A Closer Look at the Norqain Adventure Sport DLC


Norqain is a luxury watchmaker that is known for its distinctive one-of-a-kind pattern that is featured on the dial of each watch that it produces. One of its most recent lines is the Norqain Adventure Sport DLC. This line is offered in a choice of variants for enthusiasts who are fans of the unique aesthetic that is exclusive to Norqain alone. Here are 10 things that you didn’t know bout the Norqain Adventure Sport DLC

1. The Norqain Adventure Sport DLC is the most affordable in the line

The price of the Adventure Sport DLC is just $2,190. This is the most reasonably priced in the Adventure Sport DLC line. Another variant is the Adventure Sport Chrono Auto DLC that is offered for $3,990. It’s nice to have choices.

2. The Adventure Sport DLC has a black case

The case of the Adventure Sport DLC measures 42 mm in diameter with a thickness of 13 mm. It is finished in a PVD DLC Black. This is where a portion of the name comes from. The lugs curve gracefully downwards to provide a slight arch, which makes the watch appear just a little taller on the wrist, but with a 13mm thickness, it has some room to play with. The finish has a satin aesthetic that offers a nice glow, but not a distinct shine. It’s the middle ground between matte and polished.

3. The dial is the standout feature

As mentioned earlier, one of the features that make this, and all other Norqain watches for that matter, unique, is the Norqain pattern. Vertical chevron patterns of gray and black lend a sense of texture to the dial and creative use of contrast between the lighter and darker colors to provide the illusion of depth in a background that is unique to Norqain.

4. The elements of the dial are classic

We love the use of Stick dial markers. They appear as raised appendages in grey with white insets that make them stand out for a high level of legibility. The hands are made in the same pattern with the application of white towards the ends that point toward the hours and minute markers. The minute markers are placed on the outside of the dial just inside the bezel that matches the rest of the case. This gives the watch a classic and sophisticated aesthetic.

5. The Norqain Adventure Sport DLC is water-resistant

This is a watch that you can safely wear in the shower or when you’re participating in water sports and activities. Although it is not a dive watch, it does have a fair amount of water-resistance. It’s stable up to 100 meters or 330 feet. This means that you can wear it when scuba diving, swimming, or other fun water sports. The build of the case and screw-down crown along with the sapphire crystal glass all contribute to its resistance to water for reasonable depths.

6. The movement is an in-house version

The Adventure Sport is powered by a Norquain09 caliber ETA 2824. It features a variety of functions. These include date, second hand, hours, and minutes. The movement is an automatic mechanical type.

7. It’s available in a chronograph version

The Adventure Sport Chrono Auto DLC NB1200 is a variant of the Adventure Sport DLC that is also available but for a higher price. There are some distinct differences in this version. One of them is its size. While the other version is 42 mm in diameter, the chronograph model comes in a 44 mm wide case. There are two other important differences. The strap is made of Nordura Fabric versus black rubber, and the price is higher. The nickname of this model is the Black Nordura, denoted by the strap. It features an automatic chronograph movement with sub-dials for the functions placed neatly on the dial. This version of the watch is beefier than its sibling and although the price tag is a lot steeper, it does offer a greater range of functions for those who like a good chronograph.

8. The Adventure Sport DLC is illuminated

This watch is easy to read whether you’re in bright sunlight or in the darkest night. The numerals stand out with white accents placed in the center of each, which makes them stand out very well against the black background. When it’s dark outside, the Superluminova that is applied to the hands and indexes give it a luminescent glow that allows you to easily tell the time without straining your eyes to see.

9. The bezel and case are made of blended materials

Another outstanding feature of this line of watches is that they are made to show a strong character in aesthetics as well as in their performance. This is a rugged watch with a case and bezel that are made from stainless steel with a DLC coating. DLC is an acronym for diamond-like carbon, which is one of the hardest substances on the face of the earth.

10. It’s just as attractive when you flip it over

The Norqain Adventure Sport DLC is a sophisticated watch when you view it from the front. When you turn it over, it’s just as exciting as the front side. You get a clear view of the mechanical movement working beneath through the see-through sapphire crystal case back. It’s a nice exhibition that lets you observe how the watch beats away with precision and accuracy to provide accurate timekeeping. It is also worth noting that you can opt for the unique engraving service to have the watch personalized with your name or with a message if it is being given as a gift. The extra charge for having this special engraving service is $168.48 on top of the official brand website’s asking price of $2,285. 00 for the Adventure Sport DLC. The cost goes up if you prefer the chronograph.

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