A Closer Look at The New F.P. Journe Vagabondage

F.P. Journe Vagabondage

F.P. Journe announced the release of the newest iteration of the Vagabondage. It’s a new timepiece that carries on the family line of the collection dating back to 2004. It’s been rumored that the new updated version of 2022 will signal the end of the Vagabondate offered in gold material. Although new, the timepiece is a throwback to the 2000s versions with similar aesthetics and functionality but is now released in an exclusive and limited production run with a few updates that distinguish it from its ancestors. It’s only fitting that we take a closer look at the new F.P. Journe Vagabondage to see for ourselves the updates that elevate it above other members of the family.

Similarities and differences in the new F.P. Journe Vagabondage

Watches by SJX explains that the wandering, jumping hour display produced 18 years ago is a feature that the watchmakers carried over into the latest iteration. They observe that it’s a new rendition of the same watch functionally and aesthetically. What qualifies it as a special edition? The visibility of the central balance through the dial is the same, as is the shape of the case. It’s not the style of F. P. Journe to lead us astray. A side-by-side comparison of the original and the new Vagabondage for 2022 presents a strong case for promoting it as a new member of the family, and possibly one that will end a branch of the ancestral tree. While the appearance can jog the memory it takes a comparison to see that there are differences, and an explanation of the technical updates to realize we’re looking at a new personality to add to the collection.

What’s different about the new Vagabondage?

An initial glance at the new Vagabondage can be deceiving. The updates include a larger size case with new aesthetics over the original. Memory can fail us when we see similarities, but it has a new look with additional width and length. They maintained the DNA of the original Vagabondage, but enough has changed to justify its new limited-edition treasure, based on one hell of an impressive timepiece. The advantage is in its dated look as a throwback to the older piece nearly twenty years in its past with a closer look at the Vagabondage II and III cases. It’s a refined iteration if you take a look you can see that the hour track is darker and more prominent. They changed the finish on the balance bridge and substituted the polished version for a brushed style. It’s the small details that make a difference. Another difference is the movement. It’s an updated version called the caliber 1504.02. It retained the functions of the first movement with upgrades in the performance with a new barrel bridge covering the twin barrels’ ratchet wheels. They made other changes to the aesthetics and positioning of the winding spring and moved the bridge with a curved outline. They’ve made it a more reliable movement.

Specifications of the New F.P. Journe Vagabondage

The case is larger with a width of 45.2 mm x 37.5 mm. The depth is a slim 7.6 mm. It’s made of 18k rose gold, an attractive precious metal. The dial is covered with a sapphire crystal known for its shatter resistance. Hodinkee (https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/fp-journe-vagabondage-2022-gold) points out that the quality of the rose gold is 6N. The dial features a slate grey background with a sapphire disc aperture. The hours are indicated in a mobile aperture with minutes indicated by the position. The base plate is partially circular with a grained finish. The bridges feature straight Geneva waves with polished screw heads that seat neatly into chamfered slots. A tiny detail that builds a mighty case for declaring it a new rendition. Steel parts are beveled and polished J.P. Journe put great effort into adding luxurious touches to the small details that may be overlooked by the casual observer. The movement is an in-house manual winding caliber 1504.2. The balance features fourteen inertia weights with a mobile stud holder and Anachron micro-flamed spring, 18k rose gold meals with 21 jewels. The movement beats at 3.5 Hz or 21,600 vibrations per hour with a 50 plus hours power reserve. The movement is comprised of 168 components with wandering hours and minute functions.

Other information about the New F.P. Journe Vagabondage Watch

The F.P. Journe Vagabondage for 2022 affixes to the wrist via a genuine black alligator strap. The hardware for the strap features 18k rose gold materials with engraving. It’s a nice touch that brings all elements together in a harmonious blending of colors, textures, and complementary stylistic elements. The watch is water-resistant up to thirty meters. The creator is determined to make it the last edition of the Vagabondage in 18k rose gold. The rare and exceptional timepiece is a limited edition with just sixty-eight pieces slated for production and release throughout the globe. Every example of the J.P. Journe Vagabondage for 2022 will come with serial numbers.

Price and availability

Owners of the Vagabondage II and III will receive priority for purchase. An application is required to determine eligibility to purchase the special limited edition to complete their collections. The price is 86,000 CHF or $92,257.27 in USD.

Final thoughts

The New F.P. Journe Limited Edition Vagabondage is an upgraded version of the original Vagabondage I from 2004. It’s the model that completes the collection. F.P. Journe has reserved availability for collectors who own previous editions of the collection. The watch is only available through an application process and by selection based on eligibility to purchase. It’s a collectible from the moment of completion with a value of just under $100k. For those who think the 2022 Vagabondage is just an updated replica, a closer look and inspection of its updates and merits is what we recommend.

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