The 10 Most In-Demand Jobs in AI For 2021

Artificial Intelligence

Advances made in Artificial Intelligence technology are creating the need for trained staff in various aspects of the field. The number of jobs is increasing in the artificial intelligence niche of the technology industry. It’s a fascinating field for those who are so inclined. The possibilities for future advancement are nearly mind-blowing. What once seemed like a futuristic fantasy world is now beginning to take shape before our very eyes. Machines now perform tasks that were once only possible with humans. New jobs are opening up in this new field. If this is an industry that intrigues you, here are the 10 most in-demand jobs in AI for 2021.

1. Machine Learning Engineer

According to Medium, Machine Learning Engineers are in demand in the AI industry these days. These are people who have been trained in advanced programming and they also are the technicians in charge of developing artificial intelligence systems with the capacity for learning from data sets, then applying the principles learned. Machine learning engineers must possess sharp data management skills with the capacity for performing complicated modeling tasks with dynamic data sets. The average annual salary for his position is $142,859.

2. Deep Learning Engineer

Deep Learning Engineers develop neural networks that function in much the same way that the human brain function. they use deep learning platforms for the development of programming systems that perform these operations. These neural networks are data structures that are physically similar to the structure of the human brain. Engineers may be employed in three different niches of the industry including facial recognition, robotics, or autonomous driving. The average annual salary range is from just over $76,000 to $140,000.

3. Senior Data Scientist

Another emerging profession in the Artificial Intelligence segment of the industry is senior data scientists. This is a person who oversees the work being completed by junior data analysts. The job involves conducting research, designing, implementing, and deployment of full-stack scalable data analytics as well as developing machine learning solutions to business issues that represent current challenges. The average salary for this position $126,398 annually.

4. Software Engineer

Tech Republic reports that one of the most in-demand jobs in the global AI industry is a software engineer. These are the technicians that develop the software programs that run the AI programs. Approximately 8.48 percent of jobs listed are for some level of a software engineer from entry-level to more advanced skill sets required.

5. Interns

Artificial Intelligence is a field that is still emerging, although significant breakthroughs have already been achieved. To heighten the interest in the field and cultivate more professionals for the future, there is a demand for AI interns. Many companies open up positions to attract the professional technicians of tomorrow into this area of technology as the anticipated demand for workers may exceed the supply in the months and years to come.

6. AI Specialist

Forbes lists AI specialist as one of the most commonly posted job openings in the AI field. There is a consistent need for more AI Specialists who use AI and Machine Learning technologies interchangeably at times. The base salary of AI specialists is around $146,000 annually.

7. Robotics Engineer

The demand for robotics engineers in AI has risen about 40 percent in the last few years. This is a job that is becoming more commonly requested on job posting sites. Robotics is an industry that is closely linked with Artificial Intelligence. Career paths may vary between roles that call for the development of hardware and software, sometimes with an emphasis on both, as well as or virtual and physical bot development.

8. Full Stack Engineer

Full-stack developers are becoming more in demand than ever before. This is not a new profession, but it is becoming more necessary since hiring has risen approximately 35 percent each year since 2015. The job duties range widely from development and engineering.

9. Site Reliability Engineer

Another job that is becoming more in demand in the AI arena is Site Reliability Engineer. There has been a 34 percent increase in the demand for this position. Responsibilities include ensuring that operational and development processes all run smoothly. Sharp analytical and observational skills are required for his position. Duties may range from a variety of different engineering roles to could engineer, all related to Full-Stack development.

10. Cybersecurity Specialist

One of the fastest-growing areas in technology is cybersecurity to develop protective measures to maintain the safety and security of systems related to AI technology. All technology companies must maintain a sharp focus on this aspect of the industry. While data scientists conduct research and work with engineers in the development of hardware and software systems within the artificial intelligence arena, the work is constantly under threat from cyber criminals and must be strictly protected from cyber threats. There has been a 30 percent increase in the demand for Cybersecurity Specialists that continues to rise annually. This is a job that is viewed as one of the emerging positions in companies that specialize in the development and implementation of artificial intelligence-related products and services.

Final thoughts

Artificial intelligence is an industry that is emerging and expanding as new knowledge is combined to create some of the most amazing innovations and modern conveniences that the world has seen. AI technology is behind many of the automated systems that offer intuitive help in online and telecommunication environments. We even see it in action in our smart homes and in automated systems that we often take for granted. With such a tremendous expansion of knowledge, new opportunities are opening up in the job market. There are new positions within this field emerging on a fairly consistent basis. It’s highly likely that in the years to come this list will look very different as the world enters new aspects of AI technology development with newly created positions.

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