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10 Reasons You Should Consider Fundrise As An Investment


A common meeting point of thought amongst economic pundits and investors is that real estate is a sector to look at when investing. In the last few years, it is a fast-growing industry, with its returns lifting it higher to the throne of worthy business ideas. If you want to venture into the real estate sector, then Fundrise is a front to look at. It is an online-based investment hub that provides an efficient way to get into property investment. It seeks to change the conventional method of getting into the property market by taking advantage of technology for a system minimizing costs and poor incentives.

1. Easy To Venture

One thing that comes into the way of several potential investments is the hassles encountered when trying venture. With Fundrise, the path is more comfortable to take, primarily when you focus on the financing part, which most of the time, is a hurdle to many. There are several portfolios, which are like the funding plans for the investment project. There is the starter portfolio, which is a worthy choice for new investors. For this portfolio, the minimum funding is $500, which is quite friendly.

2. Suitability In Long Term Investment Plans

Fundrise is suitable for long term investment plans. If you plan on looking at your returns in period of maybe five years and above, then you should try out this crowdfunding model. A look at its Fundrise’ historical section on its website shows you how lucrative the annual returns are. However, if you want periodic payments taking on a short term deal, you can opt for the redemption plan. With this plan, you get liquidity monthly following terms and conditions on your agreement.

3. Orientation To The Financial Trading Market

The financial trading market is another investment hub gaining traction in this age. If you understand how the market operates, then you can easily make a killing from investing in various trading instruments. Talking of trading instruments, in Fundrise, you own shares in terms of real estate investment funds. According to Moneycheck, the real estate traded funds are trading options which allow capital injections from investors. With the acquisition of rent and appreciation of rental prices due to inflation and other economic conditions, the value of the trading option subsequently appreciates. Their status works like most trading instruments, particularly derivatives trading.

4. Partial Ownership Of Asset But Still Receive Dividends

The Fundrise model is suitable if you do not want to own property yet, though you want gains by venturing into real estate. The company’s team takes over the tedious process in sorting and acquisition of the right property. Your investment is the capital to have the venture afloat. Business model review site Nerd Wallet also brings to light the underwriting process that the crowdfunding project undertakes on your behalf. It then determines the allocation procedure.

5. Buy-Back Promise

Rushed up investments are common occurrences. Here, you find yourself in a deal that you, later on, realize you did not want to buy into. Several openings such have a policy where once you seal the deal you cannot opt out. That does not apply to Fundrise as it has the 90-day money-back promise. The first 90 days after you buy into the crowdfunding deal you can request redemption, where Fundrise buys back the stake at the original amount. Some restrictions may apply, but with such an opening you know you can easily opt out if need be.

6. Expert Management

Another reason for you to consider the real estate crowdfunding project as a suitable investment is the expert management you are entitled to. The management consists of a team of qualified professionals drawn from fields such as real estate management, economics and technology. With such a team having your back, you have the guarantee of proper handling of your stakes as well as receiving professional advice on how to handle your venture.

7. Get A Piece Of The Lucrative Private Sector

Fundrise focuses on the private property sector, which is very lucrative. As an area of interest, you have a variety of real estate projects to buy into as well as minimal interference from other entities. As evident from ECDPM, the influence of the private sector to countries' economies is laid bare.

8. The Investment Fees

A critical area you need to look at is the fees you incur when staking into properties. With Fundrise, the charges are reasonable; another reason to consider it as an investment worth looking into. The company handles the investing directly; hence it eliminates brokerage and placement fees. There is, however, an asset management fee and an advisory fee, that is relatively affordable when compared to other similar entities.

9. Safety Investment

You also have the assurance of safety in your venture. It is so because you have the shield in terms of the real estate, which is an illiquid asset. Illiquid assets, though possessing risk like any other assets, their fluctuation factor is quite low as compared to liquid assets.

10. Cement Your Path To Home Ownership

The crowdfunding project is an area to look at if you seek to achieve your homeownership goals. It works like a mortgage, but you will have an asset on your possession. Once the home is in your possession, you can either sell it at a profit or give you a wall to lean on as collateral in case you need a loan.

Parting Shot...

Fundrise combines the idea of investment and technology, infusing the efficiency factor to make it a worthy approach as a venture. It is an excellent orientation to the real estate market where you benefit from a professional management team. Additionally, there is the advantage of the ease of entry courtesy of the affordable packages to pick from. Fundrise is an excellent project that despite being young in the market is making incredible strides that forms its foundation as an investment to consider.

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