A Closer Look at The Oris Carysfort Reef Limited Edition

Oris is a luxury watchmaker that has taken pride in offering patrons innovative and unique models of wristwatches that hold their own in a challenging market within the niche that calls for high standards and continual innovation. The spark of creativity in the development of new models and special editions is also a requirement of a demanding clientele. These features are all present in the latest offering titled the Oris Carysfort Reef Limited Edition. Here are 10 things that you didn’t know about their latest very special creation.

1. The case is made of precious metal

The case of the Carysfort Reef Limited Edition is an Oris Aquis type with a width of 43.50 mm. The multi-piece case is crafted of 18K yellow gold with a GMT scale top ring made of ceramic. The case back is also made of 18K yellow gold with special printings and sapphire glass screwed to the main portion of the upper case for water resistance.

2. It’s as interesting from behind

The Oris Carysfort Reef Limited Edition wristwatch is nearly as attractive when you flip it over as it is from the front view. The watch has an exhibition case back so you can see the special inset featuring a blue background and yellow gold print and coral reef designs. The inscription briefly describes the cause with the phrase “30,000 corals planted.” It’s covered both front and back with a domed sapphire crystal. These offer a clear view of the front and back of the watch in all types of lighting thanks to the anti-reflective coating that has been applied to the crystals.

3. It’s water-resistant

The Carysfort Reef is remarkably water-resistant for an exhibition case back style. It features resistance to water up to30 bar. Oris accomplished this feat by designing the timepiece with a screwed case back that holds the parts tight and securely in place. The crown is also a security screw-in type that provides additional protection from moisture. The crown is also made of 18K yellow gold.

4. The details are impressive

We took a closer look at the case of the Carysfort Reef Limited Edition in 18K yellow gold. At first glance, it is an aesthetically pleasing watch, but a closer look reveals a true masterpiece. The gold case features a brushed finish with lugs that sport a lovely polished finish that gives the watch variance and a sense of depth and texture. The coin edge finishes around the exterior of the bezel or top cap is the same design as the crown, which gives it a luxurious feeling.

5. A portion of sales go to a worthy charity

The Carysfort Reef Limited Edition watches are a part of an effort to help fund the restoration of corals in our oceans that have died from the effects of climate change and pollution of the seas. Oris has partnered with the Coral Restoration Foundation and it has made a commitment to provide the charity with three examples of this rare watch to be auctioned at the discretion of the organization to help fund the effort to replenish diminished coral in the oceans.

6. This is an extremely rare watch

Oris has designated a strict limitation on the number of the Carysfort Reef Limited Edition watches in 18K yellow gold to be produced. There will be just 50 of them available for distribution around the entire planet. The reference number is 01 798 7754 6185. This number is inclusive of the three examples that will be donated to the Coral Restoration Foundation.

7. The decorative bezel is also highly functional

Nothing about the Oris Carysfort Reef Limited Edition is purely for aesthetics. For example, the bezel is a bi-directional rotating type made of ceramic in a lovely deep blue color that represents the ocean, and the fact that this is a true blue diver’s watch. Against a dark blue background, the 24-hour markers around the center or the rotating bezel are applied in white color that stands out with a high degree of legibility. This is also a GMT watch that has split blue and black colors to distinguish the functions

8. The dial features an ocean theme

We love the way that Oris designed the Carysfort Reef Limited Edition together thematically with various elements. The dial of the watch is a brilliant sunburst metallic blue that provides a dark background that makes the yellow gold hour and minute markers stand out. The application of white luminous material makes it legible in low light situations.

9. The strap ties the watch together thematically

The strap is made of genuine leather rendered in a deep blue color that matches the dial and bezel. It has a textile textured appearance. The buckle is also crafted of 18K yellow gold to tie all of the elements of the watch neatly together in an oceanic theme. Both the front and back of the wristwatch feature the colors of a deep blue ocean.

10. A stainless steel version is coming

The odds of being one of the 50 first takers on this very special limited edition wristwatch are slim. Although it’s a rare piece, when completely sold out there is always the chance that one will be offered up at an auction, but likely at a higher selling price than the original for the Carysfort Reef Limited Edition at $19,000 per piece. A stainless steel version is being offered for those who prefer a lower price tag with a less expensive metal. There will be a total of 2,000 examples of the stainless steel version made available. Those released with a stainless steel bracelet retail for a cost of $3,000 each and the examples offered with an orange rubber strap will be available for $2,800 each. This provides fans of the Oris Carysfort Reef Limited Edition a choice of 3 versions.

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