A Closer Look at The Nike React Presto By You

Nike React Presto By You

Nike makes great shoes. People love wearing them for the comfort and style, but have you ever looked at the color choices and thought, “that’s a nice shoe, but it’s just not a combo I’d wear?” No worries, Nike has your back. They thought of that, and now you can customize the React Preso to fit your style perfectly. No more waiting for a color that’s out of stock, or skipping a shoe because you need a different hue. Get ready for your Nike’s your way in any colors you want.

Bigger, Better, More Unique

The news gets even better. The React Presto isn’t the only Nike you can customize. You can custom up your Mercurials, basketball shoes, skate shoes, and lots of other choices. Pick your colors, change the words, even the laces and rubber soles come in plenty of classic colors. If that wasn’t enough, they’re bringing back the special characters like Shady Milkman, Brutal Honey, Unholy Cumulus and Rogue Kielbasa.

If you saw the ads back in 2000 for the Prestos, you’ll remember these fun and totally original characters. The cartoons were super popular at the time, so in as part of their ongoing retro campaign, you can pick these patterns for your kicks too. If you want Shady Milkman with red laces and sole, he’s all yours. The only downside is that you have to choose which one you like best or design more than one pair. The good news is that you can order as many as you like.

And More…

The original characters aren’t the only ones making a comeback with even more colorways and characters. We haven’t seen a comeback this epic since Jordan played the Flu Game in 1997’s Game 5 of the Series Finale. If you’re missing Rabid Panda, Psychedelic Lava, Witness Protection, Breezy Thursday, and Chatty Matador or you never had the chance to score the sneakers you really wanted back in the day; then this is the time to make it right with this re-release. You might want to grab a few pair before these fabulous retro cartoons are gone again. After all, who wants to wait another 20 years for the shoes they love?

“T-Shirt For The Foot”

The original release of the Prestos was dubbed the T-Shirt for the foot. Both the comfort and the style fit that description to a “T.” Nikes are already supremely comfortable and customized shoes. Yet, somehow, they manage to bring that to another level regularly. It’s hard to argue with a company that is willing to work so hard to keep its customers’ feet happy. If you’ve never worn a pair before, this is the best time to start since you know you’ll be able to get the best pair to fit your wardrobe with custom color choices. Fans of the Ugly-is-Pretty trend can mix it up for some truly outstandingly clashing shoe color options. On the other hand, you can also make custom all-one-color kicks to fit with any outfit or every outfit depending on your own taste.

Presto Change-o

You might be wondering why Nike chose to re-issue the Prestos specifically and what all the fanfare is about. The truth is that these shoes weren’t just fashionable; they were actually groundbreaking. In the 90s, Nike started playing with its design concepts in a big way. They looked at natural motions and the way the human foot and ankle bends and flexes when moving in different ways. A runner doesn’t pivot the way a basketball player does, and neither one comes down so hard on their soles as a skateboarder does all day. Different feet have different needs. The way we move should matter to a shoemaker, and Nike figured that out first.

Features like the “V-Notch,” at the ankle for more comfortable fit were among the many innovations they came up with to conquer and dominate the shoe game. The mesh upper body with its incredible, breathable airflow helped people everywhere cut down on sweaty foot odor by keeping them cooler for longer. In addition to the features, Nike even changed the sizing with Prestos ranging from 3XS to XXL. Before that, sizes were just standard, and that was all there was to say about it. Of course, we all know that, depending on the brand, that could mean different things. Nike just saw it as an opportunity to re-work another aspect of sneakers as a whole. It was a total success.

Like Magic

The other important innovation that led to the iconic Presto was its name. Unlike most shoes, named by their creators, or named after stars who helped design them, the Prestos had a different ides. They crowdsourced the name. Long before Kickstarter was a household word, Nike, to submissions from all over the world. Out of more than 300 choices, Presto Magic was the one that seemed to fit best. Prestos are amazing, whether you have an original 2000-released pair or you’re waiting on delivery for the latest model. Nike made history with these shoes, and so can you. When you wear their shoes, you’re honoring Nike’s long tradition, and even before that the Goddess of Victory who the company gets its name from. With that much magic, myth, experience, innovation, and tradition riding on your feet, you can do anything. That’s the real message behind these exceptional sneakers.

Final Thoughts

React Presto By You isn’t just another pair of shoes, it’s a slice of sneakerhead history you can wear. Whether you collect kicks, love Nike, or you just need an outstanding pair of custom color choice shoes, you won’t find a better deal. From changing out the details to picking patterns and modifying logos, there’s nothing like a true classic to show you know your shoes. What color(s) are you going to choose? Let us know with a comment.

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