Reading Between the Lines

As a Motivational Speaker, Message Discovery Coach and Content Creation Specialist whose primary message speaks to the beauty and power of purpose; I find myself constantly revisiting how exactly it is that I read between the lines of my life story.

How many times have we heard the term; “Our stories are always greater than we are…”?  This is true, our stories are greater…but those stories that reside between the obvious lines of our stories are equally as powerful, equally as great!

This morning at around 2:30 am as I opened the front door to our home, dragging my luggage across the threshold after returning from a 3-day speaking engagement trip to Toronto, Canada…I heard myself breath aloud; “Wow, it sure is good to be home!”  Not even one second later I heard my spirit respond…” Yes, and isn’t it even more awesome that you HAVE a home?”  I stood for a moment rooted within the foyer, the front door still wide open as the Uber driver pulled out of our driveway, and I marveled within that overwhelming feeling of gratitude that washed over me at this sudden revelation.

You see, it was not so long ago that I was literally homeless, living in shelters, abandoned vehicles some nights, couches and corners within drug houses, basically where ever I could find shelter. I wandered through nearly two decades of a drug induced reality never feeling as if I truly belonged anywhere, believing that I was worthy of nothing good…especially love and happiness.

Having survived years of incarceration within a broken existence within the state Foster System you see, had left me deeply wounded…but far from damaged beyond repair.  I can tell you this now, share this epiphany if you will…but it was not always so easy, it was not always so profoundly self-evident.

This journey we all know as life is a well-crafted story, a story that in many cases is being written for each of us long before we ever draw our very first breath within this world. Each of our stories is sprinkled with all the elements required of a classic…a true page turner; there are thrills and tears, there is laughter and romance, there is peace, and of course…there is pain.

Many are not aware that while we are living out the very writing of our stories, we are also simultaneous reading these very stories.  What I mean is this, let’s take my earlier reference to my returning home this morning from Canada.  The event within that page of my story was the realization, the gratitude I felt the moment I entered the confines of my home…that was my writing within my story.  That moment which I referred to as my spirit responding, well…that was the reading of my story, that was in my opinion what I refer to as “the reading between the lines.”

The events that we all experience in life; the good, the bad, and the ugly (to use another clever and commonly used twist of phrase), are there to earmark the beginning of new and exciting chapters within our stories, but it is the experience that lives between each event that provides the key to unlock every door of opportunity within the land of purpose.

How many times have we clutched with a death-grip, those pages that contain the writings of all the painful or not-so-happy events within our stories, refusing to believe that we can ever find joy, understanding, or growth from such horrible occurrences?  I know for certain that I have been guilty of this form of legacy sabotage many times over, in some cases filling my pockets with pages of events that I carried for decades on end.  It was not until I summoned the courage to look towards the far-reaching boarders of the universe, of which there are none…, that I was able to empty my pockets of the events of my story and begin to read that message which was the purpose of my story all along.  I began to read not only my story, but to read between the lines of my story, that wonderful world wherein purpose lives, I began…to embrace and appreciate the experience!

Once a person moves past the event and steps unconditionally inside the experience of said event from a place of expectancy and love (not fear) the story, their story…begins to read as it should; a page-turner…a true classic!

Each of us has been granted one opportunity to write that classic story that will remain within this world long after we have departed, it is called our journey, it is called a life.  Each of us has been provided the ink in which to write each word of our own never-ending story, that ink is known as purpose, it too is known as life.

Take a moment from time-to-time to go back, time travel if you will in the only direction we can…take time to remember.  When we revisit those events that have come and gone, we no longer have the need to carry them with us, we then can fill our pockets with the pages of our story that we are creating right here…within the now.  If you, like so many of us do; constantly find yourself writing and rewriting the same pages, then simply re-member yourself to those times, only now take advantage of this gift of time travel to not only read the event over and over, but to read between the lines.  Read, or perhaps write for the very first time…those missing words of forgiveness, of strength, of faith, of purpose.  If you must travel back to the events, then go there with the sole purpose of editing the pages that require a fresh look, a message of encouragement and growth.

Yes, we all have a story that the worlds of today and tomorrow deserve to hear, to read, to learn from; but those stories will only exist as classics to achieve this outcome if they are written as such…as classics.  Each day there will be new events of every genre, embrace them and learn from them, or release them and learn from them. Repeat the process repeatedly, for this is the road of purpose which leads to the world wherein legends and the legendary live on…, forever!

Never just read the lines of any story…re-member and begin living within the lines of your story, do this…and you soon will be reading between the lines of every story.

It is and always will be…100% about the experience!

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