The 20 Most Expensive Things on Amazon in 2019

When you need a dose of elegance perusing the high-end listings can make for excellent retail therapy. Amazon may sell items for as little as a penny, but they carry a surprising collection of opulent items as well. In addition to a nice selection of face creams, silk lingerie, perfumes including Bvlgari and manuka honey there are plenty of lavish purchases just waiting for their dream buyer to come along. There are also some surprising items which, while less elegant, have simply extravagant prices.

We didn’t include a mismarked fireplace gate to keep babies out that is listed for around $8600 (the next size down is listed for $85.00). However, there are plenty of oddball items on this list of luxuries. Instead of listing ten incredibly rare yet similar items, we’ve chosen to break this list into categories and include the most expensive foods, watches, furnishings and so on to give you a look at all the strange and sumptuous selections.

20. Most Expensive Survival Item – $8,548.99

If the zombies, aliens or civil wars get to be too much to handle, you can hole up in your bunker with this generous collection of survival food. You can eat well for… about 5 and a half years if you’re alone and you want canned meat three meals a day. Alternately, should you decide to feed 500 people for four days you might want this  500 pack of fold-out camping and emergency cots for a mere $17,690.00 + $214.30 shipping. Either way, you’ll make it longer than everyone who doesn’t have a pallet of canned meat.

19. Most Expensive Knife – $9,999.99 + $8.50 shipping

On the subject of surviving, we have this seven-pound multitool. It’s only 8.75 inches long, so it conveniently fits in absolutely anything you want to tear, as long as it’s the size of a purse or larger. We aren’t sure why you need a pocket knife that won’t fit in your pocket and has 87 functions that you probably can’t locate quickly in any emergency. On the plus side, it does include a telescopic pointer for when you make a chart to use for lecturing your protegee on how to use the pretentious thing.

18. Most Expensive Surveillance System – $12,148.80

Whether you’re hunting for a new security system for a mansion or that bunker we’ve been discussing, this will fit the bill nicely. For the paranoid or simply those who have investments to protect, there’s nothing quite like a twelve thousand dollar, eight terabytes, complex electronic surveillance system to buy some peace of mind.

17. Most Expensive TV – $13,198.90

If you don’t mind the price tag, you can have this massive weatherproof outdoor HD television for your yard. It operates at temperatures as low as -20 or as high as 120 and an aluminum shell designed to protect from everything else, dust, snow, rain or whatever nature might throw at your screen. We suggest you spring for the optional warranty as well, just in case.

16.  Most Expensive Computer – $18,903.98

This beast of an all-in-one computer is touted as a team collaboration device designed to help you seamlessly integrate your work, files and manage meetings seamlessly. The touchscreen element allows you to have everything literally a tap away if you need it. With a solid state hard drive and an 84-inch screen, it seems like the only thing this computer can’t do is cook you dinner. Of course, it can connect to Alexa and order for you instead, so it’s just as good.

15. Most Expensive Memorabilia – $22,433.44

Sports memorabilia isn’t the only kind that can rake in the big bucks. Music and politics both fetch their own fair share of the nostalgia related profits. In this case an autograph from the incomparable Bob Dylan. You can pick up the album in an unsigned cover for a lot less, but the deluxe model comes with a certificate of authenticity, and it was touched by Bob himself.

14. Most Expensive Home Theater System – $24,381.80

Once you spring for that big screen, it’s time to upgrade the rest of your system. Sonically matched speakers that provide a full theater level experience in your opulent living room. If you prefer a decked out home theater, with the raised seating, velvet curtains, and your own projector screen then this is what you’re looking for.

13. Most Expensive Camera Lens – $25,999.00

Some cameras have built-in zoom, and it works just fine. However, ‘just fine’ isn’t for professionals. If you’re planning to travel with a journalist who is headed to a war zone, then a lens like this just may save your life. Naturally, there are plenty of other uses for it, but we like to think it will serve as a surrogate superhero in a pinch to keep you far enough from trouble to get any picture you need.

12. Most Expensive Camera – $32,228.00

A great telephoto lens has its place, but sometimes you want a camera that comes with the works. This stunning package comes with 4 Rokinon CINE DS Lenses and all the trappings you might wish for. Parts and pieces are great, but getting the bundle is even better.

11. Most Expensive Shoes – $42,040.00

Nike makes great shoes. Everyone who has ever worn a pair knows what they are paying for. Amazon may not have Manolo Blahnik, but you can pick up this sweet deal on a pair of brand new Foamposite Pros. The light smoky grey and hot orange details make these kicks the sort of thing you could wear with a couture suit to scandalize the red carpet paparazzi.

10. Most Expensive Diamond Jewelry – $68,995.00

If you’re looking for that perfect retro 1920s art deco style diamond ring for your fiance, then you may find it right here. It’s beautiful to be sure, but this pretty and pricey piece has only one review and it’s all bad news. Buyer beware, this diamond comes with a one-star review.

9. Most Expensive Home Furnishings – $79,999.00+ $776.49 shipping

Who doesn’t love stunning carved wood? This set is so gorgeous it’s more like art than furniture. Doubtless, that’s what the artist who made it intended. The Padauk wood is a rich, warm orange tone, but part of what makes it so desirable is the way it ages to a more purple shade of brown. You can get all ten pieces from Vietnam in about a week, so your office won’t need to be empty for long.

8. Most Expensive Watch – $82,995.00

No list of luxury items is ever complete without a timeless horological wonder. Amazon had this lunar-inspired wonderful wristwatch earlier this year, though it’s sold out of stock now. It’s alright though; you can get the black version for ten thousand dollars less if you want the runner up. Either way, the whimsical constellation on the face is made of 48 diamonds.

7. Most Expensive Office Furniture – $87,807.06

This modern curvy modular curiosity is made to fill up a large office waiting area or elite lounge with it’s crisp ‘Melrose White’ leather. Should you need them, extension pieces can be had for a thousand dollars or so each, and you can customize and rearrange to your hearts’ content.

6. Most Expensive Fine Art – $100,000

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so fine art is very much a matter of personal taste. This pricey picture can grace your walls for roughly the cost of a Mercedes Benz. The incredible detail of this one of a kind work is the sort of thing you could get lost in if you’re so inclined.

5. Most Expensive Chandelier – $102,050.00

Every elegant entryway needs the right chandelier to bring some light into your life. The plethora of glorious gold and silver butterflies that make this particular fixture so spectacular should reflect your good taste as well as plenty of brightness. If you can see your way clear to springing for it, we think you’ll enjoy owning something so singular and eye-catching.

4. Most Expensive Collectible instrument – $179,641.19

Eric Clapton isn’t quite King Midas, but some of the things he touched have turned to gold. This guitar is certainly one of those items. Rare and beautiful as the music it plays, a good guitar is already priceless, and that is before a famed musical talent plays it at Royal Albert Hall. Fender Stratocaster is largely believed to be the best guitar you can buy, and one with this much history is a real investment.

3. Most Expensive Fortinet – $272,701.15

Full disclosure, we don’t understand why this particular copy of Fortinet is worth thousands of dollars more than other similar copies. If we had to guess then… maybe Eric Clapton played with this as well?

2. Most Expensive Coin – $277,561.17

Not all that glitters is gold, but all gold glitters. When it comes to collecting rare coins, you just never know where they will pop up. This beauty happens to be one of the most expensive things money can buy on Amazon. Whatever lucky buyer sweeps this piece up will have a treasure worthy of a pirate chest.

1. Most Expensive Movie Memorabilia – $1.5 Million

Top of the list for 2019 is this stunning original Bela Lugosi Dracula movie poster. Lugosi was the king of horror, and his collectibles are highly prized. This sweet bit of gothic mansion decor will set you back one and a half million dollars, but if you’re seeking to fill out your own dark abode with suitably spooky images, then nothing else will do.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this little walk down the affluent end of Amazon’s listings. The retail giant has been working hard to branch out lately. Who knows, maybe we’ll see Amazon Cotoure in the future. We like their grocery service and Handmade selections, and we’re looking forward to seeing what exorbitant and enchanting or just plain strange and expensive items they may have to offer next. In the meantime, we’ll have some caviar and think about where to put that Bela Lugosi poster.

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