The 20 Most Anticipated Sports Cars for 2020

2020 Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro

Sports car enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming year. The start of the new auto show season is still a few months away, but we don’t need to wait until November to check out some of the fabulous new refreshes, redesigns and all new models of sports cars that are set to come out within the next calendar year. The major brands have all thrown their hat into the ring and some are going to produce several examples that will leave you waiting in anxious anticipation to learn more. Here are the 20 most highly anticipated sports cars set to roll out for 2020.

2020 Tesla Roadster

Tesla first announced plans to create an all new Roadster sports car that would feature electric power and not miss a beat accelerating form zero to sixty mph in a mere 1.9 seconds. It’s an electric coupe that will top out at a speed that betters 250 mph. The electric car is set to be available for the 2020 model year and will boast a range of up to 620 miles on a single charge.

2020 Chevrolet Corvette

Chevrolet is coming out with a mid engined Corvette for 2020. There have been rumors of this vehicle for years off and on and we’ve been informed that it’s really going to happen with the next gen C8. They’re still keeping most of the details a secret, but what we do know so far is that it’s going to feature new design with improved aerodynamics with changes int he weight distribution. Aesthetically, it will resemble the 2019 models but being a next gen there is almost certainly going to be some notable differences, and one of them is going to be the price. It’s the first model of the new generation and Chevy is going to have to make up for the research and development costs somehow and it’s likely going to be in the projected sticker price that will start at $70k and top out at double that figure.

2020 Porsche Cayman GT4

The Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 makes it high on the list of anticipated sports cars for the upcoming 2020 year. The automaker is coming out with a racing version of the vehicle that is called the Clubsport and although Porsche confirmed its impending production, mum has been the word on it since. The GT4 is going to be equipped with a naturally aspirated 4.0 liter six cylinder just like the one that you’ll find in the 911 GT3.

2020 BMW i8 Roadster

BMW has thrown their hat into the ring with the announcement that the i8 Roadster is going to be a thing for 2020. You’ll still see the strikingly sporty aesthetic but the new version has been moderately re-designed with a fresh and futuristic appearance. The brand claims that the new model will be highly responsive an it’s going to be a born performer with its entry into the electric car sector of the market.

2020 Alfa Romeo GTV

Alfa Romeo is upping the stakes with their new GTV for 2020 and although it’s not going to come close to the 8C, it doesn’t really have to. The new GTV will feature an engine that generates enough power to qualify it as a sports car, pushing close to 600 horsepower. The 2020 model year will be available for sale late in 2019.

2020 Bugatti Divo

Bugatti is coming out with the Divo for 2020 and it could well be the most highly anticipated new sports car of the year, if you can go by the 2019 sales record. Within just one day of opening allocations for the new sporty car, it was already sold out. It’s a hyper car that the French luxury automaker has had a great deal of success with and it’s the most expensive among its choices coming in at a whopping $5.8 million, which makes the Veyron and Chiron pale in comparison. Only 40 were made last year and it’s clear that they probably would have sold out even if they had quadrupled the stock. This baby screams from zero to 62 mph in a mere 2.4 seconds and the term hypercar places it in a realm that is above the ultra fast supercar.

2020 Maserati Alfieri

With a bit of speculation and wishful thinking added for good measure, it is believed that Maserati is finally going to deliver on their promises of the new Alfieri model in 2020. Production is scheduled to begin on the concept car that was introduced to the world in 2014. This is a completely new model for the brand and it’s one of the most highly anticipated new sports cars for the 2020 year. The concept featured a V8 but we’ve heard rumors that it won’t be offered as a hybrid, but rather as a full EV, but that remains to be seen as we’re not getting a lot of info leaks from Maserati.

2020 Maserati GranTurismo

Maserati has also announced that there will in fact be a new GranTurismo released for 2020. It’s been the flagship of their sporty line, and although we’ve heard rumors that it will be replaced with the Alfieri in the flagship positioning, it’s going to come out with a re-design and the brand has hinted that it’s going to be an all new re-imagination of the car. It’s been around for a decade so it’s time for a change and we’re told that there are some serious changes being made for the 2020 edition, but we’ll have to wait to find out exactly what they’re going to be.

2020 Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro

2020 Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro

Aston Martin’s VAlkyrie AMR Pro is another sports car that the public is anxiously awaiting. The rumor has it that it’s going to be a track version of the hyper car that is going to feature the performance levels of a Formula 1 racer. If this isn’t enough to get your blood flowing, we don’t know what will. The new 2020 AMR Pro will push you back in the seat with its 6.5 liter V12 engine that is claimed to reach speeds of 250 mph .

2020 BMW M3

BMW has a second dog in the fight for best upcoming sports car for 2020 with the M3 model. Stealth is the game and mum is the word on the particulars, but thankfully, spy cams have been able to pick up a few details from which to make educated assumptions about what we can expect for 2020. They’re guessing that it’s going to keep the electronic handbrake and will be equipped with gold brake calipers and carbon ceramic brakes and it’s fully expected that the MSRP is going to be in the neighborhood of $66,500.

2020 Nissan GT-R

Nissan has announced that the GT-R is coming out with a 50th Anniversary edition for 2020, which is good news to fans of the sporty car. It made its debut at the 2019 New York International Car Show and it’s loaded with all of the features that drivers loved about the previous versions but the anniversary edition will have a few more perks in the cabin when it comes to styling and trim. Not much has changed under the hood as it will keep the 3.8 liter twin-turbocharged V-6 which will deliver the same 565 horsepower along with 467 lb ft of torque but they do claim that acceleration may be enhanced a bit with the new turbochargers. They’re also coming out with a Track edition for racing enthusiasts.

2020 Dodge Viper

Super car anyone? Dodge is bringing back the Dodge Viper in 2020 after taking a break to perform a few new design tweaks. It’s expected to go into production late in 2020 and you can expect to see a lot of changes since it was last offered in the Dodge lineup. Remember the V-10 engine? It’s not coming back and instead, the car is being equipped with a V-8 aluminum block Hemi that’s gong to crank 550 horsepower and although it’s going to be toned down on the power, it’s going to be a lot lighter as the car’s construction features a whole lot of aluminum and carbon fiber.

2020 Mercedes AMG Project One

 2020 Mercedes AMG Project One

The new AMG Project One is going to be a hyper car that will crank more than 1,000 horsepower and it’s performance is likened to the Formula one racers. The new AMG Project One is coming out with a light weight stripped bare edition that is street legal and it’s up for anyone with the money to spare to buy. The 1.6 liter V6 engine surprisingly will tear down the road and move from zero to 125 mph in less than 6 second with a top speed that exceeds 217 mph claimed by the automaker.

2020 McLaren Senna GTR

When the concept for McLaren’s new Senna GTR was unveiled it created quite a stir among sports car fans, but the reality is going to be even better than the dream in this case. This new sports car will lay you back when it takes off with a 4.0 liter twin turbo V8 that cranks 825 horsepower, which signifies a significant jump from the previous 789 hp. It’s classified as a super car which takes sport to its ultimate boundaries, and it will be offered to those who are first in line with just 75 production models released for a price of $1.4 million apiece.

2020 Subaru WRX STi 209

Subaru is kicking it in gear for 2020 with their new rendition of the WRX and STi. The limited edition STi S209 is slated to be the brand’s most powerful sports car ever. Subaru is making a first in the US market with 200 units of the first STI crafted S line performance vehicle offered for sale in the country and it’s going to be a model that is strictly exclusive to the United States. The car will feature a 2.5 liter Subaru Boxer engine that generates 341 horsepower and the aesthetics will be aggressive with a rear wing, front canards and wide fenders. This model is performance focused.

2020 Aston Martin Vanquish

Aston Martin’s vanquish is the smaller sibling of the Valkyrie which also made it to our list of the most highly anticipated sports cars for 2020. While it’s not a new model, it’s a revival of an older favorite and it’s going to be offered in a mid engine platform with an electronically boosted VI. It’s a revival for those who crave sportiness but want a more controllable power base. Let’s face it, the Valkyrie is going to scare some people and the Vanquish will be one level below it for the sake of comfort.

2020 Lotus Elise

Who doesn’t love a lotus? The automaker had its share of struggles in 2019 and they’ve made a decent recovery that was good enough to get back to the development of the new generations in their lineup, and the Lotus Elise is one that is going to steal the show in 2020. The brand is not talking about what we can expect so the anxiety over the new Lotus is building. They’re planning to make a revelation later in the year with production commencing in 2020.

2020 Porsche 911

Porsche is at it again with their new prototype of the 911 which has been veiled in secrecy. They’re so good at it that that they’re keeping the spy cams alert and on the lookout for a glimpse of their new offering for 2020. Although we don’t have a lot of information about the vehicle, what we do know is that it’s going to have a decent resemblance to the model its replacing. Although the revelation of Porsche’s new 2020 911 is supposed to take place later in the year, it’s fun to speculate. It’s expected that the new model, in whatever shape, form or configuration it will assume is going to be offered for a price tag if around $100,000.

 2020 Rimac C_Two

Another car that is so highly anticipated for 2020 is the Rimac C Two. The brand originates out of Croatia and this is actually going to be their second hyper car. They took the notion of building a sports car past the limit and went one better. It was first introduced at the 2019 Geneva Auto Show where it captivated audiences. It’s going to be an extremely limited edition and there will only be 150 examples of the ca for sale. The price tag is going to reflect the rarity and brilliance of the vehicle coming at an an expensive $2 million per vehicle, but no worries for the automaker because nearly all of them have already been purchased in advance.

2020 Toyota Supra

Toyota’s new Supra for 2020 is another one that we had to include in the top most anxiously awaited sports cars for next year. They first made mention of the car in 2015 and with five to six years of work, it’s going to be a work of perfection. There are a few of us who still recall the model that was offered over two decades ago and they’re reviving it for the 2020 model year.

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