It owns assets in the oil and gas production industry with holdings throughout Australia, Europe and North America. The company recently acquired Spartan Energy and expanded its drilling operations. The current market value of Vermillion energy is $4.7 billion and the dividend yield is 6.8 percent. The stock pays out monthly dividends. The energy market is one of the more dependable stocks to invest in although there is some volatility when it comes to oil and gs, this stock has been one of the more reliable bets and it’s certainly worth considering for a monthly income stock portfolio.

10. DNP Select Income Fund Inc. (NYSE:DNP)

DNP Select Income Fund Inc. is a utility fund company with holdings in water, gas and electric utilities which also has assets in communication and energy transportation sectors. It’s a safer bet stock because of the consistent stream of cash flow. DNP stock has an annual yield of 7.26 percent and the stock pays out on a monthly dividend basis. If you’re looking for a stock to add to your portfolio for building a monthly income for retirement, then DNP is recommended as one of the top choices for 2019.

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