The 20 Most Expensive Hotel Suites in the World in 2019

“If you have to ask, you can’t afford it,” is the motto at exotic locations like these. The surroundings are beyond exotic, views guaranteed to take your breath away and some of the amenities are worth more than most people’s entire house. When it comes to living in luxury, you’ll have to buy a mansion, but you can rent the decadent suite life for a night or two if you’re willing to put out some serious scratch.

20. Shangri-La Suite, Shangri -La Bosphorus – Cost Per Night: $30,000

A night in this opulent suite will cost you more than a new 2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata. Then again at 3,940-square feet, it’s bigger than most people’s houses. It comes equipped with Bvlgari accents and a 180 view of the Bosphorus from the terraces. It all sounds amazing, and yet… this is the bottom of our lavish list. That’s correct, it gets better, and substantially more pricey than this plush playground with its perfect panorama.

19. Sterling Suite, The Langham – Cost Per Night: $31,195

This sweet suite is a little bit roomier than the Shangri-La Suite (by approximately 1000 sqft). A 4844 square foot slice of splendor like the Sterling Suite isn’t meant for a single occupant. You can bring up to eleven friends or family members when you book here. The six bedrooms are spacious, and living accommodations are generous with bespoke furniture. The suite comes with “privileged access to The Langham Club” which includes complimentary breakfast, tea, and champagne while you stay. You’ll also be attended by a private butler as a part of the package.

18. Royal Penthouse, Corinthia Hotel – Cost Per Night: $31,195

The Royal Penthouse is a two-story decadent affair with a private elevator. When you stay in this elegant penthouse, you don’t even have to walk up the grand staircase if you choose not to do so. The Makassar ebony dining room table seats ten, and you have access to the walk-in wine cellar. The impressive array of amenities include butler, chauffeur, unpacking services, and fresh flowers. The chandelier that hangs down the center of the spiral staircase is noteworthy on its own.

17. Presidential Suite, St. Regis NYC – Cost Per Night: $32,495-$35,000

In addition to unparalleled service, exquisite surroundings and peerless views from these exclusive locations, sometimes you are also buying the history behind them. When you rent the Presidential Suite at the New York location of the St. Regis you are taking up the former residence of the incomparable Salvador Dali. The man who walked his pet anteater around central park and kept an ocelot in these very rooms. Of course, he was best known for his paintings of melted clocks, but he had to pay the rent in this lavish location somehow.

16. The Royal Suite at St. Regis, Saadiyat Island, United Arab Emirates – Cost Per Night: $35,000

The St. Regis isn’t the only hotel to make the list twice, but not many could. This suite is on the other side of the world from the New York hotel, but it offers the same elegance and comfort you’ve come to expect from top tier hotel accommodations. The two-story suite has its own pool and a view of the ocean. A “Treatment room,” for massages and other pampering is part of the package along with all the other beach-resort themed opulence. You’ll find a private cinema room, a pool table and a grand piano for your entertainment as well in this island location.

15. The Penthouse, Faena Hotel – Cost Per Night: $39,500

For a more wild and modern beachfront feeling, you may like the Faena Penthouse. With custom furnishings by Frank Pollaro and ceiling to floor windows providing a magnificent view this chic accommodation is meant for party hosting. Miami is known for its world-class party scene after all, so why not take a penthouse with local flavor dialed up to ten and then embossed in gold and black?

14. Presidential Suite Mandarin Oriental, New York, USA – Cost Per Night: $39,643

With silk-lined walls, everything about the Presidential suite at the Mandarin Oriental exudes grandeur. There’s also an option for the Suite 5000 penthouse which is more ultra-modern, but they don’t list a price for that upgrade. Regardless of which top tier accommodation you prefer, the Mandarin Oriental is known for its luxurious offerings.

13. Royal Suite, Plaza Hotel – New York, USA – Cost Per Night: $40,000

Sumptuous gold plated fixtures and a separate library await you at the Royal Suite in the Plaza Hotel. You’ll have your own chefs kitchen and a master suite with a heated floor. For those who feel that fitness should never be ignored, even when on a luxury vacation, there is a fully equipped private fitness room. Private elevator access will help keep you off the paparazzi’s radar while you relax at this glamorous destination.

12. The Penthouse Suite, Hotel Cala di Volpe – Cost Per Night: $41,177

Ready to luxuriate in the pool? Cala di Volpes’ Penthouse suite offers you the chance to swim on your own private 250 sqm rooftop terrace. This suite isn’t afraid to offer stunning color as a part of the package, with rooms and staircases featuring lavish pastels, or bright classic Italian tilework depending on where you’re standing. The interior features exposed wood beams, but it’s the exterior and views that take the prize when you stay here.

11. Grands Apartments Hotel de Crillon – Cost Per Night: $42,893

While most of these fine hotels offer some standard services in this price range, it’s the little things that really make the difference. Paris is known for its small bathrooms, but this is not an issue in the Grands Apartments. You will find Bespoke toiletries by Buly 1803, and even a television in the bathroom mirror in these sumptuous suites. Of course, the rest of the space is just as nice. Whether you relax in the tub or simply wish to put your feet up in the living room, you’ll have a selection of fine teas and both national and international newspapers to enjoy while you do so.

10. The Grand Riad, The Royal Mansour – Cost Per Night: $43,480

When you reach a certain level of nonpareil, you can demand impeccable and lavish accommodations. The Grand Riad offers a private entrance, landscaped garden and, of course, a pool. One of the most outstanding features of this private palace is a snooker room. (That’s a bit like playing pool with a similar table, balls, and cues). It goes without saying that your butler is always available to cater to your whims and help create a bespoke experience for your leisure.

9. Suite des Oliviers, Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez – Cost Per Night: $45,493

The French Rivera is synonymous with elite and eloquent experiences. The Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel is situated in the heart of the French Rivera, and their lodgings reflect the grandeur and excellence you would expect. With a 300-square-meter private terrace to look out over the city and river, you can truly luxuriate in style. A 150 square meter accommodation means you have a large part of the hotel to yourself, and it’s not easy to get that kind of seclusion in a place as vibrant and teeming with people as Cannes. The Suite des Oliviers is kitted out in visually dynamic art deco for a gorgeous experience.

8. The Royal Villa, The Grand Resort Lagonissi – Cost Per Night: $50,000

Perhaps you’d prefer the heart of Athens over the more modern hustle and bustle of Cannes France. If you’ve decided that Greek food is more your style you can always opt to stay in the Royal Villa at the Grand Resort Lagonissi. With its own private path to the bay and gorgeously erudite decor elements, you will feel like royalty when you spend time in this resplendent accommodation.

7. Ty Warner Penthouse, Four Seasons Hotel – Cost Per Night: $50,000

A penthouse with a 360-degree view and glass railings outside to make certain you can see every detail of the city is truly a next level hotel experience. The view isn’t the only reason the Ty Warner Penthouse at the Four Seasons was featured in Architectural Digest, but it does contribute substantially. For a vacation that is not only resplendent with the sights of the city around you but also aesthetically refined in every conceivable way, opt for this artistic wonder when you travel to New York.

6. The Penthouse Suite, Hôtel Martinez – Cost Per Night: $53,200

Three hundred square meters might seem like a sizable penthouse, but the smaller model seems almost quaint when compared to this 1000 square foot option also on top of the Hotel Martinez. You’ll only be seven stories up, placing you closer to the entertainment and atmosphere of the city. Unlike most, the penthouse of the Hotel Martinez doesn’t appear to come with a butler, though room service is available. You might expect more bang for your buck, but especially during the Cannes film festival, you can’t get a room on the lower floors for less than a thousand dollars a night. They say location is everything in business, and here it truly is.

5. Hilltop Villa – Laucala Island, Fiji – Cost Per Night: $64,340

For a singular experience, you can rent one of the three Hilltop Villas at Laucala Island. They are a resort within a larger resort with full 360 views of the tropical paradise spreading out below. Your villa comes equipped with a pair of guest residences for your friends, family or cherished staff members. Chaufer, chef, and nanny are a standard part of the service. Only the creme de la creme need apply here. Spaces are limited so you may want to book well in advance if you want the full Fijian royal treatment.

4. The Grand Penthouse at The Mark – Cost Per Night: $75,000

Chosen to host a royal baby shower (for Megan Markle), this suite is one of the poshest and most popular luxury locations in the world now. While it’s not quite expensive enough to make the top three on the list, the magnificently appointed suite is certainly the sort of place you’d expect to find visiting royalty. The living room in this penthouse has high ceilings and is designed to be convertible so that you can host a ball here should you desire to do so. If that isn’t a ‘mark’ of refinement, we don’t know what is.

3. Royal Penthouse Suite at Hotel President Wilson, Genève, Switzerland – Cost Per Night: $80,000

Mistakenly listed as “The Worlds Most Expensive Hotel Suite,” on more than one occasion, the Royal Penthouse this stunning lake view suite will set you back nearly a hundred grand. There aren’t many places that offer a jacuzzi view of Lake Geneva and bath products by Hermès; certainly none you could rent by the night anyhow. Though we can’t imagine you’d want to give up the view to watch television, but you’ll have the Bang & Olufsen, BeoVision 4-103 home cinema set (which is the largest television in the world) if you do need to zone out for a bit.

2. The Empathy Suite Sky Villa, Palms – Cost Per Night: $100,000

There are penthouses, and then there is this penthouse. Entirely designed by Damien Hirst, this room is on a different level from any other hotel room on earth. Even the other offerings here aren’t as unique and beautiful as this insane and visually arresting dynamic penthouse. For the cost of a night here, you can live inside 9000 square feet of contemporary art, if only for a while. Butterflies, swordfish encased in clear resin, and strange advertisements for prescription and OTC drugs adorn this bizarre marvel. With its balcony pool and clear foosball table, this strange suite has to be seen to be believed.

1. Hotel 13 – Cotai, Macau, China – Cost Per Night: $7 Million

Admittedly, some of the opulent offerings on this list might leave you wondering why you should pay quite so much for the rooms. (We’re looking at you Cannes… no butler service listed?) Hotel 13 is not one of those places. From one end to the other, this gilded beauty exudes a sense of privilege and grandeur. One look inside the doors is enough to show you why they get the top billing. The entire place looks like a dream of what a castle wants to be when it grows up and inherits its fortune.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a place to put up your Blahniks at night, or planning to visit a tropical paradise with your entire staff, there’s an utterly gorgeous getaway waiting for you. Not everyone can marry into a royal family, but if you’re well to do and looking for the right escape from your humdrum everyday mansion living, you can get the royal treatment at any of these locations. Exotic or classical, anywhere in the world, you’ll find that you can always stay in style, though you’ll pay a pretty penny for the privilege.

*We haven’t included the Cheval Blanc Radnheli Private Island because they don’t have a listed price and they didn’t return our inquiry before this was published. Apparently, we didn’t pass the credit check. This isn’t the only location so exclusive you need a background check just to get a response to the price inquiry, but most places that exclusive require an invitation merely to learn that they exist.  Also, Banwa Private Island technically hasn’t opened yet but that’s a cool 100K per night.

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