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MySight360: Wearable VR Camera for Smooth Panoramic Video

Virtual reality and action cameras are seeing an incredible rise in popularity. The ability to document and share exciting trips, sporting events, and other adventures makes this technology exceptionally useful in the age of social media. Whether simply for personal use or to share with friends and family, durable cameras with wide-angle lenses are highly popular gadgets.

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to using such cameras. Often, in order to achieve the proper angle, these devices must be used on bulky mounts or rigs. As well, many of these cameras are unable to record clear videos when being used during more extreme activities. These drawbacks motivated a small group of innovators to create MySight360, a revolutionary VR camera designed to perfectly capture any adventure.


The company behind MySight360, Sightour was founded in March of 2014. It is a company driven by the desire to provide people with a simpler and more effective way of sharing their most memorable life experiences. Based in Taipei, Taiwan, this group of tech experts felt that the available VR cameras for recording activities such as hiking and camping (as well as more extreme activities) were lacking. As such, they created MySight360, a camera designed to provide all the benefits of VR recording without the drawbacks mentioned above.


The development of MySight360 began back in October of 2015 when the project was first launched. By December of the same year, the 360-degree video stabilization system had been created. This led to the introduction of the first prototype in February, 2016. After a great deal of work on both the technology and design, the second prototype was ready to be unveiled by May. There was another period of redesign and making improvements, which allowed for the third prototype to be created in August. The remainder of 2016 was spent fundraising and ensuring that the device was fully certified. By March, 2017, the first batch of cameras will be ready for production. They will ship in April, while standard shipment is set to take place in June.


The online crowdfunding campaign was a remarkable success. Despite setting a goal of only $60,000, the camera managed to raise nearly $145,000. As well, there were nearly 700 backers who supported the development of this camera.


This VR camera is unlike any that have come before it. While other cameras have to sacrifice comfort and convenience for HD recording (or the other way around), MySight360 manages to be both extremely portable and able to record clear, stable videos. It was designed specifically to be perfectly suited to a wide variety of activities, from sporting events to hiking and camping. It is a camera that was designed with the user in mind, meaning that it is one of the most user-friendly and intuitive cameras available. From wearing the camera to editing footage, the entire process of taking and sharing videos is simple with MySight360.



Although this camera stands out from the competition for a number of reasons, one of the most important is its convenient design. Instead of relying on mounts and rigs to be hands-free, MySight360 is designed to be wearable. Simply clipping the camera onto a helmet, handlebar, or piece of clothing will free up the user’s hands to focus on the activity.

In addition, MySight360 is extremely light and compact. Weighing less than 90 g and featuring a sleek design, this is a VR camera that will not hinder the user while hiking, cycling, or performing any other activity. Further, it is built to withstand extreme weather conditions, functioning perfectly in heat or cold, rain or shine.

Recording Capabilities

While a convenient and compact design is always preferable to bulky mounts, it may not be worthwhile if such features came at the expense of quality recording. With MySight360, however, users can look forward to stunning 4K panoramic videos that surpass the competition.

With a 240-degree viewing angle, users can record incredible first-person videos by clipping the camera just about anywhere. Its unique forward-leaning fish eye lens allows for ultra high-definition videos to be captured in this wide angle. In addition, the camera features built-in horizontal calibration, meaning the video quality will remain superb despite any shakes or bumps.

Long Life

One of the main grievances with most VR cameras is that they tend to run out of juice halfway through an excursion or trip. With MySight360, hours on end can be captured in stunning detail to share with friends and family.

While this camera is equipped for handling high-paced activities like cycling or snowboarding, it can also be used for hiking and tourist excursions. The LifeLog mode is ideal for these longer activities, as it automatically records for 10 seconds every 3 minutes. This provides a great snapshot of a trip while saving battery, allowing the camera to be used for up to 15 hours.


Another common annoyance with most current cameras is that sharing videos with friends and family requires hours of painstaking editing. MySight360, on the other hand, makes editing simple and quick.

Its app allows for one-touch video editing, which enables users to trim their videos and add graphics, text, themes, and music. Further, it has a simple one-click sharing feature which makes it easy to send the edited video to various social media.


All of the above features together mean that MySight360 is the perfect camera for recording HD panoramic videos of just about any activity. Whether hiking, cycling, or simply traveling to a new place, the camera will capture important moments without getting in the way. It’s even great for clipping onto a pet and watching the world through their eyes!


Impressively, the considerable technology and sleek design of this camera do not come with an exorbitant price tag. While it will retail at $299.99, buyers who act quickly can have the camera for only $189 on Kickstarter. There are also deals with specific accessories for hiking, cycling, cars, and pets.


The MySight360 VR camera is an incredible device that will allow people to capture some of life’s most exciting and important events without worrying about using annoying mounts to keep the camera at a proper angle. It records in stunning 4K at a 240-degree viewing angle, ensuring an incredible first-person experience regardless of where it is clipped.

This is a device designed for individuals who are interested in capturing clear and stable videos to share with friends and family or simply look back on at a later time. It takes minimal effort, especially with its convenient app with one-click editing and sharing. Anyone who has found other cameras to be difficult to use or to have poor quality will love this camera. It provides crisp, clear recordings of just about any activity without taking attention away from the world in front of the user.

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