10 Reasons to Consider the Nike Epic React Flyknit

Nike Epic React Flyknit

Nike is one of the most prominent and innovative shoe manufacturers in the world. The brand has brought us hundreds of signature lines and special edition sneakers throughout the decades. One of the classic lines is the Epic React Flyknit. If you haven’t yet tried them, we have 10 very good reasons to offer why you should consider this sneaker as a part of your active wear wardrobe.

1. The Nike Epic React Flyknit has high scores from users and experts

One of the first things to do when you’re trying to find out about a model you’ve not yet tried is to consult the reviews. We went to the source to learn what people who have actually worn the Epic React Flyknit have to say about it as well as how the experts judged this. A panel of 48 experts on sneaker design, comfort, innovation, durability and performance gave this shoe an 88 out of 100 score, which is remarkably high. People who own the Epic React Flyknit and have worn them gave the sneakers a score of 4.2 out of a possible 5, based on the reactions of 565 users.

2. It just keeps getting better

The Epic React Flyknit is a model that isn’t going to go away anytime soon. Nike is known for continuing the lineage in models that the pubic wants to buy. The Epic React Flyknit has amassed a following of satisfied customers who continue to procure the shoe each time there is a new release because of its comfort and its quality. The new edition of the model was released as the Epic React Flyknit 2. Nike has made a few changes to the shoe but wearers report that it has the same great feeling and performance as the previous edition, and they love the new streamlined look and color pop at the midsole.

3. It’s the first shoe model to use undiluted React material

The React foam that is used to cushion the Epic React Flyknit can only be found in an undiluted form in Nike’s Epic React. They’ve designed the shoe to include a full length form of the material. This is the noticeable difference that wearers experience when they compare the feel, comfort and response of the Epic React with other models and with comparable brands models for that matter.

4. Perfect balance of comfort and support

One of the main reasons that so many people are hooked on the Nike Epic React is that it is really comfortable. It is designed with the perfect balance of react foam for cushion comfort but the support is also there. They’ve done a great job of making this shoe comfortable and flexible, without sacrificing the support that is necessary to maintain good foot control whether running, walking or participating in sporting activities.

5. Epic React foam is the real deal

Period. These are not gimmicky lifestyle shoes. They are made for real runners. The Flyknit upper is very form fitting, and never felt sloppy, even during sharp turns and pivoting. The ride is responsive, yet soft, and never sloppy. The Epic React works well as an all around shoe. At 7.8 ounces for a men’s size 9 US, you’d be hard pressed to find a shoe with this much cushioning-to-weight ratio.

6. The Epic React Flyknit is incredibly stable

Another reason to consider the Epic React Flyknit is because of its incredible stability. This shoe is made with a TPU heel clip and with counter stability that keeps your feet protected and supported but Nike has nailed this feature by making it just flexible enough in the right areas to guarantee comfort. If you’ve ever worn a sneaker that was stiff at the heel, you know how easily they can cause blisters to form. This isn’t a problem that you’ll have with the Epic React Flyknit.

7. They’re natural for your feet

If you enjoy having more natural movement for your feet, without tight restrictions then you’ll probably love the Epic React Flyknit shoes. This is a comment that has been made by several people who reviewed this model and gave their opinions. The shoes give you more kinesthetic sense with the feet so you know where your feet and the ground are and this is a characteristic that can actually help in the prevention of trips and falls.

8. They’re super lightweight

The Nike Epic React Flyknit is made of materials that are light in weight, yet durable and strong. These are all pluses. The lightness helps to prevent leg, ankle and foot fatigue. It also gives you a more defined spring in your step. To give you an example of what these shoes weigh, a men’s size 10 is just 8.4 ounces. Another great benefit is that they are light in weight without sacrificing support.

9. They’re stylish runners

The Nike Epic React is available in a variety of colorways. The new Epic React Flyknit 2 is even more streamlined and attractive. This is one of the more consistent comments we hear from reviewers giving the reasons why they like this model so much.

10. They live up to the hype

The Nike Epic React Flyknit and Flyknit 2 have a lot going for them. They’ve been among the most hyped models, but they in fact, do live up to the hype. They’re well ventilated thanks to the flyknit material, and this helps to keep your feet dry and more comfortable. They’re comfortable running shoes that offer just the right amount of cushion and support with a unique material that can actually put a spring into your step because of their high degree of responsiveness and light weight. These are the reasons why we so highly recommend you check out the total line of Nike Epic React Flyknit as well as the more recent Epic React Flyknit 2.

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