How Much Money is Pokemon Go Making Right Now?

POkemon GO

Pokemon Go is the newest free app from Nintendo. Nintendo is the gaming giant that gave us such hit games as Mario and Super Mario Bros. Pokemon was one of the most popular games of the 1990s. It was intended to target a kid and teen market, but Pokemon managed to capture the imagination of adults as well. The game originated at a Japanese Animation style game which later became a cartoon. Millions of fans engaged in Pokemon games. The cute little monsters with strange names that seemed to be on a nonstop popularity streak. They were around for years and the all of the sudden they were part of our past. A few devoted fans continued to carry on the legacy. They passed their Pokemon knowledge to their children who occasionally may have found a passion for them.

Just when it seemed that the Pokemon monsters were long forgotten, the team at Nintendo resurrected them in a big way. Almost overnight people of all ages were trying to catch them all. People all over the world downloaded the mobile app for free. Although the game is initially free, eventually you will have to make an in-app purchase progress in the games. This is a smart move on Nintendo’s part. Users will become wrapped up in the games as their friends and family also become hooked. That will push users to purchase the paid app without hesitation. Pokemon fever has spread like wildfire. You see people all over walking around looking at their phones and smiling. No doubt this game has had more overnight success than just about any game in history. So what makes this game so desirable?


One of the biggest points that created such success is the fact that the game is free to download. That alone is of course not enough to create such a fad, though. Pokemon has a fun hook. Everyone can agree that these little critters are downright cute. They simply look at the real landscape that is around them through the screen of their phone. A location-based app will then project creatures through their server to certain locations. Users of the app will see the monsters transposed onto their screen which blends the real background with the Pokemon. The appeal of this game is that it is an original concept. The players have actually to get out and search for the Pokemon.

People all over are dividing into teams and scouring cities all over the country trying to get the best Pokemon. There are other aspects of the game such as being able to create a new monster and you can battle the characters as well. This is the first traditional video game blended with components of real life. The company that designed the game is a branch of Google and helped design Google maps. This is where the location-based technology comes from. Some controversy regarding accidentally spying on citizens surrounds the creation of the game and its designers, but that is not enough to slow the craze. This news seems to have fallen silent in the background in the wake of the release of the game.


There are gatherings all over where people are getting together to catch Pokemon but more than that, it is getting people up and out and creating social connections. There is a stigma with video games causing people to be lazy and sit in one place for extended periods of time. With Pokemon Go that is not the case. Players have to get up and physically hunt for them unless they happen to get lucky and find them in their current surroundings. Perhaps Pokemon is just the thing to take a break from the harsh reality of the times we live in now. Instead of arguing and fighting people are working together to catch these fun make believe creatures. In cities everywhere, crowds are gathering to public get-togethers to play the game and show off their finds to others.

Nintendo stands to make a significant fortune in the coming future. So far major news networks estimate that Nintendo has made close to 9 billion in profits to its stock which means they have gone up 24 percent. This is significant growth over a very short period. Based on current figures the games stands to be one of the highest grossing games of all time if its popularity continues. Only time will tell if this new trend lasts but Pokemon fanatics will tell you to prepare to see masses of people staring at their cell phones while walking around and talking about creatures and planning strategies to best their friends.

The servers for the game are having trouble keeping up with demand and find themselves crashing.  This is a certain sign that the popularity of the game is in high gear and looks not to be slowing in the near future. After Nintendo had been facing hard times, this has been a real revenue booster. If the company can come up with other similar games or add-ons to the current game, they could have unlimited potential growth if they can manage to keep the momentum they have right now.

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