A Closer Look at The Patek Philippe Ref 6007A-001 Calatrava

Patek Philippe Ref 6007A-001 Calatrava

The luxury watchmaker Patek Philippe has produced some of the finest and most collectible watches in the world. With a stellar reputation for excellence in workmanship, premium materials, and innovative design infused with the latest technological advances in watchmaking, The brand has made the announcement of its latest production the Patek Philippe Ref. 6007A-001 Calatrava. To properly introduce you to Patek Phillipe’s lastest masterpiece, here are 10 things you didn’t know about the new Calatrava.

1. The Ref 6007A-001 Calatrava is a limited edition

The new Calatrava was made in commemoration of the first year of production in a new building. The structure is called the PP6 building and it is the production center where the magic takes place. It was opened for use in 2019 for the express purpose of creating the flagship About Time Series. The new Calatrava will become a part of the archives of the meticulous history of the brand that is maintained. Only 1,000 examples of the Ref 6007A-001 Calatrava will ever be made. This small number will be made available for sale throughout the world and it will become a rare collectible from the moment of its release.

2. The Calatrava is a rarity for Patek Philippe

We start our examination of the new Calatrava commemorative edition with a look at the case. For Patek-Philippe, the use of the highest quality stainless steel is a rare occurrence. What really makes the case stand out above all others is the fact that it is made with polished stainless steel with a bezel that is broad and cambered to create a sense of depth and character. The design is bold yet understated for a remarkable blend of simple elements that catch and hold the eye. The width of the case is 40mm and the depth is 9.07 mm.

3. It has an exhibition case back

The new Calatrava is just as interesting when you flip it over as it is from a frontal view. This unique and very special timepiece features a sapphire crystal case back that allows you to view the mechanical workings of the movement beneath. It includes the Calatrava cross along with the inscription that reads “New Manufacture 2019” to commemorate the date of the new PP6 building and further distinguish this limited edition timepiece.

4. The use of color and texture is exquisite

Before we leave our examination of the case back we must point out what makes this so special. The clear covering reveals a unique gold plating on the movement beneath and there is a delicate engraving of the Calatrava cross in the metal of the movement that is easy to see. On top of this, the inscription that has been applied to the sapphire crystal is in white for the lettering as well as for a second Calatrava cross which is magnificently detailed and ornate. We found the use of white and gold to be exciting details that lend yet another aspect of personality to the timepiece.

5. A more common material enhances the rarity

It is worth noting that collectors who are familiar with the brand and who are purists at heart will understand why the use of stainless steel enhances the rarity of the new Calatrava. The Patek Philippe brand is known for its use of precious metals. Stainless steel is not a material that is routinely used in the design of its timepieces. For another brand, perhaps this would not affect the rarity of its productions, but in the case of a Patek-Philippe original design, it creates a new classification that is deserving of attention in the Calatrava line. This enhances the rarity and the overall value and collectability of the piece which amounts to a big deal for serious collectors.

6. The luminous material is another departure from the standard

Another feature of the new Calatrava that is considered to be a rarity is the application of luminous material to the Arabic numerals and hands. None of the previous 19 iterations of the Calatrava lineup feature luminous treatment. The devil is in the details and the discriminating eye will immediately discern this difference. This further makes the 6007A-001 a truly unique example within the Calatrava family. The design team took special pains to make this watch stand out from the others and they even applied the lume to the dial markers.

7. The indexes are markers are also unique

For the dial, the Arabic hour markers are a nice touch. Although not entirely necessary, Patek-Philippe included an inner hour scale which is obviously for aesthetics. This gives the face of the watch a more interesting personality with separate hours and minutes scales.

8. Even the crown features design elements

Continuing with attention to even the smallest details, you also must take a good look at the crown of this watch. A glance at the side reveals the delicate application of the Calatrava cross to the top of the winder. It sits atop the mirror-polished finish of the crown to add yet one more extravagance to the finished product.

9. The movement of the new Calatrava

The movement that powers the Ref 6007A-001 Calatrava is an inhouse manufacture caliber 324 S C, which is a self-winding movement with an incredible decoration of 21 karat gold for the oscillating weight. It beats at a frequency of 28,800 vph with a power reserve of 45 hours. The date is in aperture with features sweeping seconds function. It measures 27 mm in diameter with a height of 3.3 mm for a slim profile with 213 working parts.

10. The strap completes the aesthetic

We were thrilled with the simple strap that is also loaded with details that tie the theme of the watch together. It’s made of a fine calfskin leather material in a greyish-blue color. The fine print embossing gives it a sense of textile manufacture, which is brilliant. It features the Patek-Philippe symbol which ties the theme together wonderfully without taking it over the top.

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