The Expansion of Video Game Company Rooster Teeth


Perhaps one of the toughest industries for newbies to break into is the production studio business. Producing films and video games takes a special talent if it is to be a successful venture. Rooster Teeth has made the grade and the company is well on its way to becoming a favorite in certain niche areas. It is definitely a firm to keep your eye on as it moves forward. Although this is a difficult industry, the team has made great progress in the thirteen years that it has been in operation. While the majority of upstarts in this niche struggle for years before they realize positive progress, if at all, these players make it look easy. The talented team of co-founders seemed to hit the ground running and have enjoyed steady streams of success in their many popular undertakings. We’re taking a closer look at Rooster Teeth to find out how they have achieved their current level of success so maybe we can how it’s done.

What is Rooster Teeth?

Rooster Teeth is a fairly successful production studio that is responsible for the revolution of internet animation series genre. They are based out of Austin Texas. The company was founded in 2003 by a team of brilliant entrepreneurs who just happened to have the additional skills to launch a full blown production studio. Geoff Ramsey, Joel Heyman, Gus Sorola, Matt Hullum and Burnie Burns got together and put their skills and knowledge to the test. One of the most helpful philosophies that they espouse is the mandate to make it their business to know what their target audience wants to see and to deliver high. They’ve made good on this commitment and have achieved a solid fan base and following.

Their audience

We got it from the top that the creators of the popular videos are going after the groups that most enjoy watching series like “The Walking Dead,” “Game of Thrones” and popular anime series. They began with their own series Red Vs. Blue which was a major success and has made a long run. Next, the team focused on more series, live action shorts and comedy gameplay. Their line of full animated productions include RWBY which gained immense popularity. Their science fiction/action comedy film “Laser Team” made its debut in 2015.

The focus of the production crew

Most recently, the team has dedicated a lot of effort into video game development, reality show projects, podcasts and entertainment news programs. They’ve done a lot of branching out in their thirteen years and the business has grown to a decent size. It is their diversity that makes them so interesting. They cater well to their niche market and the quality is enough to entice competitors from other companies. We found it impressive that their Anime production series is becoming popular in Japan. It seems that now the shoe is on the other foot.

Expansion of the company

The main headquarters is based out of Austin Texas but they also have offices in Flower Mound, TX and Los Angeles California. They are also known as the popular host for their RTX convention which is an annual event that is held in Austin Texas. They’ve even held a convention in Australia for the international fans.

What makes them so special?

One of the aspects of their products is the RT Podcast that so many tune in for. They offer live action and a generous infusion of comedy in their content. From what we have gathered about Rooster Teeth Production Studio, their most attractive attribute is that they deliver with precision the content that their viewers are looking for. A blend of action, comedy and popular niche genres with interesting themes that cater to the likes and fantasies of their audience is what is fueling their explosive success.

How successful are they?

Rooster Teeth videos can be viewed on YouTube and their website. They have achieved the mark of more than 8.7 million regular subscribers. This is a fantastic number that illustrates their popularity. On the sites’ primary channel they have reached the number of more than 4.3 billion views as of the Spring of 2016. These are astronomical figures. Although subscriptions tend to come and go when all of the statistics are tallied from all of their subscription sites, the company maintains more than twenty seven million subscribers.

What more can we say? The company knows how to actively engage its fans and give them what they want. The content is consistent with its niche and always adding new and interesting features and story lines. Tapping into the Japanese market was a major milestone for certain but even without having achieved it they would still be a phenomenal force to be reckoned with. Their first fan events started out in Austin with a sparse four hundred attendees. Throughout the years, this has expanded tenfold to a whopping forty thousand in attendance in 2015. Fans from around the world are making their way to this special event that caters to the desires of internet gamers and fans of fantasy, anime and like genres.


Rooster Teeth had an Indiegogo crowd funding session in order to finance its latest film, Laser Team. They enjoyed crazy success raising $2.48 million for the venture. the film is in preparation for a global release in the near future. On the financial front, there is no lack of steady revenue coming through the gates. The company is enjoyed high subscription rates, although we don’t have current numbers on its valuation, we hope to in the near future.

Final thoughts

Rooster Teeth is a premiere provider of video and gaming subscription services. They have made it big by serving the people in the gaming and fantasy niche with films, shorts, podcasts and you name it, all in super high quality. We expect the company to continue on its current trajectory as they’re certainly not losing any numbers in the subscription area. They’re making continuous upward progress. It’s all well earned and nothing was given to them. It has been the foresight of the founders and their keen intuitive reasoning that has delivered what the public wants with class and style.


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