20 Things You Didn’t Know about Puffco


Are you familiar with a company called Puffco? If you vape concentrate, then you might know exactly who they are. Otherwise, it all might be a bit of a mystery. Whether or not you vape, there are things about this company that should be universal to the way all companies operate. If you’re curious, here’s a list of 20 things about them that are eye-opening, to say the least.

1. They’ve been in business for several years

They started this business in 2013. Since then, they have been working steadily to provide the best possible customer experience that can be provided. They seem to have an innate understanding of what it means to consume concentrate, and they have zeroed in on that knowledge to ensure that everything they do is ultimately for the benefit of their customers.

2. They do everything in-house

It’s true, the company literally does everything in-house. They don’t foster anything out to third parties and they never have. It’s one of the things that the company was actually founded upon. They were insistent from the beginning that everything be done right there inside their own facility. As a matter of fact, when the company was first being formed, they quickly made the decision that if they couldn’t do everything in-house, then they wouldn’t move forward with the business in any capacity whatsoever.

3. They even design all their own products

Having everything in house means that they also design all of their own products right there on the grounds of their facility. It’s one thing to construct all of your own products and build everything in-house, but it’s something entirely different to design those same products as well. Clearly, they have a team of individuals that are very skilled and know exactly what they are doing. It would be safe to say that they also have a fair amount of passion for what they do.

4. They use concentrate, just like their customers

Another thing that makes this company completely unique is that they don’t have anyone working for them who also doesn’t use concentrate, just like the people who will be purchasing their products. They feel that it’s absolutely imperative that they use those same products and have the same experiences that their customers have, all so they can make the customer experience the best possible experience out there. They simply don’t feel like it’s possible to do that if you don’t actually use the product to begin with, because you have no idea how little nuances can make all the difference in the world. As such, they make sure that everyone who works for them also consumes concentrate.

5. The company stands by every product it makes

This is not a company who manufactures something and then leaves their customers to fend for themselves. Instead, they have a dedicated policy of standing firmly behind every product they make. They are always more than happy to answer questions and help with anything they can. For them, it really is all about the customer.

6. They make it a point to avoid using products that contain dangerous chemicals

One of the major issues with any type of product used to vape is the potential for dangerous chemicals to end up inside the lungs of the individuals who are vaping. A lot of that comes from the use of potentially dangerous plastics as well as chemicals that are used to hold certain parts in place. This particular company doesn’t use such products. They decided early on that if they couldn’t create a safe vaping experience for their consumers, they wouldn’t be in business in the first place. As a direct result, their products have a tendency to utilize different construction and design methods so that these potentially dangerous “industry standards” are not put in place.

7. They have a policy of making things right for their customers

It can’t be stated enough times that this is a company that has a strict policy of making things right for their clients. If someone isn’t happy with a product, they work with them until they either successfully address the issue or they replace the product with something that better suits that particular customer’s needs. They may be in the business of creating products that can be used to vape concentrate, but in reality it would seem more likely that they’re in the customer service business.

8. They manufacture a number of different pens and similar items

It’s true, they manufacture a number of different vape pens and other products. One of the more unique products to come along in some time is also one of their newest ones, an electronic pipe that essentially looks like something that your dad might have smoked, if only you could fast forward to some point in the future. It’s definitely one of the most talked-about products to come along in quite some time. Fortunately, they make a wide range of different products that can fit your needs, regardless of what those needs might be.

9. They’re all about helping you create a personal experience you can truly enjoy

They understand that you vape concentrate for a number of different reasons. In some cases, it is purely for medicinal purposes. In other cases, it is both medicinal and recreational. They want to help you create an experience that you can truly enjoy to the fullest. As a matter of fact, that’s why they have worked tirelessly to create products that allow you to do exactly that. There’s no doubt about it, you won’t find products like this through any other manufacturer.

10. Their products are award-winning

As a matter of fact, their products have won a number of awards. One of those awards is for the best medicinal product available. Truth be told, they have pretty much cornered the market when it comes to products that are designed specifically for vaping cannabis. If this is something that you’ve been told you need to do for medicinal reasons or you simply want to enjoy them for recreational purposes (in places where it is legal to do so), this is definitely a company that can provide you with everything you need to get the most out of each and every experience.

11. They sell related merchandise as well

It might not come as any surprise that they also sell related merchandise such as t-shirts. After all, a lot of companies do this. It’s actually a fairly ingenious technique. In addition to the products that they sell for vaping concentrate, they also have their own separate shop where you can purchase these types of items. It gives you an opportunity to purchase something that catches your eye or to show support, all while giving the company an opportunity to make additional funds. In short, it’s a fairly low cost way to ensure that another revenue stream is always coming in that is separate from the vaping products themselves.

12. They company has a number of videos on the website that help customers

If you find yourself in a situation where you’re not quite sure how to operate a new product or you need to troubleshoot it, the company has a number of videos on their website that are designed specifically for these purposes. They even have videos that they’ve set up which show you how to clean the products you purchased so that you can rest assured that they are cleaned properly. This extends the life of the product, ensures its safe operation and also guarantees that you get the most out of your vaping experience. It’s a great resource for customers who have questions, yet don’t need full-blown customer support.

13. They also have a dedicated support staff on hand

Of course, if you do find yourself in need of full-blown support, they do have a dedicated support staff on hand. The easiest way to reach them is to fill out the contact form on the company’s website. Alternatively, you can send them an email or even give them a call. However you decide to handle things, they have an entire team of people on hand that are willing to help you, who are also extremely knowledgeable about all of the products being sold.

14. They also have their own YouTube channel

That’s right, they have their very own YouTube channel. This channel allows them to post a number of different videos, most of them related to questions that have been asked by existing or potential customers. For them, it’s literally all in a day’s work. For their customers, it’s something truly special. These videos give them an opportunity to connect with customers in a setting that is independent of their own website. That in turn helps to build new relationships and strengthen existing ones.

15. They are determined to create the best experience they can for their clients

It doesn’t seem all that often that you find a company that is actually determined to create the best experience for their customers at every level. Unfortunately, these days most companies seem to be more about making money than anything else. That’s one of the things that sets this company apart. They care more about their clients and they understand that by doing business the right way, the money will come in on its own.

16. They tend to reach out through various platforms

While they have their own website and a rather large presence on YouTube, they also reach out to customers through a number of social media platforms, including Twitter. For them, it only makes sense to advertise in this way. After all, a lot of the consumers that fit their target demographic use these types of social media platforms on a daily basis.

17. They definitely know how to market their products effectively

You could definitely say that the company knows how to market their products. By putting information about the products out there on social media, they’re reaching countless numbers of individuals and they’re doing it without being forced to spend thousands of dollars on some advertising campaign that may or may not be effective.

18. The company is based in Los Angeles

According to their Twitter feed, they love being based in Los Angeles. One of the reasons they have such a fondness for this particular location is that it gives them an opportunity to work without so many restrictions. For example, they could never have the freedom to do what they do in a number of other states, especially those located in the center of the country. In LA, they have the chance to create the best products possible. Most importantly, they have the freedom to make it all a reality.

19. They’ve started an annual event called PuffCon

It might seem odd that they have their own annual event, but it has been a popular one in the past and the one that’s coming up in October of 2022 is shaping up to be just as popular. It’s also a bit of marketing genius. In order to get access to the event, you have to have purchased one of their newest products. That guarantees you a single ticket into the event, a place where you can learn about all types of things, see new products and purchase countless numbers of additional items from the company, all in a single weekend.

20. Some of their products can even be linked to your smartphone through an app

If you really want to take things to the next level, some of their products can even be linked to your smartphone through a special app. This gives you an opportunity to control things like color displays, the temperature of the product and virtually every other aspect of your experience with a single tap on your screen. It allows you to personalize your experience and it gives you an opportunity to change things up so you don’t find yourself doing the exact same thing every time.

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