The 20 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels in 2019

Eminem featuring Rihanna

YouTubers are alive and well and for some of them, the channels are not only giving them an outlet for their creative license, but they’re also lucrative business ventures. Some have even become multi-millionaires. One of the initial keys on the road to success is to gain as many subscribers as possible, to make your channel attractive to brands who are willing to help you monetize the site with endorsements. You’ll find everything from music channels, sports, gaming and comedy to some of the most popular contemporary artists on these channels. Who is your favorite YouTuber and do you think that they made it to the top 20 list? We were curious about which YouTube channels have the highest number of subscribers. We were shocked at what our research turned up. Here are the 20 most subscribed YouTube channels for 2019.

20. Ariana Grande – 37 million subscribers

Ariana Grande kicks off our list of the most subscribed YouTube channels for 2019. She has a whopping 37 million subscribers to her channel that features music videos, media appearances, and some great footage from behind the scenes. She even throws in a makeup tutorial to teach you how to achieve that perfect glam appearance. While Ariana has had her share of controversies in the past few years, she still remains one of the top entertainers in the business and this is also reflected in the high subscription rate that she has for her YouTube channel.

19. Marshmello – 38 million subscribers

Marshmello is a musician, and this is his stage name. His real name is Christopher Comstock but it takes a dyed in the wool fan to know this. He’s a DJ and a music producer who has gained millions of subscribers on his channel thanks to his popularity in the international music scene. What makes his channel so interesting and unique is that it features the traditional music videos and publicity events that you’d expect to find, but there is also other content that includes a cooking video, and a tutorial for a song of his to teach you how to play drums along with it. It’s really refreshing that he chose to add a little diversification to his channel because it makes it all the more interesting.

18. EminemMusic – 38 million subscribers

Eminem is still famous as an American rapper as well as being an actor. His channel is dedicated to the music videos that he’s released throughout his long and successful career. There are also trailers for the movies that he’s appeared in and fans get to watch his interview videos here as well. He’s been keeping scores of fans entertained with his harsh and realistic compositions that describe so many situations that happen in the lives of average Americans. This is just one of the reasons that his music is so popular. Eminem is practically a household name.

17. Hola Soy German – 39 million subscribers

HolaSoyGerman is German Alejandro Garmendia Aranis’ channel. He’s a master at making people laugh with his comedy videos that make bold commentaries on everyday life situations, like dealing with parents and kids, finding work and much more. His channel is still as popular as ever, even though Aranis has not uploaded any new videos in a few years. The content is timeless and it seems that once a fan, always a fan, but it would be nice if he could find it in his heart to give us a refresh every now and then.

16. Ed Sheeran – 41 million subscribers

Ed Sheeran is a pop-star musician, singer, and songwriter who is known for his ginger hair and his moving melodies. His channel on YouTube features his music videos as well as some personal videos that give his fans a look into who the man behind the music really is, as well as live streams. His YouTube channel is even more relevant now that he’s made the decision, not to quit the music business, but to take a bit of a break and live his life as an average person. Sheeran’s not making tour dates but has vowed to return soon. At least fans have is YouTube channel to console themselves until he’s back into the full swing of things.

15. Badabun – 42 million subscribers

Badabun is a YouTube channel from Mexico tht is loaded with a wide range of content. Some of it is original from the Badabun channel and some is a result of work with other YouTubers. The channel features some interesting dramas, including a Mexican version of “Cheaters,” which is quite entertaining when viewers see what happens when one partner is discovered to be cheating on the other. This is just an example and there are a lot of movies with diverse content. Badabun is a channel that offers some great entertainment that isn’t easy to find anywhere else and it’s so popular that tens of millions have subscribed, making it the fifteenth highest subscribed to YouTube channel for 2019 so far.

14. Zee Music Company – 42 million subscribers

Zee Music Company is an Indian channel that features authentic Indian music videos. Some of them are from television shows and films if you’re fond of soundtracks. This channel has a whopping 42 million subscribers who are really into the video scene because they have more than 220,000 hours worth of content. Indian music videos are the rage throughout the world and it’s not just something that appeals to any one group. This channel is one of the largest providers of Indian music videos, hence their popularity.

13. Dude Perfect – 45 million subscribers

Dude Perfect is a channel that is immensely popular with drone enthusiasts as well as those who are into trick shots, lasers, and a number of things pertaining to sports, games and having a great time. There are five guys in charge of the Dude Perfect channel and they began their streams by posting videos of their basketball trick shots. They’re good at what they do and the channel is recognized as the second biggest within the sports category. It’s a channel that gives you some good tips and pointers if you’re interested in learning some of the trick shots that they make. You can replay them all you want until you get their slick moves down.

12. Justin Bieber – 46 million subscribers

Justin Bieber has his own YouTube channel and as you might have guessed, it is loaded with promotional content as well as interviews, footage from behind the scene and music videos. It’s a great channel for Bieber fans to frequent and the subscriber numbers are high enough to land Bieber in 12th place on our top 20 list. It’s important to note that Justin Bieber originally started out on YouTube, so it just makes sense that he continues to use a channel to promote his wildly popular music videos. Justin has been a huge superstar in pop music, even though he’s had his share of ups and downs. His fan base has remained loyal and we’re pretty sure he’s got things squared away and is back on solid footing.

11. WWE – 48 million subscribers

World Wrestling Entertainment, also known as WWE is a channel that gives you clips and full renderings of recent matches as well as archival footage from older fights. There are also interviews with the wrestlers, full matches and classic fights that have already taken place, all available for your viewing.

10. Canal KondZilla – 51 million subscribers

Konrad Cunha Danta is the owner of Canal KondZilla. This popular channel ranks sixth on some sites but after doing the most recent analysis of the highest subscribed YouTube channels, it is now in tenth place. Danta owns KondZilla Records and he is also a music video producer. He makes frequent posts on his channel fille with funk ostenacao themed music, complete with music, videos, and footage of what happens behind the scenes.

9. Set India – 55 million subscribers

Set India is a channel that focuses upon full episodes of popular television shows. Here you can also find a variety of clips of episodes of your favorite television shows. It also offers a good variety of teaser trailers so you can catch a glimpse of what is going to be playing at your local theaters in the near future. It’s a great way to keep up on what’s coming up.

8. Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes – 58 million subscribers

Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes is the topmost subscribed children’s channel on YouTuber. Many parents allow their kids to watch this channel that features a big assortment of nursery rhymes as well as CGI characters that keeps the kids entertained and well as educated. Cocomelon has an autoplay feature that makes it easier for little ones to use for browsing through their favorite nursery rhymes and characters.

7. 5-Minute Crafts – 60 million subscribers

Coming in seventh place is 5-Minute Crafts. This channel began in 2016 and in three short years, it has gained a host of subscribers who enjoy the DIY site that covers a vast array of crafts subjects. It’s the ideal channel for crafters, but they also offer other content that is great for the entire family.

6. YouTube Sports – 75 million subscribers

YouTube Sports is a comprehensive channel that is dedicated to all things sports. Here you can find commentaries and videos of your favorite sports. This channel is the sixth most subscribed on the YouTube platform, and this is no small feat because there are tons of sports channels on YouTube.

5. YouTube Gaming – 83 million subscribers

If it’s related to gaming then you’ll probably find it on YouTube Gaming. This is why it’s become one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube. Gamers love watching the live stream play as well as the commentaries on all of their favorite games. There are a massive 83 million already subscribed with more added daily.

4. YouTube Movies – 89 million subscribers

YouTube Movies previously had 87 million subscribers just a few weeks ago, but their numbers are growing, seemingly exponentially. They offer downloads and you can watch some of your favorite movies here. The channel was created on June 7, 2015. We think that it’s pretty remarkable that they have gained so many subscribers in just a four year period of time.

3. PewDiePie – 100 million subscribers

PewDie Pie, also known as his given name Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, is one of the most famous YouTubers in the world today. It’s worth noting that he has one of the highest revenue streams of all YouTubers in teh system. His specialties are vlogging, along with with his notorious meme review series, and his collaborations with other YouTube channel owners. His live streams featuring PewDiePie playing games are among the most popular as he’s an avid gamer.

2. YouTube Music – 107 million subscribers

YouTubeMusic is the second most subscribed channel, coming in at a close second to T-Series. This channel is a promotional tool for other creators and channels, but even though the content is largely promotional, the subscription numbers are high.

1. T-Series – 110 million subscribers

T-Series is a film production company and record label with its origins in the country of India. This YouTube channel replaced PewDiePie’s 1,920-day reign of being the number one YouTube channel for consecutive days. This channel offers a vast assortment of trailers, clips, films, and music videos and they’ve risen to the number one most subscribed YouTube channel for 2019.

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