A Closer Look at the Parmigiani Tonda Tondagraph GT Acier

Parmigiani Tondagraph

Fairly new in the watchmaking game, Parmigiani Fleurier has already carved a name for itself in the industry. Parmigiani hails from Switzerland, which is known for being home to some of the best timepiece manufacturers throughout history. One of the company’s current products is the Tondagraph. The Parmigiani Tonda Tondagraph GT Acier is the ultimate watch for the modern man. It is sleek, classic, and modern all rolled into one. If you’re looking for the best looking and most useful every day watch, look no further. The Parmigiani Tondagraph is the right one for you. Here are 10 things about this watch that simply proves this point.

1. It has a dual complication.

We’ll start right off with something that makes this watch extra special. The Parmigiani Tondagraph combines two incredibly useful complications, which is unusual in the watchmaking world. The first is an annual calendar function, colored brightly in orange to stand out even more against the watch face. The second complication is the chronograph. This combination of complications is difficult to find anywhere else with the same value and precision that Parmigiani offers.

2. It’s glass is made out of sapphire.

Watch aficionados know that sapphire crystal glass is simply the best. This means that the Tondagraph is basically scratch resistant and shatter resistant. The anti-reflective quality also gives the watch an extra edge altogether. Synthetic sapphire is more commonly used in watches for similar benefits, especially since clear sapphire crystals are harder to come by. But the Parmigiani Tondagraph uses clear sapphire to protect its watches. This is essentially the highest quality glass you can get your hands on at the moment. Of course, all of this is reflected on the price.

3. It’s quite costly.

For the average buyer, the Parmigiani Tondagraph might be a stretch. But for those who can afford to shell out the amount, those who are avid collectors, and those who are simply looking for the best modern watch in the market, the Tondagraph is definitely worth it. At $19,500 apiece, it’s the kind of watch that is worth more for its value. It’s a legacy watch that can last for generations upon generations.

4. It is water resistant.

This particular watch is considered a sports chronograph, and it definitely has the capabilities to be considered as such. The Tondagraph is water resistant up to 100 meters. With this feature, the watch can be worn in the pool without danger of getting damaged. The sapphire crystal glass adds an extra layer of protection as well.

5. The movement is impressive.

Apart from all the impressive features already mentioned here, perhaps the automatic movement tops them all. The Tondagraph’s automatic movement has a total of 443 components and 56 jewels. The oscillating weight is made out of 22k solid gold and the bridges are coated with a Côtes de Genève finish. In addition, the watch can have a total power reserve of 45 hours. All the numerous components of this watch work seamlessly together to create a function that’s strikingly complex and useful. Also, the calendar complication only needs to be reset once a year.

6. It is a GT watch.

The Parmigiani Tondagraph underwent a redesign after its initial concept release. It now has a GT designation, which stands for Grand Touring. The redesign is inspired by the Tonda Chronor, which the company manufactured to celebrate its 20thanniversary. That watch was the 2017 Chronograph Watch Prize awardee from the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie. The Tondagraph GT reflects the best of the Chronor while taking its own special features into overdrive. It’s the kind of watch that goes the distance when it comes to style, function, and expertise.

7. It has only one other variant.

Rare timepiece designs such as the Parmigiani Tondagraph GT really doesn’t need variants to begin with. But this particular watch does have one other variant, and the only thing different on it is the make of the bracelet. The original comes with a stainless steel material for its bracelet, while the variant offers a high quality rubber material instead. The difference is mere preference, but both designs are sleek and sporty at the same time. The rubber bracelet does have its advantages if the watch is to be worn outdoors more, but it also has a dressy appeal to it at the same time. The rubber strap sells at a slightly lower price of $18,500.

8. It’s a well-balanced watch.

One of the things that set Parmigiani apart from their peers is its attention to a different set of details. When it comes to watches, watchmakers will always have technical improvements to make. One of the things that Parmigiani does best is pay attention to comfort and balance. After all, watches are meant to be worn, and they are meant to be worn all day, most days. It doesn’t matter much how great a watch is if it doesn’t sit comfortably on the wrist. The Parmigiani Tondagraph GT has incredible weight distribution and form, so it actually feels good to wear.

9. It’s in limited supply.

This is probably one of the main reasons why you should get your hands on the Tondograph GT as soon as you can. Parmigiani is only going to make 200 pieces total of the original steel strap design. That’s not a lot when you’re thinking global distribution, but that’s just an added layer of special to this timepiece.

10. You can’t get them just yet.

At the end of the day, you’ll have to decide if this watch is worth the price and worth the trouble. The Parmigiani Tondagraph is currently on pre-order, and you’d have to put in an order with a distributor. Delivery will not begin until August, so you’d also have to decide if the watch is worth the wait. We expect the value of the watch to only rise once delivery has begun. Knowing what Parmigiani is all about and what they are capable of creating, we’d say that the Tondagraph GT has enough bells and whistles to grab our attention and maybe even grab our pockets.

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