The 10 Most Expensive Motorcycle Gloves Money Can Buy

Any serious biker can tell you that it’s a top priority to have the right gear for your own protection and comfort. An important part of this gear is gloves. They offer a shield from sweaty hands so you will have a firmer grip on the throttle and the hand grips. They also protect your hands from any flying debris including stinging insects, flying rocks and road rash in case of a spill. As the old adage goes, you get what you pay for and when it comes to quality and durability, motorcycle gloves are no exception. Here are the ten most expensive motorcycle gloves that money can buy.

10. Dainese Scout Evo Gore-Tex Gloves – $189.95

Dainese is a brand that remains one of the best when it comes to premium quality in the design craftsmanship and materials. These motorcycle riding gloves offer the ultimate in comfort and fit with ample airflow to avoid getting sweaty palms when you’re riding hard. They’re CE Category II Certified and feature a polyurethane insert for reinforcing the palm. The joints and the knuckles are protected with techno inserts and the gloves feature pre-curved fingers.

9. Helimot Buffalo Pro – $209.00

Helimot Buffalo Pro motorcycle gloves are popular with riders in the Pacific Northwest. They’re comfortable yet they offer a high degree of safety. These gloves come without a liner. They’re made of deerskin leather and they’re designed with a fingertip squeegee. The fingers feature reflective taping to increase visibility and they also have a velcro retaining strap over the wrist instead of under. Helimot uses thick memory foam for knuckle protection with pre-curved fingers.

8. BMW Motorrad 2014 2 in 1 Waterproof Gloves Mens – $228.00

The BMW Motorrad two in one gloves are made for touring. the unique design features a two chamber technology with a Gore Tex membrane in the top chamber to make the gloves waterproof and windproof. The Gore Tex makes them highly breathable so your hands don’t sweat. To improve your grip, the bottom chamber is crafted of kangaroo leather which allows for excellent tactical feedback. These gloves provide riders with a crease-less fit. Only premium materials are used in the construction of these motorcycle riding gloves.

7. Spidi Carbo Track Evo Motorcycle Gloves –  $271.79

Spidi Carbo Track Evo gloves are race tested and have passed in their incredible ability to provide protection from abrasion along with carbon fiber knuckle shields adn premium cowhide leather and Keramide reinforcements. Suede microfiber combined with carbon fiber materials provide the maximum in safety and comfort along with Warrior Tech armor throughout the entire glove.

6. Knox Handroid MKIV Motorcycle Gloves – $300

These gloves are a version of their predecessor that have received an update for better fit on the wrist and fingers with exoskeletal pines for the knuckles, thumb and fingers allowing for free movement without restriction. The new version are softer and offer greater aerodynamic with increased comfort thanks to the gel lined metapod covering the back of the hand. The BOA lacing system gives you control over the adjustment to precise fitting with equal tightening on all sides.

5. Held Phantom II motorcycle gloves – $325

These premium riding gloves are made of kangaroo leather which is highly resistant to abrasion and color fading. The palm is unlined for better tactile sensation and grip. The palm is crease free and pre-formed. Your leel of feeling is enhanced through the step seam which is a design feature that avoids inner hand pressure points. The gloves also feature a visor wipe, tunnel wrist strap, perforated finger side walls for enhanced ventilation and titanium knuckle protection to optimize safety. There is also an underlay of shock absorbing gel for the ball of the thumb with Kevlar lining on the fingers and back of the hand, as well as protect foam over the thumb and back of the hand.

4. Icon Timax motorcycle gloves – $376.87

These premium motorcycle gloves are made with a leather backhand and military grade titanium finger and knuckle plates for heavy duty protection. The gloves feature a dual wrist closure, a battlehide palm, floating knuckle construction, expansion panels and leather overlays.

3. Alpinestars Supertech Leather Gloves – $399.95

The Alpinestars Supertech Leather gloves are highly abrasion resistant an use Velcro materials to provide a high level of grip. They’re reinforce with strong an durable Dupont Kevlar fiber for protection of the hands along with the patented dynamic friction shield protection system for keeping your knuckles safe.

2. Rev’it Jerez 3 Motorcycle Gloves – $449.99

The Rev’it Jerez 3 Motorcycle gloves are a new model that has been given a thumbs up by riders who appreciate their premium GP materials which were created with MotoGP riders in mind. They’re made of genuine kangaroo leather, Pittards goat Armortan WR100X, Pittards goat Digital WR100X, and cowhide. Each portion of the gloves are made with a specific performance function in mind, with hard shell finger knuckles for maximum protection and additional TPU protection on the little finger an the same for the thumb. The gloves also feature a double TPU hard shell palm slider as well as a dual comp protector that is ventilated, with temperfoam and tryonic impact protection.

1. Dainese Full Metal 6 VR46 Replica Gloves -$459.95

Dianese Full Metal 6 Replica gloves are on the expensive side, but then again, the manufacturer has spared no expense in making them. These high quality motorcycle riding gloves are made with TPU inserts on the head of the Ulna bone and they offer heavy duty protection in a lightweight glove thanks to the combination of titanium and carbon fiber for knuckle protection. They offer the maximum possible in protection and dexterity with excellence in protection, comfort and fit, and airflow.

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