Moonlite: A Bedtime Story Projector for Your Mobile Phone

There are few activities better for bonding with a child than reading bedtime stories. Parents who read to their children not only get to enjoy watching their child’s imagination grow, but are also ensuring that literacy is forming at an early age. In addition, it is much healthier than using tablets or smartphones before bed, as the blue light of these devices can make it difficult to fall asleep.

However, that does not mean that technology cannot be used to enhance the bedtime story experience. Moonlite is a device that was created specifically to maintain all the benefits of reading a bedtime story while taking advantage of smartphone flashlights. Essentially, Moonlite uses the phone’s flashlight to project pictures onto a wall or ceiling, making bedtime stories come alive before a child’s eyes.

Naturally, an innovation of this sort has come from someone who has a great deal of experience with bedtime stories. The founder, Natalie, is a mother herself. Instead of reading traditional stories to her daughter, Chloe, the two would make up their own bedtime stories using the flashlight on Natalie’s smartphone and their hands to create shadows. From this ritual, the idea for Moonlite was born.

In addition to being a mother, Natalie is a software engineer with an MBA. Her background is varied, although she has spent several years working at Google. With her considerable education and experience, Natalie was able to turn the idea of enhancing the bedtime story experience she shared with her daughter into a reality. With Moonlite, any parent will be able to witness the same wonder and creativity in their child’s eyes as their favorite stories are brought to life as Natalie did with Chloe.


Given Natalie’s considerable experience, it is unsurprising that Moonlite has developed quickly and efficiently. It is expected to have gone from an idea to a sellable product in a little over one year.

The initial idea for the projector came about in January of 2016. This led to the first product renderings in March. By May, the Moonlite app had begun development. After further development and filing patents, the first working prototype was completed in July. With stories being added in August, the first full working prototype was ready in September.

From October until the end of the 2016, a great deal of work was done. The device was tested and refined, and the incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign was launched. This will allow for the first batch to be run in March, 2017, with delivery expected in April.


An improved bedtime story experience is clearly attractive to many people, as Moonlite’s Kickstarter campaign was an instant success. While only setting a goal of $20,000, Natalie and her team have managed to raise over $230,000. Nearly 3600 backers have supported the development of this projector.

How to Use Moonlite

The benefits of reading bedtime stories with a child are numerous, from the development of literacy to simple bonding time. All of these benefits and more can be had with Moonlite, without any complex technological skills required.

Using Moonlite is quick and easy. There are four steps to follow. The first is simply to insert the story reel into the projector. Then, clip the projector onto the smartphone. The next step is to open the Moonlite app, which will allow parents to easily read along as they project images onto a wall or ceiling.



Naturally, the main purpose of Moonlite is to allow children to see their favorite stories as they are being read. Moonlite creates sharp and clear HD projections in full color, ensuring that kids will always look forward to story time. In addition, the images used are bright, clear, and fun for kids.

Sound Effects

While projecting pictures is a great asset for bedtime stories, Moonlite goes a step further. Parents can choose to include built-in sound effects to truly make bedtime stories come alive. Each story comes equipped with its own sound effects.


Moonlite has been created with the fact that every child has his or her own favorite stories in mind. Therefore, there are a wide range of stories to choose from, from educational stories to Moonlite originals. Further, classic stories like Little Red Riding Hood and The Ugly Duckling have been recreated for the projector. The available stories are constantly growing, giving parents a fantastic selection to choose from.


While the technology of Moonlite is great for enhancing bedtime stories for kids, parents may worry that it will be complicated to use. However, the Moonlite app was specifically created to make it easy to read along while the illustrations are being projected.

When the reel is turned, the app will automatically “flip” the page, displaying the correct lines. As well, the purchased stories are conveniently located in the app’s library.


The Moonlite app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It is designed to work with iPhone 6 and newer, as well as Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7.


Incredibly, this convenient projector is available for purchase at a price lower than many of the books themselves. The current deals on Kickstarter include the Starter Pack for $35, which comes with one projector and two story reels. As well, two of the Starter Packs can be purchased together for only $65.


Thousands of parents around the world cherish the time spent reading bedtime stories to their children. Unfortunately, as smartphones and tablets are being made increasingly accessible to kids, their patience for traditional story time may be dwindling. Devices like Moonlite, which allow for all the creative and educative benefits of reading to be enjoyed in a more dynamic way, are bringing bedtime stories into the twenty first century.

Especially considering its low price, Moonlite is an excellent device for helping kids learn and explore their own creativity. Parents will simply adore watching their child’s eyes fill with wonder as their favorite stories are brought to life with sights and sounds. This projector is a must-have for parents who feel that bedtime stories are an instrumental part of a child’s upbringing.

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