Could you Quit Your Job and Strike Out on Your Own?

Ever dreamed of quitting the rat race and becoming your own boss? Or maybe you haven’t even climbed onto the corporate ladder yet and are looking for a non-traditional career path?

It seems like the entrepreneurial spirit is everywhere these days. And for good reason. With corporations showing less loyalty to employees and the bulk of profits finding their way into the pockets of top executives and wealthy investors, there’s little incentive to spending one’s time and energy making other people rich. Sure, there’s the security of a steady paycheck and having someone else bear the ultimate responsibility for decisions, but let’s get real. When a company’s finances start to wobble, it’s often the “little people” who are the first to pay the price.

For those who might interpret these sentiments as cynical or anti-capitalist, nothing could be further from the truth. Capitalism is about two things: rewarding those who take risks and letting the free market determine the winners and the losers. The more the rest of us adopt their principles, the more competition they’ll face in recruiting talent and acquiring and retaining customers. Is there anything more capitalist than motivating one’s rivals to earn their share of the market?

Find Your Niche Online

If that little discourse has awoken your inner industrialist, how do you go about turning your talents and passions into a successful business? If you’re like most of today’s budding movers and shakers on the start-up scene, your new venture will probably involve some variation of e-commerce. Why is this the entry path for so many successfully self-employed people? Several reasons:

  • There are fewer start-up costs compared to opening a physical business.
  • While the initial time investment is great, once established, success has the potential to snowball.
  • There is literally a market for everything online and a new generation of advertising tools to make it easier than ever to find your niche audience.
  • You can manage your business from anywhere in the world, even while on the road.

Stuck for ideas? This Forbes article about ways to make money online is brimming with them. Of course, if you’re feeling particularly bold, why follow a heavily trodden path? It could be that you’ve got the makings of the next Mark Zuckerberg and will help usher in a completely new craze that will take over the internet. It could happen, right? The point is, anyone can have a great idea. It’s the putting the idea into action part that holds many a prospective success story back from reaching that shining moment.

Trusting yourself, your instincts, your experience, and your skills are essential if you’re going to win the trust of others. Combine this with a willingness to learn, adapt, and persist, and before long, you’ll be on your way to creating your own destiny. Maybe you can even bend the capitalist rules a bit and share the wealth with the little guy?

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