NOMOS Glashutte Tetra Neomatik, in 33mm


Some of the finest watches in the world are made in house at the NOMOS Glashutte watchmakers in Glashutte, Germany. The NOMOS company of fine watchmaking has announced the release of the NOMOS Glashutte Tetra Neomatik, in 33mm. This watch offers distinctive new features that are sure to be pleasing in aesthetic and functional values. High quality craftsmanship and innovation in design and style contribute to the beauty and usefulness of this high end timepiece which are characteristic of the products generated by NOMOS.

Traditional elegance and luxury are delivered in this exquisite new selection offered in the Glashutte Tetra Neomatik line. You can depend on the finest in aesthetics and performance from the makers of this high end luxury watch

New movement

In the past year, NOMOS released a new movement which is making an appearance in their line of watches. The Neomatic DUW 3001 is an automatic and ultra thin movement that is being applied to the Tetra series. It has tincreased the size of the case from its old range of 27mm and 29.5mm to 33mm. The characteristic square shape of the Tetra line of watches is still the same with the exception of the increase in size, but the thinner movement which comes in at 3.2mm in thickness, has allowed for a thinner case which for many watch lovers is a definite improvement.



New alterations of the NOMOS Tetra are highly welcomed with the larger version of the uniquely square shaped watch. It features an archetypal design with modern enhancements with classical inner workings of the NOMOS Alpha caliber and refined angular exterior aesthetics.

This watch delivers high on character and charm with a host of appealing characteristics including Glashutte three quarter plate, Glashutte stopwork, seventeen jewels, Incabloc shock protection, decentralized seconds, Nivarox 1A balance spring, six position adjustment, stop seconds mechanism, blue tempered screws, Glashutte ribbing on rhodium plated movement surfaces, Glashutte sunburst on ratchet and crown wheel and NOMOS perlage.


The case is constructed of stainless steel, bipartite; The Tetra series hs the characteristic square case with colorful dials available in a range of colors. The size of the case is 33mm. If features a recessed subsidiary seconds dial with Arabic numerals that have been shortened for greater aesthetic value and a modern update, and on the outer minute track, a five minute indication. The new Neomatik DUW 3001 automatic movement which is manufactured in house has fbeen applied to this watch edition.

The dial is white silver plated and galvanized with steel hands. Genuine Horween Shell in Cordovan black with an 18mm lug width. This watch has tested to be water resistant to 3 atm. The power reserve for this edition is about 43 hours. Designed for resistance to impact and water resistance, this watch is highly functional and built to stand the test of time with long life and dependability.

About NOMOS Glashutte Watchmaking


DUW is short for NOMOS Glashutte Deutsche Uhrenwerke, which is a new name for the company that is indicative of the high production levels featuring in house production from their workshop inn Glashutte, Germany. The movements are produced by the NOMOS company which means that they are not outsourrced by third party producers.

This gives NOMOS a greater control over the quality and reputation that is generated in their multiple lines of luxury watches. NOMOS ensures that only the finest caliber of watches are made and distributed and their loyal fan base can attest to the quality, aesthetics and functionality of the NOMOS name.

Origins of destination

NOMOS Glashutte has become known as a center of excellence for high quality watchmaking. The Glashutte disignation of origin is strictly protected because of the intent of the company to ensure that the highest quality of standards are enforced and assured. Nomos Glashutte watches are manufactured with ninety five percent of the movement being built in Glashutte, although only fifty percent is actually required.

The company goes over and above requirements because of their refusal to settle for anything less than perfection. This is a part of the appeal of the watches that are produced by the company. NOMOS consistently goes over and above minimum requirements to craft their durable timepieces which will remain classic examples of some of the world’s finest watchmaking.

Tradition meets modernism


With tight controls on production and release, Glashutte watches are particular about the designs which are incorporated into Glashutte watches. There is a hint of Berlin in each of the creative designs which are by the way, conceptualized with a definite influence of the Bauhaus design school with a lot of character and zero hype. The company takes a no nonsense approach to design allowance and is particularly discriminating with regard to any new additions which are made.

The creativity of the in house design agency, Berlinerblau reflect their dedication for incorporating the necessary elements to ensure that each new addition moves the line Glashutte signature characteristics forward incorporating the elements of cosmopolitan, art loving and polyglot which sum up the essence of Berlin itself. Berlin, by the way is just a stones’ throw from Glashutte. The styles incorporated as updates offer the elements of modernity as well as retention of the traditional elements that remain classic within each edition.

Final thoughts

The NOMOS Glashutte Tetra Neomatic in 33mm is the heralded new arrival of the stylish Tetra watch line which has incorporated the new ultra thin movement for a new twist on modernity with an update of the traditional classic in the Tetra line. An increase in the size of the case offers an optional difference in aesthetics for those who prefer a larger face yet crave a thinner more comfortable fit with less bulk.

The newly released movement is a very welcomed addition to the NOMOS Glashutte Tetra family and it offers loya fans yet another option to choose from. When high quality is in demand, NOMOS Glashutte serves are a reliable and logical choice with enhanced aesthetics and dependability for charm, elegance and high functionality.

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