Rise of Iron Users Hilariously Complain on Twitter over Destiny Server Failures


Mammoth gaming company Bungie has got itself another hit on its hands.    The company, founded in 1991, acquired by Microsoft in 2000, then spun off on its own 2007, is responsible for such franchises as Halo and Destiny, among others.  The most recent release, “Rise of Iron” has been an instant hit.  In fact, so much so that Destiny Servers have been rife with problems over the last 24 hours and are still experiencing delays.

At 6:50am today, Bungie issued this statement to those trying to login.  “We’re making progress in identifying issues that are preventing players from signing in to Destiny. Investigations continue. Please stand by.”

According to IGN:

Following the release of Destiny’s newest expansion, Rise of Iron, Bungie servers are struggling to keep up with the demand, leaving multiple players unable to log in and play. The Bungie Help Twitter account acknowledged the issue earlier. Since then, Bungie has issued a sign in queue to help deal with the higher user population.

In the meantime, as gamers usually do, they’ve taken to the internet to express their distaste for the servers going down.  Here are a few gems we found.

Can you blame this guy for this comparison?

Anytime you get to use Beetlejuice as a reference to anything is a good time.

If you’re one of the unlucky few who’s waiting around for the lights to turn back on, don’t fret.   Bungie is on the case.  If you go on Twitter and type in the hashtag #riseofiron you can see most fan updates in real time and you’ll most certainly be alerted when the servers aren’t so heavily overloaded.

With regard to the Halo Franchise, we actually ran a piece that estimated Halo alone being worth approximately $3-5 billion.   Should Destiny continue its popularity and Rise of Iron continue to break servers, Bungie could easily have itself another $1 billion plus franchise on their hands.   We’ll continue to monitor the progress of Destiny’s servers and as financial information comes to light, we’ll continue to update this page.


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