10 Things You Didn’t Know about Pegasus Airlines

Pegasus Airlines is one of the numerous low-cost airlines that can be found out there. In its case, it specializes in serving the Turkish market, which makes sense because it is based out of Turkish cities. Due to this, its services are rather specialized in nature, though that can make them very well-suited for some consumers out there. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about Pegasus Airlines:

1. It Is Named for Pegasus

Of course, Pegasus is named for Pegasus, a figure from Greek mythology that looked like a winged horse. With that said, his background was much more bizarre than even what his appearance would suggest, seeing as how he was the child of a union between Medusa and Poseidon.

2. It Is a Fitting Choice of Name

The choice of Pegasus might seem strange, but it is more fitting than it seems on initial consideration. After all, the most famous story featuring Pegasus saw him helping the hero Bellerophon taking on the Chimera in Lycia. Granted, Pegasus Airlines is headquartered in Istanbul, but some of its bases are situated much closer to the relevant region, which is where the battle is said to have happened.

3. Started Up Because of Tourism

In December of 1989, a pair of businesses teamed up with Aer Lingus to create a charter airline that would cater to the Turkish tourism sector. Said charter airline started out with a fleet that consisted of two Boeing 737s and nothing more.

4. Suffered from Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait

When Iraq invaded Kuwait, that resulted in an occupation that lasted seven months before a U.S.-led coalition stepped in. Said occupation had a wide range of effects on a wide range of countries. For example, it had a negative impact on Turkish tourism, which in turn, meant that it had a negative impact on the newborn Pegasus Airlines.

5. Rebounded By 1992

By 1992, Pegasus Airlines had started prospering because Turkish tourism had managed to make a comeback. For proof, look no further than the fact that the airline purchased a third Boeing 737 before leasing a couple of Airbus A320s because of the surge in demand that happened in the summer season.

6. Bought Out By ESAS Holdings

Pegasus Airlines saw more than one change of leadership. Eventually, the business was bought up by ESAS Holdings, which proceeded to put Ali Sabancı in charge. It was Sabancı who made the fateful choice to turn Pegasus Airlines from a charter airline to a low-cost airline.

7. Biggest Private Airline for Passengers in Turkey By 2007

By 2007, Pegasus Airlines had managed to become a very important player in the Turkish market. In fact, it had become the Turkish private airline that carried the most passengers in the entire country, which was a rather remarkable feat to say the least. For context, Pegasus Airlines was transporting something along the lines of 4.4 million passengers by 2008.

8. Handles Its Own Training and Maintenance

There are some low-cost airlines out there that entrust the training of their personnel as well as the maintenance of their planes to other companies. This happens because running their own training and maintenance operations tends to be very expensive, which tends to make it more difficult for them to offer their low prices while remaining profitable. Pegasus Airlines is interesting in that it handles its own training and maintenance from start to finish.

9. One of the Sponsors of Türk Telekom Stadium

Like other businesses in other countries, Pegasus Airlines uses sponsorship as a way to make its name known to interested individuals, thus enabling it to have a much easier time selling its products and services to them than otherwise possible. One excellent example of this can be see in its sponsorship of the Türk Telekom Stadium, which is the home of the football team called Galatasaray Spor Kulübü. Unsurprisingly, association football is very popular in Turkey like it is in most countries situated all around the world.

10. Headquartered in Istanbul

Pegasus Airlines is one of the numerous Turkish businesses that have their headquarters situated in Istanbul, which is very much an economic center because of its location, its capabilities, and pure momentum. Besides Istanbul, the airline also has bases in other Turkish cities that enable it to better provide its services to its customer base.

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