The 10 Richest Suburbs in Chicago

Chicago skyline

They say that it is not the amount of money you earn that makes you wealthy but your spending habits. Then again, how can you spend something you do not have? Besides, we only live once, and we should strive to live as comfortably as possible before curtains are drawn. Therefore if you can afford to live in a good neighborhood, nothing should stop you. That said, if you are in Chicago, here are some of the affluent places you should consider moving into depending on your household income.


10. Oak Brook

Oak Brook, formerly known as Fullersburg, is 19 miles west of downtown Chicago. Its population has continued to grow gradually. In 2010 it was 7,883, but the number has increased to 8,074 perhaps indicating that not as many people can afford to move to the affluent village. Most of the residents are female with a ratio of 100:90, but males get a 1.37 average higher income compared to their female colleagues. Houses are valued at $748,700, while the median household income is $132,500.

Highland Park

9. Highland Park

In Highland Park, over 55% of the households earn at least $100,000 while 28% make more than $200,000 in a year. Lovers of nature should immediately think about relocating to Highland Park and take advantage of the several hiking trails. Keeping fit should also not be problematic for you since there are many cycling routes in the suburb. The four public beaches also give you access to Lake Michigan for that much-needed breeze. Highland Park’s median household is $137,350, which is an increase from the $135,684 recorded in 2016.

Long Grove

8. Long Grove

Environmentally-conscious people will love the strict building regulations in Long Grove as it attempts to maintain its country atmosphere according to Home Snacks. Job seekers looking for blue-collar jobs will not have any luck in Long Grove since it is a 95.57% white-collar village with 95.57 %. It is an ethnically-diverse community, and most residents have Polish, Russian, Italian and German ancestries; hence, you will find Slavic languages common here. The median household income is $148,150, and there is a significant discrepancy between what males and females earn. The female population gets almost a quarter of what their male counterparts earn.


7. Wilmette

Several magazines have highly ranked Wilmette. It is among the best places to raise children thanks to the more than 300 acres of parkland while in 2015, it was said to be the best place to live in the US. Of course, the amenities could play a role in its high ranking. Consequently, even the locals ask themselves why they should fight traffic when all they need is in Wilmette. The community lives harmoniously attending social events weekly in the French Market and never failing to honor their fellow countrymen through the Memorial Day Parade. It is no wonder that it has attracted over 27,000 people whose median household income of $148,678 enables them to cater to the high cost of living.

Hawthorn Woods

6. Hawthorn Woods

If you have been complaining about the lack of jobs in your city you should give Hawthorn Woods a try because the unemployment rate there is 4.2%. According to several reviews, you can never get bored living in the suburb. If you are not watching movies, then you are walking down the beaches of Lake Zurich or bowling with your friends. What most residents love about it is the country ambience, and the close-knit community feel such that neighbors know and respect each other. Its population has grown by 7.5% since 2010 to reach the current 7,962 residents. The cost of living is a bit high, with a median household income of $154,505.


5. Inverness

As per Area Vibes, the livability in Inverness is 69% due to the high cost of living. While utilities and healthcare indices are almost the same as those of the national index, the housing index is triple with an index of 318 compared to Illinois’ 95. In Inverness, no one walks, and most people drive alone while the rest either work from home or use public transportation. Still, 94% of the 7,431 people living in the suburb rent with only 6% owning their homes. The median home price could be a limiting factor since it is $612,000, yet the median household income is $161,838.

Lake Forest

4. Lake Forest

Anyone who loves fine dining will find the restaurants in Lake Forest more than satisfactory. Market Square especially is home to some of the best restaurants, coupled with a few shopping stores that sell reputable brands like Talbot’s. What Lake Forest is notably known for is the extensive Middlefork Savanna that sits on tall grass extending to 25 acres. Those with school-going children are spoilt for choice by the many institutions, both public and private, which cater to elementary through high school education. The annual median household income stands at $169,122.


3. Hinsdale

If you are looking to raise family, then you should probably consider Hinsdale since it was ranked 16th out of 636, among the best places to raise a family in Illinois. The fact that the schools are also highly-rated ensures that you do not have to send your children to faraway institutions for better education. Most of the residents have done undergraduate and master’s degrees hence Niche gives it an A- as far as employability is concerned. Compared to the national median household income of $55,322, Hinsdale has triple the amount with its median being $171,453.


2. Glencoe

Acting has become one way of making a living. If you are looking for a platform to either showcase your skills or acquire experience, then the Writers Theatre in Glencoe is the place to be. It has been praised as the best drama company hence each season it sells out to more than 50,000 theater fans. Its poverty levels are 3% while unemployment is 1.2%. Owning a home can be quite a challenge since the median home value is $940,600 while the median household income of $203,235 makes it one of the richest Chicago suburbs


1. Winnetka

According to Patch, the best town to live in Illinois is Winnetka. Owning a home in the suburb will, therefore, set you back $989,600, but the amenities available will be worth every dime. Sports fans will enjoy taking a swing on the golf course or playing tennis while those who prefer to soak up the sun will appreciate the four beaches. The unemployment rate is 2% enabling the residents to afford the median household income of $207,955.

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