A Closer Look at the Nike Men’s Air Presto Essential

Nike Men's Air Presto Essential

When a customer steps into a shoe store in a bid to add a few pairs to their collection, several considerations run through their mind. Such include the type, cost, and features, among other factors. The Nike Men’s Air Presto Essential falls in line with most of what a customer considers ideal sneakers. Most of those who have had the pleasure of wearing this brand of shoes have nothing but praise for it. Here, we will take a look at what drives consumers into buying this particular sneaker while reviewing why others may opt to go for another brand.


To start with, the Nike Men’s Air Presto Essential shoes are sleek with a touch of class. They also come in multiple colors enabling customers to have an extensive range of choice. As such, an individual in them is bound to win the admiration of the masses. Furthermore, the topnotch quality is bound to boost the self-esteem of the wearer.


These shoes are made from a rubber outsole that is waffle-patterned, giving it a super traction quality and a firm grip on the ground. Besides the firm grip, the rubber outsole is weightless hence very comfortable to wear. The lightness also gives an individual an edge during runs. The Nike Men’s Air Presto Essential shoes have a midsole that is made up of phylon for maximum comfort. It consists of a lasting air-filled foam that gives the shoe a springy effect while walking or running on it and hence acting as shock absorbers. As a result, the sneakers absorb most of the ground-hitting impact during a walk or a run, consequently guaranteeing maximum comfort to an individual.

The shoes’ upper part has a flexible stretch mesh which makes the shoe generally light and comfortable to walk in and even run. Such features make it a darling amongst athletes and those who hit the gym regularly. The stretch mesh allows for ventilation keeping air flowing to an individual’s feet hence preventing sogginess. The innards of these shoes are also an epitome of comfort. The stretch mesh surrounding the feet area is soft and cozy, ensuring the feet fit perfectly without any straining. Additionally, the spring effect offered by the rubber sole also goes along in securing this comfort.


An individual’s protection is prioritized during the manufacture of these shoes. The waffle-patterned rubber sole holds the ground firmly ensuring maximum grip. Their rubber sole also gives them ultimate stability. With Nike Men’s Presto Essential, one will not have to worry about slipping and falling over even on wet surfaces. The innards also encompass the feet ensuring the feet do not keep sliding within the shoes, which can cause blisters. The rubber sole is also firm enough to prevent intrusion of external objects, thus ensuring the safety of the feet.


The Men’s Air Presto Essential shoes can be worn for multiple purposes. They are perfect for runners owing to their outstanding features and can also be a match for casual wears. Gym enthusiasts can also count on these shoes to serve them well. For those who spend hours on their feet, these shoes can come in handy too.

As for runners, the springy and bouncy effect offered by these shoes boosts their rebound energy. They offer return energy that supports and provides a powerful forward propulsion movement and significantly reduce the time between steps taken. Consequently, the athletes enjoy speed in their runs, serving as an edge any runner would want over their rivals.

For casual wearers, these shoes are a match for any outfit. They can be worn to go along with many other casual wears and still offer a smart appearance, thanks to their stylishness and classiness. The brand is also actually considered perfect summer wear by many of its fans.


It is hard to maintain many types of shoes, but that is not the case with this brand. These sneakers do not require special attention in their cleaning requirements as the material accommodatingly allows in water and detergent to effortlessly wash off dirt particles. Moreover, their material only needs a few wipes are to keep the shoes clean in case you do not want to give them a thorough wash. Such a feature is ideal for those who have limited pairs of sneakers yet workout every day.


According to Runnerclick review. In comparison with other shoes of the same type, this brand of shoes is very pocket-friendly. The cost as supported by multiple customers is cheap comparatively, yet the quality is excellent. On retail these shoes could go for not more than $120; a big step downwards in comparison to the similar competing brands.

What’s not to like

Just like other shoes, the Nike Air Presto Essential shoes also have their fair share of faults. The stretch mesh material while compared with other shoes like the leather ones is not the most durable. In extreme weathers like the rain, its lifespan is significantly shortened. Moreover, according to Runrepeat review, even under favorable conditions, the mesh upper parts wore out after several weeks of use, which questions the durability of this brand.

Furthermore, this is not the brand for very rough terrain, which limits their use to mostly indoors and other smooth surfaces such as tarmacked roads. Their use in harsh and rough terrains is dangerous as slips and falls are imminent, and consequently, injuries may result.


This brand of shoes can be described as light, comfortable, flexible, and breathable owing to their outstanding qualities and features. Furthermore, they are reliable for completing the casual look and are perfect for any form of exercise. Their classy and stylish looks in addition to their multicolored aspect give them an edge over other shoes in the eyes of potential customers. However, one should have in mind that these are just not the shoes for rough terrains and harsh weathers.

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