The 20 Most Expensive Zip Codes In the U.S. in 2019

The United States of America is filled with wealthy zip codes. A strong economy and valuable housing are the hallmarks of the country. While the most expensive zip codes in the U.S are in New York and California, there are many communities throughout the United States of America that only the wealthiest can afford. Here are the 20 most expensive zip codes in the United States in 2019. Thanks to City Data for a number of figures on this list.

20. 20007 – Georgetown, District of Columbia

Located on a hill above the Potomac River, Georgetown is one of the wealthiest towns of the United State of America’s capital. Georgetown was incorporated in 1751 and was frequented by our first President, George Washington. With its historic buildings and landmarks and Georgetown University, the quaint neighborhood of Georgetown is home to several embassies, politicians and celebrities. The average cost of a Georgetown townhouse is more than $1 million.

19. 85253 – Paradise Valley, Arizona

Paradise Valley, is a suburb of Phoenix and Scottsdale and was incorporated in 1961. The luxury golf community also has fine dining and shopping. The average cost of a home in Paradise Valley is $2.2 million. It’s the playground of the rich and famous.

18. 96754 – Kilauea, Hawaii

Located in northeastern Kauai, Kilauea, Hawaii is home to some of the wealthiest Americans. The average cost of a home in Kilauea is $2.2 million. The small town on the Guava Kai Plantations is as known for its volcano eruptions as it is for its vacation rentals. Nevertheless, Hawaii is the perfect destination for America’s wealthiest to settle down and establish a home.

17. 29482 – Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina

The average cost of a home on Sullivan’s Island off the Atlantic Ocean Coast in South Carolina is $2.2 million. Sullivan’s Island is located in Charleston County and marks the northern cove of the Intercoastal Waterway. Located close to the vibrant town of Charleston, South Carolina, Sullivan’s Cove offers a lovely getaway from the big city with its beautiful beaches, quaint restaurants and shops and historic sights. Sullivan’s Island is also a great way to enjoy all kinds of water sports.

16. 98004 – Bellview, Washington

One of the three largest cities in the Seattle, Washington region is Bellview Washington. It’s also the most expensive area to live in with an average home price of $2.6 million. Located on the Puget Sound, Belleview is home to the University of Seattle, a vibrant art scene and business. Businesses located in Bellview, Washington include Google, eBay, Expedia and T-Mobile. Bellview, Washington is home to many from Wikipedia founder Larry Singer to Heart’s Ann and Nancy Wilson. The city hit a large economic boom around 2008 and currently is home to more than 1,300 businesses.

15. 06831 – Greenwich, Connecticut

Greenwich, Connecticut is one of Manhattan’s richest suburbs. The Fairfield County city is located in the southwest corner of Connecticut and is less than an hours train commute to Manhattan. Greenwich is known for its economic industry and art community. The city is home to the Greenwich International Film Festival and the Greenwich Symphony Orchestra. It is also home to companies including Blue Sky Animation Studios as well as a number of Hedge Fund Companies. The average cost of a home in Greenwich is just $2.6 million, far less than many smaller places to live in Manhattan.

14. 31561 – Sea Island, South Carolina

Sea Island is one of Georgia’s barrier islands including St. Simons, Jekyll Island, Little St. Simon’s Island and the mainland town of Brunswick. The area is called the “Golden Isles of Georgia”. Located on off the coast of Georgia on the Atlantic Ocean coast, Sea Island is just east of St. Simon’s Island. The privately owned island is a golfer’s paradise. It was also chosen by President George W. Bush for the 2004 G8 Summit because of its privacy and security. The average cost of a home on Sea Island is $2.7 million.

13. 92662 – Newport Beach, California

Newport Beach is one of the wealthiest zip codes in southern California. The city was featured in pop culture with television shows like “The O.C.” and “Arrested Development”. Newport City was incorporated in 1906 in Orange County. The harbor includes Balboa Island which is an offshore beach formed in the early twentieth century and features Newport Beach’s boardwalk. The city is home to businesses including Pacific Life, Acacia Research, Urban Decay and Toyota’s U.S. Design Center. A 3 bedroom waterfront condominium costs an average of $22.9 million. Newport Beach is a destination for boaters, sailors, rowers, kayakers and paddleboarders as well as for its art scene and farm market.

12. 90402 – Santa Monica, California

Santa Monica is one of the wealthiest communities to live in Southern California. Located on the Pacific Ocean’s Santa Monica Bay near the Pacific Palisades and Brentwood neighborhoods, Santa Monica is well known for its famous in pop culture for its pier and Pacific Park. The city was established as a resort town in the early twentieth century due to its climate and beaches. Santa Monica had a boom during the 1980’s with increased jobs and tourism. Today many game development studios and corporations like TOMS Shoes are headquartered in the city. In this large city of over 90,000 people, the average cost of a 2 bedroom oceanfront condominium in Santa Monica costs about $3 million.

11. 11932 – Bridgehampton, New York

Bridgehampton, New York is one of the most expensive places to live near Manhattan. Located in Suffolk County in South Hampton on Long Island, the hamlet was established in the seventeenth century on Sagg Pond. The hamlet is one of the wealthiest on Long Island. With a population of just over 1,700, the cost of living is 300% above the U.S. average. The cost of a 3 bedroom farmhouse is an average of $3 million. Of course there are many more expensive options to choose from. Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Bridgehampton home is worth more than $43 million. Bridgehampton is also home to the Hampton Classic horse race and the Bridgehampton Polo Club.

10. 94301 – Palo Alto, California

Palo Alto is located in the San Francisco Bay areas Silicone Valley. The city is home to Stanford University and many companies including Amazon, Xerox and HP, Inc. The Santa Clara County city is named for large coastal redwood trees. Many of the suburban homes were built in the 1890’s and into the early nineteenth century. While the average cost of a home in Palo Alto is $3.2 million, homes range in price from $800,000 to $40 million.

9. 81654 – Snowmass, Colorado

Nestled in the Rocky Mountains in the valleys of the Fork and Colorado Rivers is the small town of Snowmass, Colorado, also called “Snowmass”. The town is located between Aspen and Balsalt and near many ski resorts including Snowmass Village. Although the town is small it is one of the wealthiest in the United States. The average price for a home or ranch is $3.3 million.

8. 02108 – Boston, Massachusetts

Massachusetts is home to some of the United States’ most expensive zip codes. The Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston is expensive to live in. The historic neighborhood was once home to the beacon on the hill that warned early settlers of impending invasion by the British from the Atlantic Ocean. Beacon Hill is home to the Massachusetts State House and many historical landmarks. The neighborhood is filled with beautiful historic apartments and townhomes. The average cost for a home in Beacon Hill is $3.3 million, but $1 million will by you a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom 1000 square foot townhome.

7. 10013 – Manhattan, New York

New York City is one of the most expensive places to live in the United States of America. The island of Manhattan is the most densely populated place in the U.S.A. While real estate in Manhattan is pricey everywhere, the lower Manhattan neighborhood of Tribeca is the most costly. A loft costs an average of $3.3 million. The TriBeCa neighborhood is named for its triangular (trapezoid) shape bordered by Broadway, Canal, Lespenard and Church Streets. Once farmland the Tribeca neighborhood was the industrial center of Manhattan during the nineteenth century. During the twentieth century, many industrial buildings were refitted as lofts for people to live. Today the expensive real estate is home to financial institutions, entrepreneurs, artists and celebrities. John F. Kennedy Jr. lived in TriBeCa. Notable celebrities who live there include music moguls Beyoncé and Jay-Z, novelist Toni Morrison and actor Robert De Niro who founded the TriBeCa Film Festival in 2002 in response to the 9-11 terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center.

6. 89413 – Glenbrook, Nevada

Glenbrook, Nevada is the first established town on Lake Tahoe. The town was established as a lumber mill in 1860. Currently, Glenbrook has a population of just over 215 and a median house value of $4.1 million. The town, just 13 miles from South Lake Tahoe is named for the original Glenbrook Hotel. It includes about 4 square miles, mostly Lake Tahoe and beautiful, majestic homes owned by some of the wealthiest people in the United States of America.

5. 33109 – Miami Beach, Florida

Since its incorporation in 1915, Miami Beach, Florida has been the hot spot of the southern United States of America. The city’s beautiful beaches and ocean front spread between the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay. The city’s art deco architecture helped elevate its style as did television shows like the 1980’s “Miami Vice”. The art deco style hotels, restaurants, homes and condos mostly date from 1923 to 1943. Currently Miami Beach has a population of just under a half million. Homes sell for an average of $3.5 million. Condos go for between $500,000 and $1 million. Residents and visitors to Miami Beach enjoy the rich cultural life of South Beach and particularly Ocean Drive.

4. 07620 – Alpine, New Jersey

Located just 15 miles from Midtown Manhattan, Alpine, New Jersey is home to many celebrities and sports players. The area covers just 6.4 square miles and has a population of over 1,500. The median home value is over $4 million. Rentals cost upward of $1,200 a month. The upscale neighborhood is home to several sports players, music phenoms including Stevie Wonder, Jay-Z and Sean Combs as well as actors Tracey Morgan and Wesley Snipes.

3. 94027 – Atherton, California

Located in California’s Silicone Valley Atherton, California’s 94027 is one of the United States of America’s most expensive zip codes in which to live. The San Mateo County city was established with the building of the Southern Pacific Railroad which allowed for the owners of large estates to travel between San Francisco and San Jose. Always a hot commodity for real estate, Atherton’s current median home price is about $5.9 million for a one bedroom home located on about two acres of property. The population of Atherton is just over 7,000 people and includes Silicone Valley start up entrepreneurs, sports stars and business people.

2. 90210 – Beverly Hills, California

90210 is one of the most famous zip codes in the United States of America. Made famous by the 1990’s show about privileged children going to high school in the zip code, Beverly Hills was actually incorporated in 1914. The southern California city soon became known as the home to Hollywood’s most elite. The average home in 90210 sells for about $6 million. Townhouses go for at least a half million. Mobile homes go for an average of $115,000. Located near Hollywood at the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains, the weather is almost always pleasant. The city boasts some of the best restaurants and luxury hotels in the Los Angles area and, of course, Rodeo Drive for the finest shopping.

1. 11962 – Sagaponack, New York

Sagaponack, New York consistently is the most expensive city in the United States of America. The city, located on the east end of Long Island in South Hampton, New York was only incorporated in September 2005. With just a little over 300 residents, the city’s median home price is $8.5 million. The city is just over 6.22 square miles and the homes, with beach access are extravagant. While the city’s homes are luxurious, they are mostly summer homes to wealthy Manhattan businessmen and entertainment titans. The houses and cabins of Sagaponack are also rented out during the summer months. Cabins rent for about $1500 a night and homes rent for far more. A 5 bedroom, 6 bathroom, 5000 square foot home costs more than $17 million. Former and current residents of Sagaponack include authors Truman Capote and Kurt Vonnegut, CEO of Goldman Sachs Lloyd Blankfein and celebrities Billy Joel and Jimmy Fallon.

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