Check Out National Geographic’s New Expedition Cruise Ship

National Geographic's New Expedition Cruise Ship

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to the things they expect and enjoy during a vacation. While some people want to do nothing more than lying on a beach soaking up the rays, others enjoy getting outdoors to see the local landmarks and areas of beauty. Similarly, there are those who want to enjoy luxurious experiences during their break, and others who are happy to forfeit the finer things in life to absorb themselves in the local culture. Many travel companies now offer breaks that offer a combination of experiences to give people the opportunity to enjoy a combination of elements that people may enjoy during their vacation. One example is the new Antarctic cruise the National Geographic is set to launch. Typically, Polar expeditions are associated with challenging conditions, yet the new cruise combines the unique experience and natural beauty of the Antarctic with an array of luxurious touches that add comfort to the break. Here is a look at National Geographic’s new luxurious Antarctic cruise.

Lindblad Expeditions

The National Geographic is the long-time magazine publication of the National Geographic Society. There is also a television channel of the same name, and the society has launched expeditions to some of the world’s most breathtaking locations. All the cruise ships that are part of the National Geographic brand are owned and operated by Lindblad Expeditions. The company offers itineraries to more than 40 global destinations. In July 2021, the company launched Endurance, which was Lindblad’s first new polar build. Now, they have unveiled Resolution.

An Overview of the Polar Ship Resolution

The Resolution is named in honor of Captain James Cook’s second voyage, and it was purpose-built for polar exploration. Its design includes cutting-edge technology to withstand extreme conditions, yet it is also kitted out for comfort. It is set to take passengers on its first voyage in November 2021. The first journey lasts 24 days, and it takes travelers through Antarctica, then South Georgia, and finally, the Falklands. For those who want to take shorter excursions, there are 14-day journeys through Antarctica planned for December and January. There are also many voyages taking place in 2022 to various destinations, including Scotland, Japan, Alaska, and many more. The lengths of these trips vary, with the longest journeys lasting up to 29 days.

The Design of the Ship

Externally, the ship has been designed to handle sailing through icy waters in such a way that the passengers enjoy a smooth journey. The ship has a classification of Polar Class 5, which is the highest ice class. It also features a patented X-Bow design. It is this design that allows the ship to smooth smoothly and quietly due to lesser bow impact. The design also means that there is less ocean spray, and in turn, this allows passengers to enjoy better views.

Interior Features of the Polar Ship

The Resolution can accommodate up to 126 people in its 69 cabins, says the Robb Report. Some of the features of the cabins are private bathrooms, a command center with tablets and device docks, free Wi-Fi access, and either large exterior windows or private balconies. From the windows and balconies, the passengers can fully appreciate the spectacular views they will see throughout their trip. Throughout the ship, the interior décor has a Scandinavian feel. There is light wood flooring with coordinating light wood trim, along with a light, airy, and neutral color scheme. A feature that appears on every level of the ship is large glass windows and doors. This means that the passengers can appreciate the scenery as they travel, no matter where they are on the ship or which activities they are enjoying. Across the ship’s five decks, there is a multitude of leisure activities for the passengers to enjoy as they travel from one destination to the next. As you would expect on a cruise ship, there is an outdoor infinity-edge pool with a hot tub where travelers can make the most of the outdoors. Other leisure facilities include a lounge with a bar, two saunas with outside views, a yoga studio, and a gym. Furthermore, there is a photo workshop, state-of-the-art screening facilities, and a well-stocked library. The ship has two onboard restaurants, both of which have menus that focus on regionally sourced produce based on the voyage’s destinations. There is also a special chef’s table that gives guests the chance to experience a more intimate fine dining experience.

Additional Services Available for the Passengers

A trip on the Resolution is not just about the design features, as there are also many services on offer that add to the luxurious experience. These include both practical services and services that add to the enjoyment of the voyage. For example, there is a wellness specialist and a full-time doctor to take care of the passengers’ physical needs and treat them if they become unwell during their vacation. There is also a laundry service so that guests do not waste time sorting out their own laundry during their break. Another practical feature of the ship is the Internet café. If the guests need to catch up on some work during the trip, then the Internet café is a place they can do this in comfort. They can also use the equipment to learn more about the various destinations they will visit or keep in touch with friends and family to tell them about their travels. Guests can also enjoy some of the leisure-focused services onboard. These include a video chronicler, a Lindblad-National Geographic photo instructor, and a National Geographic photographer. At each destination, the ship’s guests can enjoy an array of off-board activities. To allow passengers to have some fun, Resolution carries a motorized landing craft, undersea equipment, skis, kayaks, and snowshoes. Of course, they will also have the chance to explore each of the destinations they visit on foot.

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