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Nowadays, the reliance on websites to provide the best possible information has become more integral than ever to appease potential customers who are in need of whatever products and services happen to be offered. This has become especially true since the COVID-19 pandemic has altered how people conduct shopping and social interactions. When it comes to recreational vehicle (RV) sharing, this also holds true.

RV Classifications

A recreational vehicle (RV) does exactly as the classification suggests. Whatever form of recreational activity one enjoys that requires the operation of a vehicular device, the practicality of an RV unit serves its purpose. If it’s boating, there is a recreational vehicle to cover that. If it’s quadding, there’s one to cover that too. Among the recreational vehicles, however, there is none quite as popular as a unit that serves as a means of accommodation on wheels. Whether it’s used as something as simple as a camper or as luxurious as a hotel on wheels, this breed of recreational vehicle is among the most desired RVs on the market. In some cases, they even serve as a parked recreational property retreat that can remain in the same spot for a number of years. It has also been used as a permanent place of residence, such as the case of Flo, the cheeky, promiscuous waitress from Mel’s Diner off the sitcom, Alice, which ran from 1976 until 1985.

RV Sharing

The sharing of recreational vehicles, specifically the accommodation-style units, has become an increasingly desirable choice for singles, couples, and families as they embark on vacations that either involve road travel or a parked weekend getaway at a designated recreational property facility. More owners of RVs are cashing in on opportunities to rent out their units as a means to get in on the action of a practice that is similar to home-sharing and time-sharing. For years, people have shared time slots of vacation properties as one group would go in for a set time, having the place to themselves, before moving out so another behind them can take their turn. This concept has since expanded to more than just vacation homes, and no longer simply at resort destinations such as the tropics or winter havens. It has since expanded into people sharing their homes as they go on vacation for a set period of time for someone who may be visiting their neck of the woods while they are away.

Among people who have more than one property, regularly sharing out that second home as a registered guest accommodation has increasingly become more common. This is also the case among RV units. Some people own more than one, and an increasing number of such people have concluded it would be better to share out the RV unit they no longer use themselves instead of it just sitting there like a lawn ornament. There are also many people who may not have the time to travel as often as they hoped with their RV unit and have chosen to simply rent it out. With the new wave of conditions the COVID-19 pandemic has hurled upon mankind, there has also been a number of changes in how people live, travel, earn money, and spend money. For RV owners, the opportunity to earn income by sharing out their RV units with interested renters is ideal. For RV renters, this is a good opportunity to spend a relaxing vacation without the expense and hassle of staying in hotels. There are a number of people who’d love nothing more than to own a decent RV unit, but simply can’t afford one. So for them, the opportunity to rent one from time to time is appealing. It’s also appealing for people who likely could afford an RV unit but simply don’t have enough spare time on their hands to justify buying one.

Trust Issues

When people rent equipment, property, or vehicles out, there is always the risk that the rental agreement shared between the owner and the renter may not pan out as planned. Whether it be an honest mistake or deliberate manipulation, situations do come about that can serve as complications where trust now becomes an issue. Trust today is more difficult to come by than ever before. However, with an increase of people doing business on the internet, websites vying for customers will go out of their way to establish why they should be trusted. While many do the best they can to pull this off, only a few are honestly able to achieve this. When it comes to RV units, you’re not merely sharing something as neighbors sharing a lawnmower between each other. Between owner and renter, there need to be as many assurances as possible that whatever mutual agreement is struck between them remains as amicable at the end as it was in the beginning. On the internet, there are a growing number of RV-sharing websites that serve as a bridge between RV owners to RV renters. Among them, who is worth the amount of time and money, and who isn’t? While the list provided in this article is only interested in providing the best RV-sharing websites on the internet, it is always advised to do your homework before signing an agreement to anything.

4. Goboony

For RV renters interested in touring Europe, Goboony would be the best website option to exercise. This RV sharing service focuses strictly on the European nations and has a healthy selection of RV units offered by their owners as the best and most versatile set of options. Anything and everything an RV renter needs to be addressed while visiting Goboony’s website can easily be covered here. For RV owners and renters alike, this website has excellent insurance coverage, as per nation, as well as roadside assistance. Goboony has the largest fleet of privately owned RV units and is often the most recommended RV sharing business to access.

3. RVezy

For people interested in traveling to Canada, RVezy is the best website to go. There are a number of options available that are always laid out by the owner of RV units listed. The website itself goes through a screening procedure to ensure the overall experience is not just a good one for the owners, but also for the renters. According to Home Stratosphere, the positive review they give towards RVezy sums up the average rating that has come from the multitude of renters who’ve used the website’s services to accommodate their needs. The people running the website not only provide a great service for RV owners and renters to connect but recommendations that can help boost the vacationing experience. Canada is a large, beautiful country to travel to that has a wide variety of scenic drives that are RV-friendly. The filtering system the website features helps the RV renter narrow down what is available as far as RV units go during specified time frames. Roadside assistance is offered at an additional cost, which is highly recommended.

The variety of RV units to share through its website seems just as vast as Canada’s roadmap, both loaded with opportunities that are designed to leave the best impression possible. For Canadian RV owners, this is likely the best site possible to advertise their unit as it does reach a worldwide audience. RVezy includes a $2 million insurance coverage when each RV unit is shared as it strives to not just protect its own business interests, but both the RV owner and the RV renter as well. The budget range when it comes to sharing an RV unit can be as affordable as a simple little unit, or as extravagant as luxurious as a top-notch motorcoach. RVezy also has a mobile phone app, which has proven to be most helpful. For RV renters who don’t reside in Canada and are interested in doing so, there’s a good bet the “Canadian hospitality” that is often referenced on a global level will be realized where the interest to make a repeat visit is likely. There is also a delivery service that is available, but this is up to the RV owner’s discretion since it is their unit, waiting at their location.

2. RVshare

RV-sharing tourists interested in visiting the United States of America will be hard-pressed to find a website that is as impressive as RVshare. Every imaginable type of recreational vehicle that comes to mind will most likely be found here, plus whatever budget frame you have in mind. If simple is the preference, it’s there. If all the luxuries in the RV world come to mind, that is there too. While the subject of availability of specific RV units depends entirely on demand and timing, which can vary as much as the weather, the roster of RV owners is huge. There is a good bet somebody has something somewhere that can match whatever the potential RV renter is looking for. In addition to the website offering a host of options, it also offers a number of recommendations to help make the touring experience easier.

In addition to road-travelling RV units, there are also campsite RV units that serve as ideal getaways that can accommodate anyone from a single person to a whole family. There are a number of packages and plans an RV renter can choose from that best suit their needs. These include insurance plans, roadside assistance, as well as vehicle pick-up and delivery options. Despite all the varieties available, the whole procedure of RV sharing is as straightforward as it gets. The website also features a filtering system to help the RV renter narrow down the search that best fits the needs and interests at hand. Another nice feature with RVshare is that it is mobile app friendly, which is becoming increasingly important in today’s society. Another nice feature about RVshare is it’s a nationwide service, so for RV renters, it’s not hard to spend one summer at one corner of the immensely large nation called America, then spend the next summer at a completely different location. Should an RV renter be interested in having a unit delivered to them, this can be arranged, assuming the RV owner is willing to do so.

1. Outdoorsy

Outdoorsy doesn’t just cover one nation. As a truly globally friendly RV-sharing website, Outdoorsy has units available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, the UK, and the USA. This is as global and as thorough as it gets. The majority of RV owners who register their units for sharing on Outdoorsy also have themselves listed on other RV-sharing websites such as RVezy and RVshare. As far as options and versatility go, Outdoorsy is impossible to beat. If there is an RV unit available to rent at any given location of the nations mentioned, Outdoorsy is the most likely website that will find it. Whatever the budget happens to be in mind, there is an excellent chance that concern will be covered as the number of units available is just as vast as the prices each RV owner sets as a rental rate. The website offers a fully functional filtering system to help a potential RV renter narrow down the search to best meet the desired needs. The insurance coverage involved with the sharing of an RV unit varies by country but is as extensive as it gets in order to ensure the best possible protection there is to offer.

Roadside assistance is available as a standard, and not necessarily as an option. When it comes to protecting both the RV owners and the RV renters, Outdoorsy takes this very seriously, perhaps even more so than many websites that also offer this same type of service. Assuming the RV owner offers this, the ability to have an RV unit delivered is available. This ability to deliver features is within the filtering system set on the website to help the RV renter make this choice if needed. Outdoorsy also has an outstanding mobile phone app that can really make the RV renter’s experience so much better with the array of features it has to offer. Also, upon the rental of an RV unit, a number of recommendations and tips are provided. Some RV owners seem to make really good tour guides and have actually gone out of their own way to make the sharing experience of an RV renter as optimal as it gets. When going over the reviews on Outdoorsy’s website, it seems to play a factor in convincing even the most reluctant to seriously consider renting an RV unit for themselves.

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