A Closer Look at the Reebok Sneeze Mag X Club C

Reebok recently announced the release date for the Sneeze Mag’s Club C sneaker. The model was made available for purchase on June 11th with some retailers scheduled to receive their shipments a day later. The brand also revealed plans to donate 100% of the profits generated through sneezemag.com to support the Black Lives Matter cause. If you missed out on the news here are 10 things about the Reebok Sneeze Mag X Club C that you didn’t know, but might appreciate.

1. It’s a simple design

Reebok is following the emerging trend of creating a simple sneaker and energizing it through the use of interesting themes. The black and white theme is one that creates a clean looking sneaker that is well balanced aesthetically. It’s a white sneaker with a classic presentation, that is contrasted by simple black accents of the inner lining, the tongue, the laces, and the “sneeze” lettering written on the sides.

2. The construction is a bit more complex

What appears as a straight-forward sneaker is really a bit deceiving. When you look at the components of the shoe around the stitching lines, you’ll see what we mean. There are multiple pieces cut from a complex pattern that all work together like a symphony. Reinforcements create a shape that provides firmness and strength in all the right places where support is needed. The architecture is really magnificent as every single piece has been precision cut with a purpose. The clean stitching in white brings them all together to create a comfortable, supportive, and aesthetically pleasing sneaker.

3. The bubble lettering sets the tone

The Reebok Sneeze Mag X Club C is a fun and exciting show that has appeal for a diverse group of consumers. If you like to keep it simple, if you like a basic white and black and if you prefer a low cut sneaker with just enough support without binding your ankles, you’re part of the target audience. We love the choice of bubble font because it’s a bit on the whimsical side and it gives this sneaker a fun personality.

4. It’s symbolic of a nation pulling together

Times are turbulent in the USA, but we are a resilient people with marked differences, but many commonalities. We see social issues creating divides, but we also see people of all backgrounds joining together in support of one another. It’s a beautiful thing to witness this kind of love and caring during months of national crisis. We can always find the good in a bad situation if we look hard enough. Reebok offers the simplicity of the theme of black and white in a harmonious union with proceeds donated to further the cause.

5. They’re smartly stylized

The Reebok Sneeze Mag X Club C may be simple in appearance, but a closer look at the details reveals an impressive construction. At the sole, instead of gluing the components together a band of sturdy stitching binds the upper to the sole. This gives them a sturdy appearance and a strong constitution. Everywhere you look the parts are smartly sewn together with even tight stitching that portrays the overall high-quality of the sneakers. When we discuss the elements of quality construction, this is one of them.

6. The ventilation is superb

The Sneeze Mag X Club C sneakers have a good ventilation system that is located across the middle toe portion of the upper. A series of neatly ordered vents not only add to the overall good looks of the shoe, but they also allow air to enter at the top of the foot. The location of the vents is ideal to encourage airflow to spill down over the rest of the area to help prevent overheating and perspiration.

7. This sneaker is a collaborative effort

Reebok has joined forces with Sneeze Magazine for the development and creation of the Club C. The intention of the design team was to create a design that wastes no space and omits any unnecessary detailing. They accomplished the feat with the simplicity of the white and black with clean lines. The finished product is Club C in minimalist styling.

8. They’re mostly leather

You’ve got to appreciate a brand that goes all out to use high-quality materials in their products. Reebok nailed it by using smooth white leather for the upper of the Sneeze Mag X Club C. Another particularly appealing feature is the use of white patent leather in a high gloss for the heel tabs. They nailed this special edition that manages to scream class and sophistication with notes of a fun personality in a very high-quality sneaker. This model offers the entire package.

9. The pricing is in a decent range

Reebok set the manufacturer’s suggested retail price at just $120. When you consider the quality of construction, materials, and the inspiration of this sneaker, it’s a good deal. While some other brands are rolling out their new releases at $190 a pair, Reebok took it easy on the masses. The Club C is an excellent value for the price, but finding a pair at the MSRP may be a bit of a challenge.

10. As supplies dwindle the price is going up

Now is the time to get your Reebok Sneeze Mag X Club C sneakers if you want to pay a lower price for them. Unlike some other commodities, the longer you wait, the higher the price. When vendors that sell for the suggested selling price run out, that’s when the buyers who had the foresight to make a run on the shoes make their money. We’ve already seen some of them going for between $160 and $170 a pair. During a time when so many people are staying home, online shopping sales are going up and the new Reebok release has been flying off the vendors’ shelves like hotcakes.

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