Five New Technologies Apple Plans to Release in the Near Future

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Apple has earned a reputation for consistently releasing new technology in updated devices each year. The research and development team stays busy developing timely solutions to the challenges that we face in our everyday lives. Apple delivers new and advanced technologies that improve our health and safety as well as making entertainment more accessible and fun. We recently learned that the leading brand in communications has developed some useful and interesting new technologies that it plans to make available in the months to come. Their wearable technologies and smartphone apps help us to improve our lifestyles in ways that are convenient and easy to use. To help keep you informed about the latest apps and gadgets, here are five new technologies Apple plans to release in the near future.

1. New alerts about CSAM images

CSAM is an acronym for Child Sexual Abuse Material. Apple has created a new tool to help parents and children avoid becoming victims of sexual abuse online and through their phones. The platform identifies images with sexually explicit themes sent to mobile devices including iPad and iPhone, as well as those uploaded to iCloud. The technology sends an alert that gives the user an option about image attachments to let the user know when an image has been identified as sexually abusive to children. According to Techcrunch, the software works across all Apple services and platforms. The program respects consumer privacy by blocking the image and sending out a label that indicates that the photo may be sensitive. Useful information is supplied if the child using the device decides to open the image, which warns about the harm that such photos can use. Private communications are not read by Apple to help protect user privacy. Children and parents are sent alerts to war about CSAM content.

2. Apple is moving to 5G

Fox Business reveals that Apple is moving from 4G technology to 5G. The change will apply to all its new devices. This is a big update for the brand which will also offer the iPhone SE, which is the least expensive handset with updates. As of 2021, all iPhones will feature 5G capability and there will no longer be any 4G models made for the new lineup. A spokesperson at Apple shared that the new budget iPhone with 5G capability will become available at some point early in the year 2022. It’s less than a year off and will feature a revamp along with updates, although Apple isn’t giving away many details about what those will be. It’s been two years since Apple has updated the iPhone SE, which is one of the best-sellers for those who are budget conscious. The phone will still be offered at a low price.

3. TVOS 14

According to Apple’s Newsroom, Apple is planning to release new TVOS 14 technology that is available for Apple TV users. It grants them access to video cameras and accessories that are HomeKit enabled. What this means is that the users can use Control Center, or Siri to maximize the use of the technology to receive doorbell notifications. It will let them know who is there with live feeds on the big screen. It’s an entirely new way to maintain safety in the home. Often, we take for granted that a knock on the door or ringing doorbell is someone we know. The truth is that many criminals are bold in coming directly to your door. This is a valuable technology that lets you know who is ringing your doorbell with images in real-time. you can choose whether to go to the door and if there is the potential for danger if a stranger is at the door. In addition to the doorbell monitoring system, TVOS provides Apple Arcade with multi-user capacities as well as a host of other games to provide everyone in the house instant resume of the games they’re playing if they get interrupted. It is loaded with features that allow fast switch between users as well as information about leaderboards, friends, game center achievements, and game progress.

4. New technology in Apple Maps for cyclers

Cyclists riding their bikes on busy city streets will find the new Apple Maps technology useful for enhancing their safety while commuting to their daily destinations. The New technology is advanced to provide bike riders with information about road conditions and events that are taking place ahead of them. It delivers a new set of cycling directions in the Maps app that tells them about the traffic conditions, and if they will encounter any stairs along their route, as well as the elevation. Apple Maps comes with features that give cyclists useful information to avoid surprises on their journey. The app also tells you how far it is to your destination and provides information about the estimated time of arrival. The app points out the shortest route, but it also takes into account which routes are busy and any potential delays.

5. Apple Watch OS7

the new Apple Watch OS7 features new technology that includes a 20-second countdown timer that lets you know when you have spent the recommended amount of time for handwashing. With the threat of Covid-19 everywhere, health professionals recommend washing hands for at least 20 seconds and doing so frequently. The new wearable technology automatically detects when the wearer is washing their hands and it also automatically starts the timer. If you stop washing before the time has expired, the watch will tell you to continue washing your hands. It’s one of the latest innovations from Apple that is helping people to live a healthier lifestyle in dangerous and uncertain times. This is the first wearable technology to address the hygienic value of handwashing and it takes the guesswork out of knowing if you’ve spent enough time at the sink to ensure that all potential threats have been washed away.

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