Pet Cameras: How to Take Care of Your Dog from a Distance

Do you travel a lot and you feel sorry about your dog being left alone? Not being able to be with your dog 24/7 is really difficult, especially when you love each other a lot.  When you’re using a pet camera, not only that you get to see what’s up with your dog, but you may also talk and play with your dog when you’re away from home. In addition, technology has evolved a lot and nowadays camera don’t just snap fast shots, but they can also store and record videos of your dog in real time.

You may now find models that are motion-triggered or motion-activated. This means that every time your pet passes by the sensors, the dog camera treat dispenser is going to record a video/take a snapshot- it all depends on the functions of the pet camera. You’re going to be able to monitor your pet in real time and find out who chewed your favorite shoe. A virtual conversation with your dog when you’re not home? Taking a peek at your dog while you’re away for hours?

As for the social media addiction that we’re all facing- sharing the best moments of your dog’s life has never been easier. The real-time image capturing is going to help you identify any medical issues/emergencies the moment they occur. Many models today are going to help you make sure that your dog is safe at all time. if your dog likes living “on the edge” all the time, finding a fresh wound isn’t going to come as a big surprise for you. Let the incertitude disappear as a pet cam is going to help you see what happened throughout the day. You’re going to get all the answers you’ve looking for. Now you know why is your dog limping.

On top of everything else, new models aren’t just going to monitor your pet, but they also give them treats- as they’re so good and disciplined pets J

What features to look for in a pet camera?

Even if you’re not going to be able to find two pets that are the same, you’re definitely going to find cameras with features that make many pet owners content with their choice. Here are the features that matter when selecting your pet camera:

  • Easy setup and use – Some cameras are pretty hi-tech and their setup and use is a breeze, but they don’t make the best choice when you’re not a tech adapt customer.
  • Device compatibility – Are you planning to talk to your dog via your smartphone or your computer? Do you plan to talk to your dog or only to observe him throughout the day? If you’re interested in some live streaming, getting a pet cam that comes with a mobile app is going to be your best shot. Not only that you’re going to monitor your dog, but you’re also going to talk to him throughout the day.  Thanks to the competitive market out there, you get now the chance to start using this amazing camera that is especially designed for dogs. Furbo isn’t just a camera, it’s a smart dog camera that is going to give you the chance to talk, see and even offer a treat to your dog.  If you’re going to purchase a camera you should also consider the latest Furbo discount codes to get up to 45% off your next order.
  • Motion sensor ability – This feature is important especially if your pet likes to wonder off around the house, entering in forbidden rooms. The sensor is going to activate, sending you a signal. Of course, once you find out about it you need to have a “talk” with your pet.
  • Night-vision feature – Not all pet owners value this kind of function on their pet cameras so you should give it a good thought. If you’re going to go away for longer periods or you’re planning to spy on your dog at night too, the nigh-vision is going to be worth it. It may also give you more info than expected.

How to select the pet camera?

Apart from the features that help you get the information you need while you’re away from home, you may also have to pay attention to other functions.

  • Features – Go over the aforementioned features once again and try to see what’s important to you. Interactive cameras come with a lot of technical aspects and add-ons that may be overwhelming. Getting a sophisticated model is great for the info you get, but it’s useless if you don’t know how to use it.
  • High quality video – Watching a video that is low quality may be of no use for you. You should get something that’s at least 720p HD, making sure that every image is going to be crisp, clear and easy to observe. You don’t want to struggle when taking a look at your dog. You may also want to use some smartphone apps for the real-time updates.
  • Wide scope – You should get a camera that comes with a wide scope so that it covers the area in your house. after all, you want to use the camera for making sure that your pet is safe and sound while you’re away. If you’re not even able to see it in the frame, chances are you’re using it for nothing in the first place. Some cameras are able to go back and forth for catching good angles and corners. Don’t undermine the importance of the setup as well. You need to plug it too so take all these aspects under consideration.
  • Camera functioning – A camera that gives you plenty of control with zoom and tilt is always a reliable choice. You want to be able to see your pet from all sorts of angles, even when your pet is far away in a corner. Knowing that your dog is fine 24/7 is the reason for which you got the pet cam in the first place.
  • The whole package – The price also counts and the more features you want on your pet cam, the pricier the cam is going to be. You should also take a look at the reliability of the pet cam and the brand- last thing you want is to spend the extra buck only to realize that the pet cams isn’t going to hold up for a good amount of time. Don’t forget about the security of your pet cam! This may come as a surprise to you, but you shouldn’t leave out the hacking risks when using a Wi-Fi camera. Do due diligence and stick with the popular brands- they’re famous for a reason!


Stop sitting on the fence and get a dog cam that uses artificial intelligence to see your dog jump from joy or barking at strangers for no apparent reason. Wouldn’t be great to give your dog a treat for every single good thing he does during a day (and we all know that he does all of those great things!)

Do you love watching your dog sleep for hours? Get a dog cam! Is your dog a handful and you always come back home hoping that some things aren’t torn apart by your bored dog? A dog cam is going to rule the incertitude out and even let you discipline your dog while you’re away.

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