Pinrose: Frangrance Company Changing the Way We See Scent


Pinrose is a company that has its base in San Francisco, California. It was established in 2014 and in just two short years has realized tremendous success. Their fundraising has been successful but much of their growth has been due to the business savvy of the two co-founders. Pinrose is on the move and it is definitely a new startup company to keep your eye on for 2017.

Pinrose is a new luxury fragrance brand. It is based upon the use of technology that is designed to revolutionize the fragrance industry by reaching out to the millennials. The focus is upon the synesthesia platform which is a means of personalizing each customers’ buying experience. Visitors take a quiz that asks the preference for a series of sounds, shapes and colors. Upon completion of the quiz, a prescription is generated which in essence is a customized scent.

The quiz and customization is novel and so far, its catching on with more than one hundred thousand participants. Each customer becomes a contributor to the unique algorithm used in the program. This is definitely a new approach to manufacturing luxury scents and perhaps it is just what the industry has needed to make it more fun and interesting.

Who are the founders?

Erika Shumate and Christine Luby are the co-founders of Pinrose. It was their idea to start a custom perfume company that invites customers to participate in their own creations just by answering a few questions. It is a very special feeling to have a special fragrance designed especially for you. This makes them more of a one of a kind designer item and it’s no wonder that it is becoming popular. Shumate and Luby combined their knowledge of fractal geometry and the psychology of scent to develop the formula for this hot new startup. With this knowledge they put together the plans for the creation of personalized and individualized designer scent creation.

How are the perfumes created?

Pinrose eau de parfums are crafted by expert and Master perfumers including Jo Malone and Tom Ford’s perfumers. The ingredients are special because they are free of gluten, phthalate, paraben and cruelty to animals. The are made in the USA and the ingredients are declared to be of high quality. They are distributed for retail sale in Petal packs which are fragrance sachets and thirty ml bottles. The packs are made for busy women in mind and they are the best option for air travel.


Pinrose has raised funds in the amount of five million dollars since their inception. The first round brought in two million and they are near closing of a three million dollar series seed two round. Brian Spaly is the principal investor of Pinrose and he is the CEO of Bonobos Founder and Trunk Club Club. This gives Pinrose a substantial amount of backing to manufacture and promote their products.

Current product lines

Pinrose currently manufactures twelve eau de parfums. Their top seller is called “Secret Genius.” It retails for $24 for a petal pack of 25 and $55 for a 30ml bottle. The quizzes are available at some Nordstrom and Sephora stores or may be taken through the company’s website. The brand may be purchased at Birchbox or QVC as of right now and there are plans for IPSY to begin sales. In addition, Pinrose is expanding its product line to include scented candles and a roller ball gift set.

Marketing of Pinrose luxury fragrances

Their approach to marketing is reasonable. Although many people have yet to hear about them, the retailers which they have chosen to align with will give them massive exposure in the months to come. This is one of the benefits of partnering with the right corporations. People who prefer the elegance of luxury products frequently shop at the venues that Pinrose is associated with and this is good news for the founders who have worked to hard to get this new company on its feet and moving in a positive direction.

What the future looks like for Pinrose

The company has only been in business for two short years and it is already showing the earmarks of a successful venture. Contracts with Sephora, Nordstroms, QVC, IPSY and Birchbox are indications that the products are considered to be worth marketing for these high end retailers. With an adequate start up capital base, they are financially stable and there appears to be an above average interest in their products and services. They certainly have a unique if not novel approach to marketing their products. What is the most impressive is that after just two years, Pinrose has already begun to expand their product lines which is a good sign of growth. If they continue on the same track that they’re on now, the future should look very bright for Pinrose.

Final thoughts

Pinrose is still in its infancy, but is making some really good moves in the right direction. It offers a luxury product that has novel appeal to millennials. It takes advantage of technology to present a new approach to giving customers what they want in the form of choice and a fragrance that is designed specifically for them based upon their input into an advanced program that generates a prescription. We haven’t yet figured out if the success is in people believing that a tailored fragrance is where the real appeal lies or if the program really does choose the best combination of ingredients that is perfect for each personality.

We’re sure that in the months and years to come that there will be much more feedback available. We’re looking forward to watching Pinrose in its evolution and as it continues to expand and grow. The founders took a brave step into an uncertain future. Their approach is much like navigating through uncharted waters but their leap of faith appears to be paying off. We’re expecting to hear great things about Pinrose and their line of customized fragrance products. It will be interesting to hear more from customers who give their feedback in the form of reviews in the months to come.

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