The Rado HyperChrome Ultra Light

Every watch is unique in its own way and watch enthusiasts appreciate every watches’ individual qualities. Some watches, however, really make a statement and stand out among the others with their distinct look and design or their explicit function. Watch makers continuously work to take their timepieces to the next level using the latest innovations in technology. Some watch makers are the trend setters in watchmaking and lead other brands in the industry with new ideas and techniques for making better, more accurate and functional watches. They also like to test the waters with design ideas. They create pieces that will impress from the average watch owner to the biggest watch enthusiasts and collectors. Rado watches is one brand that has set their mark in the watch industry. They have continued to impress everyone with their brand designs but one watch that has really made an impression is the Rado HyperChrome Ultra Light watch.

HyperChrome Ultra Light

Although Rado is a Swiss watch maker, it uses a different design technique as opposed to traditional Swiss watch makers by using more innovative high-tech materials in their designs. They have always been a pioneer in using unique materials in their designs, such as the hard metal Tungsten and Titanium Carbide. These are high-tech ceramics. They also use Lanthanum and Sapphire Crystal. The HyperChrome Ultra Light is one of these distinct designs that was constructed using high-tech materials. As a matter-of-fact, due to the materials used and the complicated production process of the watch, the HyperChrome Ultra Light, wasn’t released until late 2016.


This is a sophisticated looking watch with a futuristic design and might be compared to the sleek and sporty look of that of a sports car. The striking ergonomic design of the entire outfit, from the face to its Nato strap, are simply eye-catching.

Case – The case was made using silicon nitrate ceramic, a hardened titanium along with anodized aluminum. If gives the watch the same type of glisten and intricacy of steel, but this watch is a more comfortable watch on the wrist due to its lightweight feel. Ultimately, the ceramic makes this watch half the weight of traditional materials, and yet, even harder than the others.

Face – The face is the epitome of a simple-sleek design. The face was given an index free dial that is textured with gently sweeping downward concentric grooves. Rado chose an intriguing deep grey monochrome color palette to give it a contemporary and simple finish that is easy to read at a glance. There is nothing overstated or busy about this face, as a matter-of-fact, there is just enough texture on the face that it can almost be undetected. A gentle downward shifting movement pattern, the same that you might find in the sand of a Zen garden.


The Bezel is a fixed Bezel and the case was designed of Titanium and measures 11.2mm in depth and 43mm width. It weighs just 56 grams. These specs mean the watch is lightweight, but it isn’t exactly a small watch. There is still some girth to it and may wear better on someone without a small wrist. The dial does display the date, but that is all you will find on this simply tasteful face.

The dial is black in color and because the watch sports such a sleek, streamlined appearance, the watch itself does not look busy or crowded itself, and it does not appear overstated on the wrist either. One thing that keeps the watch so sleek is the fact that there are no numerals or even markers of any kind on the face. The Rado logo, “Swiss Made” sits at 12 o’clock, and the word “Automatic” is runs down in a straight line, the bottom length of the watch, from the “mid” of the face, to the bottom.

The movement offers a 65-hour power reserve and the movement can be seen through the Ultra Light’s sapphire caseback. The movement operates in 21 jewels and is wound using the large black rotor at the top of the watch. One final touch is the usual branding by Rado, with this particular watch also including “LIMITED EDITION One out of 500” placed just under the crown.

Bottom Line

Many watch wearers associate thick, hefty watches with quality when in fact, this is not the case. This thin, lightweight masterpiece is nothing if it isn’t a quality watch with the most innovated materials used in making every aspect of it. One of Rado’s finest watches to-date, and they know it. That is why only a number of them have been made; it’s that unique and special and can expect to spend close to $3,000 to own one of these special editions.

About Rado

From its modest beginnings in a home office, Radon grew to be one of the biggest and most well-known watch brands across the globe. In 1917, brothers Fritz, Ernst and Werner set up shop using a portion of the home they grew up in and began working with watch movements. By the end of World War II, The Schlup & Co had become one of the world’s largest watch movement factories and was continuing to grow,

Rado is a popular Swiss watch manufacturer that is headquartered in Lengnau, Switzerland. In the 1950’s, The Schlup & Co moved to a new brand name and began selling watches under the name Rado. Shortly after, the first watch collection was sold under this brand, the Golden Horse Collection, followed by the Green Horse Collection, which was one of the first water resistant watches made. By the end of the 1950’s, Rado was globally recognized as an international brand in over 61 countries. Another milestone was the 1961 scratchproof DiaStar 1 and in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s, Rado mastered the edge-to-edge metalised sapphire crystal case cover on their Rado Dia 67 piece.

Rado has continued to lead the industry with new techniques, designs and use of revolutionary materials that together, have created some of the world’s most beautiful timepieces in the watch industry. Their brand philosophy is, “if we can imagine it, we can make it,” which they have proven to be true, time and time again. One of Rado’s most prized timepieces is the Rado HyperChrome Ultra Light watch.

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