The 10 Richest TikTokers in 2021

Charli D'Amelio and Dixie D'Amelio

TikTok is a popular video-focused social media app that allows users to watch, film, and share 15 seconds videos of themselves dancing, lip-syncing, or acting out sketches. This app is owned by a Chinese company called ByteDance Ltd and is known as Douyin in China. The app was created in September 2016, launched in 2017 and successfully gained popularity, and generated over 100 million users. The TikTok app has over the past few years been used by content creators to build social networks and has become the most downloaded app on the App Store. TikTok app has been ranked as the third fastest-growing brand by a data intelligence company, Morning Consult, and the most popular website of 2022. Being a global app, it focuses on localized content and local trends. The TikTok app has made content creators rise to fame and allowed companies to advertise through influencer marketing. The content creators have used the app to make money through engagements such as likes and comments. Here are the ten wealthiest Tik Tokers in the world.

10. Avani Gregg – $4.75M

Avani Gregg is a famous influencer, TikToker, and makeup artist. Her videos on TikTok relate to beauty and makeup tutorials. Avani Gregg became famous and was nicknamed “Clown Girl” after her first TikTok video on transformation into Harley Quinn style went viral. She has, however, joined a collaborative house, The Hype House, that allows her to make videos easily with other teenage TikTok personalities. Avani Gregg has over 39 million followers on TikTok and was awarded the Shorty Award for the TikToker of the year in 2019.

9. Kris Collins – $4.75M

Kris Collins is an American fashion blogger, photographer, TikTok star, and social media influencer. Kris Collins plays several characters based on her family members and usual TikTok kind of stuff, lip-syncing and dancing. Kris Collins has over 42 million followers and has gotten sponsorships from brands like Hershey, Pantene and others. She is the most followed TikToker in Canada.

8. Josh Richard – $5M

Josh Richard is a Chief Strategy Officer for the American video-sharing network Triller, and being CSO has enabled him to develop fame. He posts videos of him dancing, lip-syncing, and video skits, which has garnered over 25 million followers on TikTok. Due to his popularity, Josh Richard has secured numerous sponsorship deals from Amazon, CashApp, and others. He earned 1.5 million dollars in 2019.

7. Bella Poarch – $5M

Bella Poarch is the third most-followed influencer on TikTok. Her TikTok journey began in August 2020 when she posted a silly sync video that became the most viewed video on TikTok in 2020. Her first video on TikTok was recognised as the most-liked video on TikTok with over 50 million likes. Bella Poarch is a singer and has released her first debut single, “Build a Bitch”. She has over 87 million followers on TikTok and is the fourth highest-paid person on TikTok.

6. Baby Ariel – $6M

Baby Ariel was recognized as one of the influential people on the internet by American News Magazine, Times and was among the stars who rose when TikTok was known as Her real name is Ariel Rebecca Martin. She came to the limelight through her singing and acting videos and has over 35 million followers on TikTok. Baby Ariel is a top influencer and leads an anti-bullying campaign called #ArielMovement2015. She was the first to get over 20 million followers on the TikTok platform.

5. Brent Rivera – $6.5M

Initially, Brent Rivera became famous by posting videos on an American social networking platform, Vine. He has continuously posted prank and comedy videos on the Tiktok platform generating over 42 million followers. Brent Rivera is a social media personality, actor, Youtuber, and TikToker. His success has parlayed him to create a production studio, Amp Studios, which has given him a network of 6.5 million dollars.

4. Addison Rae – $8.5M

Addison Rae first appeared on TikTok in 2019, posting her dancing videos to trending songs that made her rise to fame. She is a dancer, singer, actress, and social media personality. Addison Rae is the fourth most followed person on TikTok with over 81 million followers. She is a member of a content house, the Hype House, which is a Tiktok collaborative group. Her rapid success has generated a net worth of $8.5 million.

3. Dixie D’Amelio – $10M

Dixie D’Amelio is the elder sister to Charlie D’Amelio, a singer and a TikToker who is well known for her videos. She has over 57 million followers on TikTok. Dixie D’Amelio started posting on TikTok in 2020 after her sister Charlie D’Amelio gained popularity. Through her TikTok videos, many fans have come to know more about her family and love life. Dixie D’Amelio and her sister own a podcast where they talk about their day to day life.

2. Burak Özdemir – $11.2M

Burak Ozdemir is a Turkish chef, restaurateur and TikToker well known as CZN Burak. Unlike other tik tokers who post dancing and singing videos, Burak Ozdemir is best known for his cooking styles. He has made a mark by posting preparation of Turkish recipes on TikTok. Though posting amazing food recipes, Burak Ozdemir gained fame and became a popular influencer on TikTok. He has 55.5 million followers on TikTok and has become one of the wealthiest chefs with a net worth of $11.2 million.

1. Charlie D’Amelio – $17.5M

Charlie Grace D’Amelio is the pioneer and most followed American TikToker. She is a dancer, social media personality, and mostly referred to as the biggest Tiktok star. Charlie D’Amelio started her social media career in 2019 by posting content on Tiktok. Through posting dancing videos to trending songs on TikTok, Charlie D”Amelio gained popularity and has the largest TikTok following with 133 million followers. She became the highest-earning TikTok personality and had a net worth of 17.5 million dollars.

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