20 Things You Didn’t Know about Moove


Have you ever heard of a company called Moove? If you haven’t, then there’s every likelihood that you will eventually hear quite a lot about them. For now, it’s worth knowing that they create interactive games and other types of digital activities for mobile devices. More importantly, they help a wide range of people create these types of things so that more individuals have access to them. More recently, they’ve also moved into areas of business as seemingly unrelated as automotive financing for various ride-sharing companies (it will make more sense later). They’re actually quite a dynamic company that seems to be on the move at the moment (no pun intended). If you’re curious about learning more, here are 20 things about them that you might not already know.

1. They actually train people to develop their own games

One of the most interesting things about this particular company is that they tend to train everyday people to design and develop their own games exclusively for mobile devices. As opposed to being a company that creates all of these games themselves, they empower individuals to create whatever is in their mind’s eye and allow it to become a reality. The end result is that they can teach people how to become a game designer in their own right, all while allowing them to develop games that are highly personal for themselves or the individuals that they’re close to.

2. They sell something you can’t buy in a store

Executives at the company are quick to point out the fact that they sell something that can’t be purchased in a store. That’s accomplished in the form of producing a unique experience that is completely tailored to the individual customer. They take the idea of gaming and then personalize it, something that really hasn’t been done all that much in the past.

3. They’ll help you design something personal

The very idea of helping you design something that’s personal and meaningful to you is a selling point in and of itself. Sure, you could go out and purchase some game where the exact same copy can be purchased by hundreds or even thousands of other individuals, but that’s not quite the same thing as having something that is completely unique and made for you alone. That’s precisely why they help you develop your ideas and then see them through to fruition from beginning to end. It’s only when you’re intrinsically involved in the process that you can create something so personal.

4. On the other hand, you can also commercialize your ideas

If you’re in the market to create something on a small scale that’s just for you or someone close to you, they can definitely help you do exactly that. On the other hand, they also realize that people are looking for creative ways to make money now more than ever. As such, they are more than willing to help you commercialize your ideas so that you can run a business of your own based off of personalized game designs that operate specifically on mobile devices. You might think of them as your research and development department. In truth, they’re also your technical support and in many ways, they can serve as a brainchild for your ideas because they can help you take something from a vague idea to something that can actually be used.

5. They offer you support from beginning to end

It shouldn’t really come as any surprise that they offer extensive support from beginning to end. From the moment that you talk to them, they are capable of providing you one-on-one guidance, even if you’ve never designed any type of video game in your life. You might not consider yourself a tech savvy person, but that’s exactly what their team is there for. As long as you have an idea, you can come to them with that idea and they will walk you through the process and make sure that you understand each step as it happens.

6. A lot of companies are using them for team building activities

Recently, a lot of major corporations have been using them for team building activities. As opposed to doing a challenge course or going to a brick-and-mortar escape room, companies are finding it easier to utilize this type of technology because it allows people to participate in something that builds trust without forcing them to be piled into the same room together. In fact, someone can participate in the same team building game that is halfway across the world as another individual. As such, corporations are very interested in this type of technology.

7. They’re all about helping you create something immersive

One of the real benefits of using this particular company is that they’re capable of creating something that is totally immersive. In other words, you don’t feel like you’re merely playing a game when you get to this level. You feel like you’re actually in the game. Furthermore, many of the choices that you make as you play have a direct impact on how the game actually ends. Therefore, there might be an infinite number of potential endings. This makes it feel like you’re playing something brand new each time you return to play again.

8. You might say they’re taking gaming to the next level

There is no doubt about it, the company is definitely taking mobile gaming to the next level. The fact that they are incorporating ever-changing types of technology and allowing people to personalize their experiences is something that’s never really been done before, and certainly not on this scale. There is every chance that this will indeed be the future of gaming. It’s hard to imagine that there might come a time when playing games that have been designed for mass production is no longer appealing to the majority of individuals, but with companies like this in operation, it’s also feasible to believe that this day will eventually come.

9. They even work with augmented reality

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that the company even works with augmented reality. That’s right, you can use your mobile device and Bluetooth technology in conjunction with other specialty equipment so that you’re immersed in a reality that is all your own. The truly magical thing about it is that it ends up feeling just as real as everything that you can physically touch, sometimes even more so.

10. They currently have more than 50,000 customers

People have certainly been paying attention to the achievements of this company, as they currently have more than 50,000 customers. More importantly, that list is growing each and every day. When you consider everything they offer, it’s easy to understand why so many people trust them.

11. They’ve created over 8,100 games to date

At the moment, they have helped people create just over 8,000 different types of games. There’s no doubt that this is a number that will grow exponentially in the relatively near future. Truth be told, there’s no telling how many different types of experiences and games they will end up creating within the next few years.

12. They work with more than 100 partners to make your dreams come true

Of course, it’s virtually impossible to achieve this level of success on your own, even for them. That’s why they currently work with more than 100 different partners that can provide different pieces of technology and software development that can in turn allow them to help you make your dreams come true.

13. They’re in their second round of fundraising

One thing that is likely to surprise you is that they’re only in their second round of fundraising. That’s especially surprising when you look at all of their other statistics. If they managed to accomplish this much so early on, it’s almost unimaginable what they might potentially be able to achieve in the coming years. There is little doubt that as technology changes and advances, they will be at the forefront of virtually all of it. That fact alone is enough to get the attention of individuals who don’t typically gravitate toward mobile gaming in any capacity. It also showcases how truly special this company really is.

14. So far, they’ve raised $105 million

At the moment, the company has raised a staggering $105 million in the second round of fundraising alone. That’s more than some companies manage to raise throughout four solid rounds of fundraising. Granted, anything involving this type of technology is expensive but the fact that they have effectively raised this much in a single round of fundraising just goes to show how many investors believe in what they’re doing.

15. They’re on target to become one of the most trusted companies in their native Africa

The company is based in Africa and they’re currently on target to become one of the most trusted companies in that entire region. In addition, they’re currently looking at expansion options that will allow them to become a truly global company. If and when that happens, there’s no telling what an impact they might have on the face of gaming. In fact, there’s every chance that they will change it for the better sooner rather than later.

16. They’re also expanding into other markets

It sounds odd, but the company is also expanding into other areas of business that don’t initially seem to have anything at all to do with gaming. One such example involves both vehicle technology and financing. It might be easy to make a case for them moving into certain aspects of automotive technology because the same technology that is used for augmented reality games is often compatible with motion sensor technology used for collision avoidance systems in automobiles. That said, it’s a little harder to make the leap into automotive financing, something that they are currently doing in seven different countries including South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya. It seems an odd combination, but it’s also one that seems to be working for them.

17. They tend to seize opportunities when they see them

One possible explanation for the reason they’re currently expanding into seemingly unrelated industries is that they have a tendency to see opportunities and then seize those opportunities when they present themselves. Not every company is capable of doing this and it doesn’t always work. In some cases, companies have done similar things and fallen flat on their face. While there is a risk that this particular company might end up doing the exact same thing, they believe that this move will only eventually add to their overall revenue, not to mention expanding their customer base.

18. It’s all about expanding across different lines of clientele

As a matter of fact, their stroll into automotive financing is a product of their desire to expand across different types of customer bases. By creating customer bases that aren’t specifically related to automotive financing, gaming or anything else, it’s easier to gain trusted customers who will then be more willing to get involved with the other types of services that they offer. If it works, many people will probably consider it a genius move. One thing is certain, they definitely understand that there’s a certain amount of risk-taking that must be involved in order to be successful in business and it seems that they’re doing exactly that.

19. Ride-share companies love them

Since they are now providing financing and technology for vehicles that are frequently used in Gig economy settings such as Uber, they have become a favorite of these types of ride-sharing companies. That’s largely because they’re more customer-friendly than a lot of companies and they tend to make their own decisions as opposed to using the same types of credit scores that would be used by a bank.

20. They seem to be revolutionizing the world of auto financing, too

It would seem that they are also revolutionizing the world of automotive financing in much the same way that they revolutionized mobile gaming and other types of technology. One thing is certain, the company seems poised to do business their own way. They’re not keen on using the same types of systems that have always been in place because they feel like things can be done better across the board. At the moment, that’s precisely what they’re doing and it seems to be resonating with customers in many different walks of life.

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