Five Companies Leading The Way in Productivity Infrastructure


The world is becoming accustomed to increasing technology that provides vehicles for increasing productivity in all industries known to man. This has led to more companies advancing from fledgling startup status to unicorns in just a few years. Building the infrastructure is a pivotal part of building a successful business that will become sustainable and profitable in a short time. Tech companies that specialize in the development of productivity infrastructure-based products are reaping the benefits of this exploding in innovations and the high demand for such products. Here are 5 companies leading the way in productivity infrastructure.

5. Pivotal Software, Inc.

Pivotal Software, Inc., is a productivity solutions software developer that provides some of the largest companies in the world to adapt to a changing business and marketing environment. The tech startup offers a combination of a platform, methodology, and tools to help users obtain exceptional experiences when adapting to changes. The technology and products from Pivotal Software, Inc. are used by Fortune 500 companies for building and running essential applications through Pivotal Software’s cloud platform. The company has been in business since 2013. Its products allow software developers to enhance productivity through a scalable and transformable platform for software builders. Some of the Pivotal Software’s investors include VMware, Microsoft, GE Ford, Dell, and other tech giants. This is a company that is on the rise and it’s one to keep your eye on if you’re considering adding to your investment portfolio.

4. Springshot

Springshot is a San-Francisco-based tech company that focuses on the development of a cloud-based platform to help businesses in the service industry increase productivity infrastructure. Its platform optimizes collaboration and workforce efforts through web and mobile applications that give decision-makers a view of all levels of daily operations through a system of analytics and real-time reporting. This allows key managers and leaders to identify opportunities to increase workforce productivity in all sectors of the operations. Services are being used by airlines, hotels, and other complex service industries to assess current productivity levels and boost their infrastructure in key areas. The tools are easy for personnel to use to customize and mine the most useful data about the workforce in real-time. This allows for the creation of reports that offer in-depth insights into current systems and processes for analysis and making improvements. The platform is scalable and is tailored to meet the needs of each client. Springshot has a proven track record for boosting performance and pride in the organization among the workforce. This serves to boost morale and production as well as allowing key personnel to monitor the progress of production areas. It not only optimizes workforce performance but also improves customer perceptions and satisfaction.

3. Skedulo

Skedulo is a company that offers production infrastructure solutions for intelligent mobile workforce management. It’s suitable for use by all industries employing a mobile workforce by offering a new standard for productivity in a deskless workforce environment. The platform provides tools for organizations to manage mobile workforces to increase productivity and enhance customer satisfaction. Tools include intelligent management, dispatch, scheduling, and support for workers that are mobile-based and on the go. The platform provides mid-market and enterprise companies a solution that is equipped with robust integration capabilities that tie in with other platforms such as Salesforce, and others. This allows enterprises to unify their tech stacks and to move data through the organization more quickly and easily. The startup has been in business since 2013 with its headquarters in San Francisco, California. It offers a scheduling service that currently powers automation for over 5 million appointments worldwide. It’s backed by Costanoa Ventures and Blackbird, leaders in its VC funding campaigns that have so far, raised $40 million for expansion and operations enhancement.

2. Asana

Asana is a tech company that offers an all-inclusive platform to help companies organize their work teams from the smallest details to the larger overall picture. The tools allow for breaking tasks down into the smallest details and explaining what to do, when, and why it matters. It also helps them learn how to reach established company goals on an individual basis for each client. Asana is a California-based startup that qualifies as a software as a service business that provides productivity solutions that give key decision-makers within organizations crystal clear views of workforce activities with the bonus of recommendations for enhancing productivity in key areas to bolster the infrastructure and enhance the operation as a whole. The tools are designed to enhance communications and make collaborations more productive with fewer misunderstandings. The solutions offer everything necessary to keep workers focused and on track to hit important deadlines to enhance customer satisfaction.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is a production company that is designed to help any individual or company that relies on technical or report writing in its operation. It provides a comprehensive set of writing tools that provide insights into improving the correctness and quality of written texts. Grammarly was founded in 2009 in San Francisco, California. It employs a workforce of 170 local employees and a total of 500 workers around the globe. Grammarly improves communication for everyone from individual writers and students to those working in large companies. It operates on a digital writing assistant platform that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to analyze written text and provide feedback to the authors for improvement. It helps teams to write more clearly and effectively. The product is scalable and compatible with multiple other platforms and devices. Currently, there are more than 30 million users taking advantage of Grammarly’s productivity platform. It’s an empowering communication enhancement tool with the likelihood of transforming the writing industry with improved quality and faster writing and editing times. The platform is available on a free basic service that offers insights on spelling, syntax, and grammar for free. Premium versions offer more advanced recommendations for achieving perfection in writing quality.

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