The 20 Safest Dividend Stocks to Buy in 2020

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As you look towards 2020, your attention will likely head towards your investment portfolio. This is where it should be at some point, of course, as you want to make sure you have everything allocated in such a way that you are most likely to generate a profit. If you are a savvy investor, you likely have some of your money in stocks that are paying dividends. When you depend on income to be generated from your investments, you want to make sure that you have invested wisely. This involves buying into safe dividend stocks that are likely to continue paying out dividends for the foreseeable future.

Not all dividend stocks are created equal. You will want to do your research to ensure that you have chosen wisely. This involves looking for a number of safe stocks that are likely to continue paying dividends in 2020. While nothing is guaranteed when it comes to investing, you at least want to be reasonably assured that your money is safe. To help you accomplish this objective, we have put together this list of the 20 safest dividend stocks that you should consider buying in 2020. Take a look at the list and see which of them appeals to you most. Consider adding them to your portfolio when you have the opportunity.

20. AvvVie Inc. – Current Dividend Yield of 5.8%

Here is a company that is in the business of manufacturing life saving drugs. The most well known drug that AvvVie produces at the current time is Humira. There are a number of other products that it serves some part in producing as well. There are numerous firms calling for this company to continue earning record profits into the near future. They are paying a yield that is rather impressive, making this is a highly sought after investment from an income perspective.

19. Air Products and Chemicals – Current Dividend Yield of 2.2%

This is one of the leading companies in the manufacture of atmospheric gases. They provide this to various companies in a number of different industries. They have been solid producers dating back to before the Second World War. You will find that they are able to sell to a number of companies, both small and large. They have also paid a dividend for the past three decades, actually increasing it every year for the past 37.

18. American Electric Power Co. Inc. – Current Dividend Yield of 2.9%

If you are looking for a solid dividend stock, companies in the utility sector are often a safe bet. American Electric Power is one such company. They have been operating in the United States for more than a century and have more than five million customers to their name at the current time. They are mostly centered in the middle of the United States. They have sought to protect their dividends at all costs and have been able to do so on a consistent basis.

17. American International Group (AIG) – Current Dividend Yield of 2.4%

As one of the top insurance companies in the world, you really cannot go wrong with American International Group. While they were under intense scrutiny from a regulatory perspective not long ago, they have come out of that relatively unscathed. Moving into 2020, they are considered to be a safe dividend stock to invest in with a current yield of almost 2.5%. Since they insure millions of people and businesses, their current value is actually below the market, making it an attractive investment.

16. American Water Works – Current Dividend Yield of 1.6%

If you are someone that is worried about another recession looming on the horizon, American Water Works is a company that you will want to have on your investment radar. Nearly everyone depends on water utilities unless they are able to dig their well. This is a company that has millions of people depending on it in certain states around the country. They are the largest publicly traded utility focused on water in the country. You will find this to be a pretty safe investment.

15. Apartment Investment and Management Co. – Current Dividend Yield of 2.9%

Here is a company that focused on the ownership and management of a real estate investment trust. They have properties in roughly 130 different communities in 17 states around the Union. They have a strong management team behind them and they are looking to add to their portfolio of properties. They have quite a bit going for it and are able to pay consistent dividends. The yield is currently 2.9%, so you will be doing well with this as an investment income oriented stock.

14. Aqua America – Current Dividend Yield of 2.1%

Aqua America recently acquired Peoples in Pennsylvania. As such, this is a utility company that went from only providing water related services to fitting natural gas into their portfolio as well. The company itself has been operating for well over a century, even though it changed its name in 2004. They recently increased their annual dividend payment by 7 percent, which was the 28th year in a row that they were able to do so.

13. Archer Daniels Midland Co. – Current Dividend Yield of 3.7%

You might not have heard of this company unless you are involved in the agricultural sector of the economy, but it is a major player in the field. They have their hands in such diverse areas as food, oil, energy, chemicals, and much more. It has been in operation for more than 100 years, but the share price is still discounted from where it used to be. The dividend yield is currently 3.7% and the company strives to increase its payouts each and every year.

12. AT&T – Current Dividend Yield of 5.4%

This is a household name in the communications industry. It continues to grow even in the face of mounting competition. It has managed to hold onto a sizeable share of the market along with Verizon. Even as other companies begin to merge, such as T-Mobile and Sprint, this is a company that is still well positioned for the future. That makes it a safe stock in 2020 from a dividend paying perspective.

11. Bank of America – Current Dividend Yield of 2.6%

As one of the largest financial companies in the United States, Bank of America continues to grow at a steady pace. They have done this in a patient manner, finally attracting Warren Buffet as a chief investor. When he puts his money into a stock, you can be reasonably assured that there is a good reason for him doing so. This is a bank that continues to increase its product offerings and still attracting new customers.

10. Cincinnati Financial – Current Dividend Yield of 2.0%

Here is another insurance company that has made quite a name for itself over the years. If you are looking for a company that consistently pays out dividends to its shareholders, it does not get much better than Cincinnati Financial. You will find that they have actually been able to increase the amount of payments every year for 59 years. This is the type of consistency you should be looking for heading into 2020.

9. Coca-Cola – Current Dividend Yield of 3.0%

Just about everyone on the face of the earth is familiar with Coca Cola. They have done an excellent job of paying out dividends, having raised the amount of such payments every year for the last 57. They have also been able to add a variety of products to keep the interest level high amongst consumers. This bodes well for the company, even as global sales of its iconic soft drink may begin to fizzle.

8. Delta Airlines – Current Dividend Yield of 3.0%

Even as many airlines in recent decades have folded or merged with others, Delta Airlines continues to grow. It is not going anywhere. In fact, it is able to boast the highest dividend payment amount of any of the major airlines out there today. Roughly 20 percent of its earnings are consistently paid out as dividends. They have also done a great job recently of controlling expenses and generating revenue even in the face of renewed competition.

7. Dover Corp. – Current Dividend Yield of 2.1%

You might not have heard of the Dover Corporation. Even if you have, it might be thought of a a boring investment to make as this is a company solely focused on the industrial sector of the company. That being said, ti produces a variety of products that help refrigeration and various food equipment operations around the country. Its products are in high demand and the stock is priced fairly at the current time. It is also one of those unique stocks that have been able to raise its dividend every year for the past five decades and counting.

6. 3M – Current Dividend Yield of 3.8%

3M is a well established company that continues to find new ways of reinventing itself. It is still earning great profits and the stock priced is valued fairly at the current time. Even in down years, the company has been able to pay out increased dividends. It just recently announced a 6 percent increase in the amount of the payment. It has paid out dividends every year for more than a century.

5. PepsiCo Inc – Current Dividend Yield of 2.8%

Pepsi is another of the world’s major beverage producers, even though they have branched out into other areas as well. This is why they are such an attractive dividend stock heading into 2020. Their dividends have increased for the past 47 years, which is a rather attractive record no matter how you look at it.

4. Procter and Gamble – Current Dividend Yield of 2.0%

Procter and Gamble has long been considered to be one of the safest stocks to invest in, and this year is no exception. They have such a diverse line of consumer products sold around the world that it is hard to see them ever going away. They have also been able to increase their dividend payments for 63 years. They are also a company that has shown an uncanny ability to beat out the competition in most of the markets that it served.

3. Quest Diagnostics Inc. – Current Dividend Yield of 2.1%

As medical innovation continues to expand, Quest Diagnostics is right there with it. This is a company that is focused in the field of medical testing. In fact, they are one of the leaders in the industry. There is no end in sight for the growth that this company can achieve, making it a most attractive investment moving forward.

2. Simon Property – Current Dividend Yield of 5.8%

Property management is still a hot business, and Simon Property continues to be among the biggest. Even in the face of new competition online, companies are still leasing properties in record numbers. The company should continue to grow its earnings and be able to pay out dividends for the foreseeable future.

1. Verizon – Current Dividend Yield of 4.1%

The number one safest dividend stock to buy in 2020 is Verizon. They are growing at a measured pace and are not taking on much debt to do so. They are also strategically merging and buying up other companies around them, enabling them to keep pace and even outperform some of the smaller companies around them.

Now that you are aware of the 20 of the safest dividend stocks that you can buy in 2020, it is time to decide how to take action on this information. You might find that a few of these companies fit your level of risk tolerance and will complement your existing portfolio nicely. Consider investing in some of these to help you achieve your investment objectives moving into the new decade.

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