The 20 Most Highly Anticipated SUVs for 2020

SUVs have gained in popularity over the past few decades. They offer the ruggedness and handling capability for off-road excursions along with the comfort, handling and creature comforts of a car, all rolled into one vehicle. If you’re an SUV enthusiast and you’re ready to see what the upcoming season has to offer, you’re in for an exciting ride. There are so many new innovations in the automotive industry and there are some new SUVs coming out for 2020 that have anxious buyers waiting in eager anticipation. Here are the 20 most anticipated SUVs coming out for 2020.

 2020 Nissan Juke

The 2020 Nissan Juke is going to feel line a brand new model, although it’s been here before, it’s been a few years. The Juke is making a comeback for 2020 and it’s an SUV that Nissan fans are eagerly awaiting. It’s going to come equipped with a 1.6 liter engine with plenty of power for acceleration with 177 lb ft of torque and a moderate fuel efficiency of 29/32 mpg for city and highway ratings. it’s also going to be one of the lower priced SUVs available with an estimated starting price of just $21,000 for the base model.

2020 Ford Bronco

2020 Ford Bronco

The new Ford Bronco for 2020 is going to feature a beefy look. The new version of the SUV is going to take on the features of a combination SUV and crossover with four doors and a mid size with plenty of room and from what we’ve learned so far, the likelihood of coming out with a 2.3 liter Ecoboost 4 cylinder engine with the possibility of a dual option with the 2.7 liter V6 version of the engine but Ford isn’t confirming this or denying it so we’ll have to wait and see. It’s expected that the price will start in the mid 20k range, which will make it an exceptional value to boot.

 2020 Cadillac XT6

The new Cadillac XT6 for 2020 is something that fans of the brand are getting excited about. It will feature a power folding third row with seating room for up to seven. It’s going to be a high end luxury SUV and we’re told that the will be creature comforts that start with 6 USB ports, a heated steering wheel, heated seats and more. There’s also going to be a few new additions when it comes to safety and tech features. It is confirmed that the new XT6 will come standard with a 3.6 liter V6 engine that cranks 310 horsepower and it will be matched with a 9 speed automatic transmission in a standard four wheel drive platform with the option of AWD. This new Caddy SUV will be available in the summer of 2019.

Rivian R1S

The Rivian R1S has been teasing us since we first heard about plans to create the new SUV. It’s not a well known brand, yet, but all of this could change. It’s going to be an all electric vehicle with 3 rows of seating with a maximum range of 410 miles. You’ll have a choice of two battery packs including a 135 kWh offering up to 753 horsepower with 826 lb ft of torque and it will scream from zero to 60 mph in just 3 seconds flat. The second option will be a 180 kWh battery offering a 240 mile range with 402 horsepower and 413 lb feet of torque. Regardless of the model you choose, the claimed top speed is going to be 125 mph.

2020 Lexus RX

The new Lexus RX for 202 is the brand’s flagship model in a mid size crossover SUV. It’s going to be packed with some new features that will give you the option of choosing a three row version or a two. It’s designed to offer a lot more space for seating and comfort for driver and passengers. It’s also going to be redesigned with a new look to the hood, bumpers and headlights. It will be powered with a 3.5 liter engine and will be available in your choice of a four wheel drive or all wheel drive platform.

2020 Ford Expedition

The new Ford Expedition for 2020 will be the brand’s largest SUV for those who need the extra room. It’s going to come equipped with a third row and a seating capacity for up to 8 adults with increased leg room for greater comfort. On the interior the dash gets a redesign and on the outside the grille and headlamps also get a new look. It will be equipped with a 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6 engine that generates 375 horsepower and 470 lb ft of torque, paired with a ten speed automatic transmission. The Expedition for 2020 will be available at the end of 2019 in three models, the XLT, starting at a base price of $55,000; the Limited at $63,000 and the Platinum starting at $73,000.

2020 Toyota FT-4X

Toyota has a new SUV coming for 2020 and there are a lot of people who are extremely curious to know more about the new line that it will represent. It was first presented as a concept. It’s small and boxy shaped crossover SUV and we’ve heard rumors that it’s going to resemble Jeep’s Renegade model. It’s going to be an SUV that is just as much at home off the road as it will be on the road.

2020 Alfa Romeo Castello

2020 Alfa Romeo Castello

If you’re in the market for an ultra high end luxury SUV, then the new 2020 Alfa Romeo Castello is going to be a vehicle you’ll want to check out. The Castello will be a large and luxurious vehicle which will be duly noted as the brand’s flagship SUV with a wide range of power train options. The new SUV will go on sale in its 2020 model year at some point in 2019.

 2020 Hyundai Venue

Hyundai has announced the impending delivery of a brand new addition to their SUV lineup for 2020. The Venue is one of their most highly anticipated models because it’s the first generation of a brand new line. Another exciting factor about the new Venue is that it is already being billed as the most affordable SUV in the Hyundai collection. The company claims that it is going to come packed with loads of safety features and the latest in tech offerings as well with agility in handling. It will come equipped with a 1.6 liter four cylinder motor matched up to a si speed automatic transmission with a combined fuel efficiency rating of 33 mpg.

2020 Ford Escape

Ford’s new Escape for 2020 has been completely redesigned on the interior and the exterior. or starters, it’s going to come loaded with the technology that drivers are looking for, including hybrid and electric choices. It’s designed to be an SUV for the modern age. The Escape is a smaller option than the Explorer and it maintains the traditional SUV platform while providing buyers with a range of new options. The new Escape will be offered in a variety of different variants with a few different engine choices as well as the plug in hybrid or traditional hybrid configurations.

2020 Lincoln Aviator

Lincoln’s new 2020 Aviator is another highly anticipated SUV for the upcoming year and fans of the previous model are excited about the redesigns the new Aviator will feature. The high end luxury SUV is a midsize version that is taking the brand into the future with a host of creature comforts on the inside and the classic Lincoln aesthetic on the exterior. There will be no lac of power with its 3.0 liter twin turbocharged V6 engine that cranks 400 horsepower with 400 lb ft of torque for great acceleration and plenty of power. When it comes to luxury, the three row seating provides ample leg room and room enough to seat 8.

2020 Alfa Romeo Kamal

The new Kamal is Alfa Romeo’s smallest SUV which is destined to be the successor for its MiTo hatch, which has seen the last of its production models. There has been a lot of speculation about the particulars of the upcoming model and although we don’t have a lot of information yet, it’s going to be out in later 2019 and that will eliminate the guess work about engine size and type along with the tech and luxury features.

2020 Land Rover Defender

Another highly anticipated SUV for the 2020 model year is the new Land Rover Defender. There is still a bit of mystery enshrouding the new model but there are assumptions that it’s going to be offered in both a 2 and 4 door version. It’s believed that the new defender is going to make its comeback with a redesign along with interior and exterior styling changes, along with an array of technology on board. There are plenty of Defender fans who are excited about the new SUV.

2020 Hyundai Palisade

The new Hyundai Palisade is the successor of the Santa Fe XL as the brand’s flagship SUV. For those who prefer a masculine aesthetic, the flared fenders and beefy grill are certain to serve as an inspiration. When you move to the interior of the beast, it comes equipped with standard luxury features that are ideal for family cruising. It will be roomy enough to comfortably seat up to eight adults and high end features such as the driver’s intercom system to enhance communication is jut one of the many features that make this new SUV so special. Second and third row seating options are also ideal for larger families or for businesses who enjoy riding in style and comfort. Power won’t be an issue with the 3.8 liter V6 matched with an 8 speed automatic transmission. It will be available in your choice of all wheel drive or front wheel drive and it’s going to be available later in the summer.

2020 Porsche Cayenne

Porsche’s new Cayenne is a luxury SUV that is one of the most highly anticipated of the upcoming year. The new Cayenne will be in its third generation. The previous model was a best seller in its class and it’s fully expected that the new version will keep up with its predecessors in the SUV market. We’re told that there are going to be improvements to the aerodynamics with a lower center of gravity and a more sporty look. It will retain the same power train because it’s tough to improve on perfection and there have been no complaints thus far. It will still have the ability to tow just shy of 8,000 pounds.

2020 Ford Mach 1

If you can envision the Ford Mustang in the form of an SUV, then you can imagine what the 2020 Ford Mach 1 is going to be like. This is going to be a brand new iteration of the vehicle and it is truly one of the most highly anticipated SUVs that is set for 2020 delivery. Ford claims that the new Mach 1 is going to be a high performance SUV with battery and electric inspiration. It will fulfill the best of two worlds with all the sportiness of the Mustang car and the practicality of an SUV.

2020 Buick Envision

Buick is launching a new version of the Envision with two new colors for the compact crossover SUV. The new colors will be Dark Moon Blue Metallic and Espresso Metallic, which will replace the previous two as they will no longer be available on new models. The 2020 version will essentially remain the same, or so we are told, with the exception of the new colors.

2020 BMW X4

The new BMW X4 SUV is set for release late in the summer of 2019. It’s a small SUV that offers up 503 horsepower with a sporty interior trim and a variety of performance upgrades to support the aesthetic. The starting price is going to be $48,000 and go up to $70,000. It’s set to be the new high performance variant of the second generation of the X4.

2020 Kia Sportage

The 2020 Kia Sportage is another new SUV that Kia fans are eager to preview. This vehicle will be offered in a range of power trains from 181 horse power to 237. it will also be offered in your choice of a front wheel drive or a four wheel drive. It’s will be one of the most affordable brand new SUVs on the market with a starting manufacturer’s suggested retail price of just $23,990.

2020 Ford EcoSport

The 2020 Ford EcoSport is another model that is high on the list of fans who enjoyed the 2019 version. It’s built for dual use both on and off the road, but the interior features are the real drawing card. The EcoSPort comes with a variety of interior features that are designed to satisfy the longing for creature comfort and comfort in riding including leather trimmed seats, 4G LTE SiFi hotspot and much more.

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